June 2, 2014



LINK TO TICKETS: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/eagleman-2014-tickets-11831318793


There is no poll for this race, everything is through out ticket system. There are free tickets to note who is racing and who is spectating. Please buy a $0 ticket if you are racing or spectating”¦ it acts like a poll.

This is a “big time” race with a big time feel. Lots of pros, lots of energy, lots of fun. People who are racing, I’m jazzed for you. You should have a great experience. Folks not racing should definitely come out and cheer. Or chear. Chears? Beer will be on hand.

If it were me, and I were considering IMMD 2015 and I hadn’t seen the course yet, I’d come check out Eagleman. Maybe even brick the course on Saturday then stay overnight. Then I’d get dressed up in lots of green stuff for race day, get a little drunk, then head out on the course to cheer like a maniac. But that’s just me”¦

This is a one day gig ”“ not a full blown weekend like most of our races. And there is no grilling allowed. REPEAT: WE ARE NOT COOKING OUR OWN FOOD, THERE IS NO GRILLING ALLOWED. BUT WE HAVE OTHER ARRANGEMENTS FOR FOOD ”“ please read the menu and itinerary carefully for these plans. We will be getting take-out deliciousness. As a result we bumped ticket prices up just a touch so we can cover our expenses.

Don’t worry ”“ beers are still $1.

Read this, the athlete guide: http://www.ironman.com/~/media/5fdf09007b904131a67cbc31c36dcdad/2014%2070%203%20eagleman%20ag.pdf

Location: Great Marsh Park, Cambridge, MD

Address for Park/Race Site: 2 Somerset Ave, Cambridge, MD (shuttle use is strongly encouraged on race day)

Address for shuttle: The middle school at 1101 Maceʼs Lane, Cambridge, MD 21613 (apparently there will be NO parking allowed near the race site). First shuttle is 4:45.

Google Map for Park/Race Site: https://maps.google.com/maps?q=38.583734,-76.079957&hl=en&num=1&t=h&z=16

Packet Pickup: Sailwinds Park, 200 Byrn Street, Cambridge, MD 21613

Pre Race Meeting (not Z meeting, the race meeting): Friday at 3, Saturday at 11 and 3

Start Times: First wave is sunday at 6:45.

Weather: Partly sunny both days, high 82 on Saturday and 83 on Sunday. That means HOT. Plan your nutrition carefully”¦ this course is notorious for hot weather that people are not used to at this point in the year, with little relief from shade. This course is flat, yes, but windy as heck. Heat and wind will take its toll ”“ so plan your race strategy and nutrition carefully.

Weather link (keep an eye on it): http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=38.56316701700047&lon=-76.07882646699966&site=all&smap=1#.U4zG2VzaluY

Grub Fund  – will be paid online through our ticket system. Tickets close Wednesday night at midnight.

LINK TO TICKETS (again): https://www.eventbrite.com/e/eagleman-2014-tickets-11831318793


2 PM ”“ 7 PM – Athlete Check In, Packet Pickup and Expo at Sailwinds Park
3 PM – Pre Race Talk (from race, not Z coach) at Sailwinds Park

10 AM ”“ 7 PM – Athlete Check In, Packet Pickup and Expo at Sailwinds Park
11 AM ”“ 8 PM – Mandatory Bike Check In at Great Marsh Park (transition)
11:00 AM – Pre Race Talk (from race, not Z coach) at Sailwinds Park
12:00 PM “ish” –  Team Z Village Setup.
3:00 PM – Pre Race Talk (from race, not Z coach) at Sailwinds Park
5:00 PM – Dinner is served at the tents.
5:30 PM – Transition Walk Through with Coach Ed

4:45 AM – Transition Opens
5:00 AM – Breakfast is served
7:00 AM – First wave of amateurs start
10:30 AM – Team Z Rogue Cheer Gangs Form to Head our on Course with bikes ”“ meet at tent
11:30 AM – Lunch is served (or whenever spectators get unruly)
5:00 or whenever – Team Z village tear down, all hands (whenever people are done hanging out)

Menu:   thanks Ed for running around and picking up catered food! J. We will not be grilling, so we’ve ordered out for all meals. As a result ticket prices went up slightly ”“ sorry guys! It is what it is ”“ just aiming to cover our costs of ordering out.
Saturday dinner: catered, the usual pasta with options for different sauces and meat, salad, bread, etc.
Sunday breakfast: coffee, bagels, fruit, etc.
Sunday lunch: Subs, KFC, chips, etc.
Drinks: Coffee in the morning, soda, water, discreet adult beverages

Cheer crew: Bring your bike and your green! Meet at the tent at 10:30 AM to hit the course.

Pictures: We are pretty short-staffed, so don’t have anyone assigned to pics. If you have a nice camera and a steady hand, and are willing to help, or know someone who can, please let us know.

Wear your green: Goes without saying. If you haven’t ordered green stuff yet it will make it to you in time if you order RIGHT NOW. Beg borrow and steal ”“ post on the yahoo group NOW if you aren’t going to buy. Lets get you and your sherpas in green.