December 17, 2016

Clinics Cancelled for Saturday 12/17

Police have issued a request to not leave your house.

  • There have been 41 reported car accidents in Virginia.
  • 495 ”“ ALL LANES ARE CLOSED ”“ coming from Maryland that is somewhere past Tysons up to Gallows Rd. ”“ due to a 25 car pileup on 495 at Gallows which is the exit to my house.
  • Route 50 (west or east, I don’t know) ”“ ALL LANES CLOSED, Fire truck responding to a rescue slid off the road and down and embankment.
  • Toll Road east, all lanes closed ”“ tanker truck over turned and spilled its gas, or something else that has 20 fire trucks/hazmat trucks.
  • Airport, all run ways shut down due to the ice.   Amazing.

I will reschedule the bike maintenance clinic ”“ and put out/something together for the gear Q&A.