January 11, 2016

This Build Week #1 in Team Z 1/11-1/17.

This Build Week #1 in Team Z   1/11-1/17.    

I’d like our Wed Social Runs to be well attended.   Can you make the extra effort?   The main goal is not just the social run ”“ but the post social social!     We will have an all team happy hour again next recovery week for the Disney bling to be displayed.   Some of you earned up to 6 medals. Also ”“ while there are a ton of congrats to go around, and I mean a ton.   You know I’ll miss something important so I’m staying general aside from two people.    

I’ll have someone work on our Disney list of finishers ”“ but until then.

  1. We had people run their first 5k, ever.   That”¦That is a big deal!
  2. We had people run their first 10k, ever.   DO YOU REMEMBER YOURS?   Way to go guys!
  3. We had TONS of people run their first ½ and full marathons.   HAH!   Now you know how long a way that is!   Excellent work.
  4. We had a few “laughers” complete the Goofy Challenge (see what I did there?).   A half marathon followed by a marathon is not something I’d like to do myself, and will also admit it’s a pretty tough accomplishment! Good work, laughers.   J
  5. We had a few “Looney Toons” complete the Dopey Challenge. I don’t know what you were thinking.   5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2.   Each day getting up at 2:30 AM!   I think you are fools.   But ”“ you are also heroes I suppose!   Even fit as hell I’m not sure I’d ever think that would be a fun thing to do.   I’m wondering how many of you would do it again?   Besides Alexis and Jordan that is!

Special Congrats 1:   You think Dopey is hard enough?   Try doing it after having your last round of Chemo Therapy two weeks ago.   That is just plain badass.   Way to go Marcia Insley, Way to go.

Special 2: Long over-do congrats for another of our hairless teammates.   This season Ryan Myers also kicked cancer’s ass, endured chemo therapy, and then set a personal record at Ironman Maryland (fast too! 10:18!).   Congrats Ryan”¦ pretty impressive.

That. That is stuff that movies are made about.


In this email:

  1. Reminders for this week
  2. Overview of M-F events
  3. Look Ahead for Weekend Events?


  1. Reminders for this week
  1. Kickoff is this weekend ”“ shoot me a note if you’d like to have someone invited to one of the remaining information sessions!


  1. Overview of M-F events


  1. Weekend Look Ahead: More details and any possible updates will be sent on Wed/Thurs of this week (including directions, specifics, etc).

NOTE:   Kickoff is this weekend.   We have information sessions on Tuesday (Silver Spring), Wed (Arlington Oaks), Saturday (Arlington Oaks), and Sunday (Bethesda).   Please email me the name and email address of any buddy you’d like us to invite.   You know we’d be happy to do so, and very appreciative.

Weekend Poll: Please Vote

  • Saturday Group Run:   6-14 miles @ Vienna Caboose (9 am)
  • Sunday Group Spin:   1-4 hours at Fast Track ”“ 7:00-11:00 AM
  • Sunday Post Spin Yoga:   11 AM (after spin)
  • Sunday Cycling Injury Prevention, Technique, and Fit (Fast Track PT’s ”“ Kramer/Andy Bike Fitter) 3:00 PM