October 14, 2015

Ironman Md Cheer Guide Version 2


  • Coaches’ cells: Ed Zerkle: (703) 200-3081, Alexis Lopez Buitrago: (240) 350-9669.
  • Packet Pickup ”“ Long Warf
  • Finish Line ”“ Long Warf
  • Transition ”“ Great Marsh Park
  • Swim Start/Finish, Bike Start/Finish, Run Start ”“ Great Marsh Park
  • For Long Warf Park, use GPS: 103 High St, Cambridge Md
  • For Great Marsh Park, use GPS: 1303 Hambrooks Blvd, Cambridge Md
  • Sailwinds Park (team dinner): 200 Byrne St, Cambridge, Md 21613
  • Team Z HQ ”“ Corner of Hambrook and Belvedere: Use GPS 1007 Hamrooks Blv Cambridge, Md 21613
  • Race Day Emergency Contact: IRONMAN Athlete Services 813-295-0748 Maryland@ironman.com

  • Emergency phone hours are as follows:
  • Thursday, October 15: 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Friday, October 16: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Race Day, Saturday, October 17: 5 a.m. – 12:30 a.m.
  • Sunday, October 18: 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.

*Important Note:   There will be golf carts running between Great Marsh Park and Long Warf all of the race days.

As Always ”“ our itineraries are suggestions only.   This is your race ”“ you may enjoy it how you wish!   You earned it!

Thursday Oct 15

  • 9:00 AM – Optional meet at IM Merchandise Store (Long Warf) to cruise around the IM expo and do packet pickup together
  • Rest of Day – Stay off your feet and start prepping Transition/Special Needs Bags. Drive the course if you have the time.
  • Athlete Briefing at 1 and 3 pm
  • 3:30 PM – Z Support Crew Meeting – meet at Carmela’s Cucina, 400 Academy Street Cambridge Md 21613. Hoping for nice day and we’d sit on the porch. If raining, this meeting cancelled and defer to 6 pm meeting on Friday after group dinner.
  • Dinner on your own/organize if desired (have others meet at Carmela’s? Small join)

Friday Oct 16

  • 9:00 AM- Pre-Race Brick. Meet at Great Marsh Park. Bring your gear bags. Prepare for 10’/10’/10’ pre-race EASY Brick.   A coach or leader will watch gear while you brick
  • 9:15 AM Team photo in wetsuits BEFORE the workout starts. This will replace the traditional pre-race team photo on race day due to the fact that there will be no light on race morning. PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE ”“ RAIN OR SHINE.
  • If you are not going to do the brick just come and jump in the pic, wetsuits optional!
  • Pre-Event Swim Advisement – The majority of our events are held in locations where the swim course utilizes a body of water that is open to the general public for swimming, boating and other recreational and commercial activities. IRONMAN wishes to caution all participants that it does not provide lifeguard services prior to the event, and that all participants who swim prior to race day will do so at their own risk. While we make reasonable efforts to inspect the swim entry and exit points for underwater hazards, the inspection does not take place until just before the swim discipline starts. Participants are further admonished to exercise caution and use common sense if they elect to swim prior to the event and to be mindful of underwater hazards. Keep in mind that this is a natural body of water and is subject to hidden hazards including, but no limited to: currents, underwater obstructions, tides, rip currents and indigenous marine life. An area designated for practice swim is noted on the swim course map and will be identified with a blue inflatable. You should swim in this area during race week
  • 10:00 AMish ”“ Post Brick Check in Gear Bags and Rack Bikes (10-3). THEN OFF YOUR FEET RACERS!
  • Athlete briefings at 11 and 2
  • 4:30 PM *Team Dinner ”“ Sailwinds Park. Support crew shirts ($12), green stuff, and cow bells ($6) for sale.
  • *RSVP is required: Click here if before 6 pm on Friday 9/25
  • *RSVP is required: Click her if after 6pm on Friday 9/25
  • 6 PM – Z support crew meeting and last chance spectator Q and A”“ meet outside Sailwinds
  • 6:00 “ish” Whenever dinner ends”¦ TEAM PHOTO ”“ this may happen before dinner!
  • What: IM MD Pre-race Dinner
  • When: Friday, Oct 16 at 4:30 doors open
  • Where: Sail Winds Park
  • Address: 200 Byrne St, Cambridge Md 21613
  • Price: $17 by Friday 9/25 at 6:00 PM, $22 after Friday at 6 PM(taxes and tip are included)
  • Google Map:   https://goo.gl/maps/KWFV4

Saturday, Oct 17

NOTE: The swim will be a Rolling Start. Athletes will gather on the parking lot leading to the boat ramp (swim start). They will self-seed according to their expected swim times for 2.4 miles. Volunteers will hold signs showing times e.g. 1 hour 10 to 1 hour 20. Athletes swim times will begin when each individual crosses the timing mat leading in to the water, irrespective of which group they are in.

  • 3-4:00 AM – WAKE UP! IT’S RACE DAY! Eat immediately. J
  • 5-6:30 AM – Arrive at Transition ”“ update your gear bags (if needed), place fuel on bike (if needed). Get Body Marked.   Drop off Special Needs bags and Morning Clothes Bags in designated area near the transition area.
    • Morning clothes bag ”“ will be dropped near the swim start and then moved to the finish line area where you can retrieve it after the race finish.
    • Bike Special Needs will be dropped in the parking lot at the Budget Rental Truck Labeled Bike Special Needs.
    • Run Special Needs bags will be dropped in the actual run special needs location directly across from the budget truck.
  • You will access your Bike Special Needs bags at the High School at the start of the second loop. Run Special Needs Bags will be in Great Marsh Park at the mid point of the run.
  • 6:30 AM – rolling start. Gather and line up in the parking lot
  • 6:50 AM Race Start for Age groupers
  • 8:30 AM ish -Or whenever your athlete is done with the swim ”“ Cheer for them as they start the bike course and this would be a good time to Walk to Team Z HQ. Team Z HQ is .35 miles from the entrance to Great Marsh Park. Simply exit Great Marsh Park on Summer Set, Turn Left on to Hambrooks and continue two blocks to Belvedere.
    • Grab some coffee, a light breakfast (we will have fruit, bagels, etc).
  • Then walk back towards transition. There will be shuttle busses that will run from right near our Team Z HQ out to the Dorchester High School on a regular basis until 1:30 PM.   Team Z will have a Bike Cheer Station set up at the Dorchester High School.   Your athlete will pass this point at mile 16 (they will get there before you if you watch them finish the swim) and then mile 56/57.
    • So if you watch your athlete finish the swim ”“ you have 2 hours to get to the school if they ride their bikes at 23 miles per hour. That’s very, very fast.
    • At 18 MPH it is 3 hours from when you see them start the bike until they make it to the school to start their second bike loop.
    • After you see your cyclist pass the school, head back to Team Z HQ on the shuttle bus.
  • We will be serving lunch from 11:30-2:30 pm at the Team Z HQ. Runners will pass this location 6 times and you will have shuttled back from the Bike Cheer Station by 3
  • Team Z Cheer Run Cheer Station #2 will be at the West Side Bypass Run Aid Station #3. This is the aid station that will be manned by Team Zrs, and a few girl scouts!   We will open this cheer station at around 12:30 pm.   Runners will pass this location 4 times and will be at the most remote and lonely part of the course.   You will be able to drive to this location after you have lunch at Team Z HQ. We will also be serving lunch from 12:00-2:30 pm at the Team Z HQ
  • Please note that the finish line is ½ mile from our HQ and is not at the same place as the swim start and transition area.
  • 6:00 PM-Midnight ”“ OPTIONAL Transition open for bike check out. There is NO Sunday bike check out.
  • Cut off’s
    • Swim Cut off is 2:20 after last age group athlete enters the water. 1:10 cutoff if not finished first loop of swim.
    • First bike cutoff is mile 58 at 1:30 PM (start of loop two of the bike at the high school)
    • Second bike cutoff is at mile 112 at 5:30 PM (finish of the bike leg)
    • The only run cut off is at approximately mile 21 at 10:55 PM (beginning of third loop leaving great marsh park).
  • 6:00 PM-Midnight ”“ OPTIONAL Transition open for bike check out.
  • Notes:
    • Look for Bull Frog Sunscreen station near “run out” in transition ”“ USE THEM.
    • Bike Aid Stations ”“ approx. 15 miles apart on the bike, and every mile on the run.
    • Bike Aid Station: Gatorade Endurance ”“ Orange. Water. Bananas. Gu Original Energy Gels. Roctane Ultra Endurance Gels.   Gu Chomps.   Clif Bar (flavor options will vary)
    • Run Aid Station: Gatorade Endurance ”“ Lemon Lime. Water. Cola. Chick Broth after dark. . Roctane Ultra Endurance Gels.   Gu Chomps.   Clif Bar (flavor options will vary), pretzels, fruit.

Sunday, Oct 18

  • 7 am ”“ 2 pm Ironman Finisher Merchandise ”“ Long Wharf
  • 8-10 AM – Athlete and Volunteer Banquet Breakfast Begins ”“ Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay
  • 8-10 AM on-site registration for 2015 Volunteers and General Public
  • 9:30 AM ”“ Age Group Awards and Volunteer Appreciation Banquet


Read this document ahead of time and make sure you understand it. Ask questions of your athlete ahead of time and come to our cheer meetings. Be self-sufficient and ready to rock on race day.

This document is our plan of attack. But this plan, and you, will need to be flexible. We have coordinated to our best and have put a ton of research into all of this, but race day is a bit like controlled chaos. Sometimes one little thing goes wrong (like a police officer not letting you go down a road you thought you were able to) and the whole plan changes. If we know of changes by the team dinner we will announce them then, but we may do some last minute improvising on race day.

Your athlete will not be focused on you during this weekend. Don’t be offended. They may say they are, but they aren’t. This is one of the biggest challenges they will face in their lives, and they are in their own world right now. On race morning their brains won’t work ”“ so lower your expectations of them. J Give them lots of hugs and encouraging words. Then come hang out with the coaches and get crazy!! We cheer for everyone on the course. But we get REALLY rowdy for our Z’s.

Read on to learn just how Team Z rowdy works”¦

The History of Ironman

The IRONMAN TRIATHLON was the first major competition of its kind. The first IRONMAN TRIATHLON was held in 1978 Honolulu, Hawaii until 1980. In 1981, the competition was moved to the less urbanized Big Island by Valerie Silk. The following year, Silk moved the race date from February to October. There were two IRONMAN TRIATHLON events in 1982 as a result of the change.

The idea for the original IRONMAN TRIATHLON arose during the awards ceremony for the 1977 Oahu Perimeter Relay (a running race for 5-person teams). Among the participants were numerous representatives of both the Mid-Pacific Road Runners and the Waikiki Swim Club, whose members had long been debating which athletes were more fit, runners or swimmers.

On this occasion, U.S. Navy Commander John Collins pointed out that a recent article in Sports Illustrated magazine had declared that Eddy Merckx, the great Belgian cyclist, had the highest recorded “oxygen uptake” of any athlete ever measured, so perhaps cyclists were more fit than anyone. Cdr. Collins and his wife, Judy, had taken part in the triathlons staged in 1974 and 1975 by the San Diego Track Club in and around Mission Bay, California, as well as the Optimist Sports Fiesta Triathlon in Coronado, California, in 1975. A number of the other military athletes in attendance were also familiar with the San Diego races, so they understood the concept when Cdr. Collins suggested that the debate should be settled through a race combining the three existing long-distance competitions already on the island: the Waikiki Roughwater Swim (2.4 mi./3.85 km), the Around-Oahu Bike Race (115 miles; originally a two-day event) and the Honolulu Marathon (26.2 mi./42.195 km).

It is worth noting that no one present had ever done the bike race; Cdr. Collins calculated that, by shaving 3 miles off the course and riding counter-clockwise around the island, the bike leg could start at the finish of the Waikiki Rough Water and end at the Aloha Tower, the traditional start of the Honolulu Marathon. Prior to racing, each athlete received three sheets of paper listing a few rules and a course description. Handwritten on the last page was this exhortation: “SWIM 2.4 MILES! BIKE 112 MILES! RUN 26.2 MILES! BRAG FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE”, now a registered trademark.

With a nod to a local runner who was notorious for his demanding workouts, Collins said, “Whoever finishes first, we’ll call him the Iron Man.” Of the fifteen men to start off the in early morning on February 18th, 1978, twelve completed the race and the world’s first IRONMAN, Gordon Haller, completed in 11 hours, 46 minutes, and 58 seconds.

With no further marketing efforts, the race gathered as many as 50 athletes the following year. The race, however, was postponed a day because of bad weather conditions and only fifteen competitors started off the race Sunday morning. San Diego’s Tom Warren, age 35, won in 11 hours, 15 minutes, and 56 seconds. Lyn Lemaire, a championship cyclist from Boston, placed sixth overall and became the first “IRONWOMAN.”

Collins planned on changing the race into a relay event to draw more participants, but Sports Illustrated’s journalist Barry McDermott, in the area to cover a golf tournament, discovered the race and wrote a ten page account of it. During the following year, hundreds of curious participants contacted Collins.

The IRONMAN TRIATHLON inspired the addition of the triathlon sport (though over shorter distances) at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.

Today, the IRONMAN format remains unchanged, and the Hawaiian IRONMAN is still regarded as the most honored and prestigious triathlon event to win worldwide. For the 25th anniversary on October 18, 2003, nearly 1500 athletes were enlisted, most of which had to go through qualification competitions (although some were admitted through the lottery).

The IRONMAN TRIATHLON is a grueling event that pushes its participants to the limits of endurance. Some, however, find the prescribed distances fall short of these limits. Hence, events such as the double iron triathlon have come about. More extreme formats have evolved; there are in fact triple, quadruple, quintuple, deca, and 15× events that are multiples of the original IRONMAN distance triathlon. The world records in the quintuple and deca iron races are held by a woman, Astrid Benöhr.

This Course and Overview of Ironman Rules

HOW DO I TRACK MY ATHLETE? Visit www.ironman.com on race day and click on the race coverage box to track your athlete’s progress


  • Course Length – 2.4 miles (2 loops)
  • Start Time: Rolling start at 6:50 AM
  • Athletes will line up at the start and will enter the water in the order they are in line
  • No fins, aqua socks, gloves, paddles or flotation devices of any kind allowed.
  • No individual paddlers or escorts allowed. Course will be adequately patrolled by boats, canoes and paddleboards.
  • Swim course will close 2 hours and 20 minutes after last athlete enters the water (in other words, no earlier than 9:50). All athletes must complete the swim within 2:20 of when they start


  • Course Length – 112 miles lollipop course (a stick and 2 Loops at the top of the lolipop)
  • Absolutely no drafting of another bike or any other vehicle is allowed. Contestants must ride single-file on the right side of the road except when passing another rider.
  • Riders must keep a 4 bike-length distance between bikes except when passing.
  • First bike cutoff is mile 58 at 1:30 PM (start of loop two of the bike at the high school)
  • Second bike cutoff is at mile 112 at 5:30 PM (finish of the bike leg)
  • No individual support allowed. Ample aid and food stations will be provided. Friends, family members, coaches or supporters of any type may not bike or drive alongside contestant, may not pass food or other items to contestant and should be warned to stay completely clear of all participants to avoid the disqualification of a participant.


  • Course Length – 26.2 miles (2 full Loops and a shorter out and back)
  • The only run cut off is at approximately mile 21 at 10:55 PM (beginning of third loop leaving great marsh park).
  • Runners must wear race number at all times on the course. Race number must be placed on front of runner where it is clearly visible.
  • No individual support vehicles or non-participant escort runners are allowed. This is an individual endurance event. Teamwork as a result of outside assistance which provides an advantage over single competitors is not allowed. Ample aid and food stations will be provided. Individual support vehicles or non-participants escort runners will result in disqualification. A nonparticipant escort runner includes participants who have withdrawn from the race, have been disqualified or have finished the race. Friends, family members, coaches or supporters of any type may not bike, drive or run alongside contestant, may not pass food or other items to contestant and should be warned to stay completely clear of all participants to avoid the disqualification of a participant. It IS permissible for contestants who are still competing to run with other contestants who are still competing.

Cheering Guide: Things To Know

What to Say


  • Keep going!
  • You’ve got it!
  • Your friend is up ahead and looking great!
  • Looking strong, keep pushing!
  • have fun!
  • Go Team Z!
  • Good Work!
  • Way to go!
  • You are my hero!
  • You’re a ROCKSTAR!
  • Aid Station up ahead”¦


What Not to Say

  • You look great (Especially at the end of the race when the person is hurting)
  • Push harder (The person is doing the best they can)
  • ALMOST THERE (Until the athlete is at the finish line ”“ never say this)
  • Only ___ left (Again the ___ distance seems forever away for the athlete. And they may not be on the loop you think they are)
  • ___ Time Until the Cut Off (No need to worry the athlete about things like this, they know)

Weather Conditions

Considering that this race is at the end of summer/start of fall, the weather conditions vary greatly and can change quickly. Last year it was a cool day, with intermittent storms. It can be a cold, rainy day or a hot, sunny day. Therefore, it is important to be ready for anything. Ironman is a long day, so wear your shorts and Team Z t-shirt for throughout the day and pack a sweatshirt, pants, and rain jacket or umbrella incase the weather makes a sudden change throughout the day. I’d also recommend bringing a bottle of sunscreen. If the day warms up fast, you’ll be glad you brought it. Note ”“ though:   You are responsible for your belongings all day as we do not provide any sense of security.

NOTE: WE HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU BRING RAIN AND COLD WEATHER GEAR ”“ Please do not plan on our tents not blowing away or being insufficient to your needs.

Check List for Cheering

  • Chair (cheer stations will have some as well)
  • Backpack
  • Sunglasses
  • Team Z Apparel/ Support Crew Shirt
  • Noisemakers (provided at Team Z cheering stations, please return them when you are finished cheering so we can use them at future races)
  • Sunscreen
  • Cold weather clothes / rain gear / rain boots
  • Comfortable Walking Shoes
  • Bottles of Water
  • Toilet paper
  • Snacks

Team Z Online Cheer Tracker: Check this out”¦Click this link on your smartphone and post a message for our athletes: https://triteamz.com/cheertracker

During the race, post your sightings, notes, and communications to the other spectators so they can keep track of where athletes are on the course. After the race, post notes of congratulations.

For Much More Information on Spectating, things to do in Cambridge, etc ”“ please reference the spectator Guide at www.ironman.com.   Then Ironman Maryland.   Then click on “Spectator” Guide.

To Track your Athlete: www.Ironman.com on race day and click on the race coverage box to track your athlete’s progress.

Suggestions for Race Day Execution: Eating, Parking, and Cheering

The Race Director STRONGLY encourages you to use the Shuttle Bus for your convenience. Shuttle bus parking in Sailwinds Park, 200 Byrne St, Cambridge, MD (will be signed) on Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m, and Friday from 9 a.m, to 9 p.m. There will be an information center with volunteers on hand. Drop-off and pick-up will be outside great Marsh Park (T1/T2). Shuttles are free and the drivers will let you bring your bike on the bus!

RACE DAY ONLY Shuttle parking will be at Mace’s Lane Middle School, Mace’s Lane (see

map). From 4:45 a.m. race morning until 1 a.m. Sunday. Pick-up outside Great Marsh Park Only.

Link to following Map: Click on the map itself or go here…


Coach Ed’s Suggestion: No Guarantee but what is life without a little risk?

IM MD must be one of the most logistically simple race course I have ever seen from a spectator’s point of view in terms of getting from place to place AND having relatively few road closures.   That would be assuming ability to move within 1 mile without difficulty.   If you have a bike ”“ you are golden golden.   But, if you can walk a mile or two, you are silver silver. If you have mobility trouble you are still Bronze Bronze b/c there are golf carts running between Long Warf and Great Marsh all day which pass directly by our HQ AND hit the shuttle drop off areas.

There will be four “Official Z Locations” to meet ”“ but you know we’ll be all over the course!   The Team Z HQ is NOT at the start or finish line- but the runners will pass this HQ Location 5  times.   This is where we will prepare and serve our breakfast and lunch items for those interested.

Our “Official” Cheering Locations are”¦

  • HQ is at the corner of Hambrooks and Belvedere Ave.
  • Bike Aid Station Volunteering ”“ Maple Dam Rd, Church Creek, MD 21622
  • Bike Cheering Station ”“ Dorcherster South Cambridge High School
  • Run Cheer Station 2/Team Z Aid Station on the Bypass

Team Z HQ ”“ Corner of Hambrooks and Belvedere (see map below)

Last year my wife drove in to Cambridge   from DC at around 11 am and parked 100 yards from our location where the Team Z HQ is this year (and was last year).     Because of the design of the course, if you work to find sound street parking early in the morning you should have no problem leaving our HQ to go ANYWHERE ”“ including town for lunch (should you decide not to eat with us), if you have to leave early, etc.   Does your family have a bike? Bring your bike!   It is only 1.5 ”“ 2.0 miles from our HQ to the run course aid station Team Z run cheer 2.   It is .3 miles to swim start/finish/bike start finish/and run start.   It is .5 miles from our HQ to the finish line.

Parking was easy last year, though I know the race has grown so of course I can’t make promises on how close to our HQ you will be able to get if you wait too long in the morning.   However ”“ if you arrive late you or have trouble finding parking you will not have a problem driving to drop off a person l00 yards from our “cheer station HQ” if you have the need.

Then you could go find parking.   Parking is on these neighborhood streets which are VERY wide.   From the parking area above you will be able to go into town for any reason, you can leave anytime, access the “run cheer station 2 by car” ”“ easily.   Bailout is the Shuttle Bus System which is not far, but still plan extra time into your day and be there EARLY.


Example of what a day might look like planned around our HQ Only.

  • Park nearby and walk with athlete or meet at swim start at Great Marsh Park.
  • Watch them start and finish the swim and start the bike from Great Marsh Park.
  • Walk .3 miles to our HQ for coffee and breakfast.
  • Sit, Relax, Read the Paper
  • Have Lunch at our HQ.
  • Walk .3 miles back to Great Marsh to watch them finish the bike AND start the run course
  • Walk .3 miles back to our HQ
  • Then they pass HQ at miles 8 and 10.
  • Then they pass HQ at miles 18 and 20 and 25 if you don’t go to the finish line.

We will have as many tents as we can here at HQ ”“ there is shade under some large trees but home owners are reluctant to let us use their land.   We are working to change that, but there will be at least 2-3 tents to provide shade and protection from sun.   Should it be a nice day, no worries as there are trees/etc everywhere.   When we (Alexis and I) arrive ”“ we are going door knocking to see if we can borrow good land space for our tents.   Even with 100% no’s ”“ we have street space (we had it last year and made it work).   This Street Space is WITH and AT the direction of the Race Director. We will have our kitchen here. Chairs.   Food, coolers with ice cold drinks, water, beer, coffee, etc.  We will have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at this location.

We will start shutting down our HQ production around 9 PM ”“ but that does not mean we leave (just put away grills/gear/etc).   Still have chairs, horns, bells, coolers, and likely pizza/etc.

Bike Course Cheering Station ”“ Team Z at the Dorchester/South Cambridge High School.

Example of Day if you If you stay near our HQ only, except the excursion to the high school for bike Course Cheer station at mile 56

  • Park nearby HQ and walk with athlete or meet at swim start at Great Marsh Park.
  • Watch them start and finish the swim and start the bike from Great Marsh Park.
  • Walk .3 miles to our HQ for coffee and breakfast.
  • Walk back. 3 miles and you will be able to take a shuttle to see them at the high school a second time (bike start was the first). We will have Team Z Tents and Chairs available at the high school where the riders will pass at mile 16 (you will likely miss this) and then 57 to start loop two.
  • We will have max of two tents at Bike Course Cheer Station, and not likely we can seat 50 people so please bring your own bag chair if you have one.
  • We will provide Coffee
  • We will provide a cooler with water, soda, and beer.
  • We will provide some snacks and fruit ”“ but nothing fancy.
  • There is a country store near enough to walk (.25 miles) if you are mobile for anything you might want (bigger than a 7 eleven).

I think you are using port o lets or the High School Gym for a bathroom. There has to be a plan b/c the Race Director is encouraging and directing spectators to shuttle to this location to cheer. But I can’t make any promises

  • If you stay at Great Marsh Park and watch your athlete start the bike ”“ I think you will miss them at mile 16 when the pass the school the first time, even if you hustle to the shuttle. Maybe not ”“ but I’m just saying it’s risky.
  • So if you stay at Great Marsh Park to watch the start of the bike, you plenty of time to come back to our HQ for some breakfast and catch the shuttle to see them at mile 56 ish as they start loop 2. Trust me ”“ you will be up early and by 9 am you’ll be famished.
  • Then walk .35 miles to catch the shuttle to the school and our bike course Cheer Station which would allow us to see the athlete at mile 56 of the bike ride. The race director has asked us to please shuttle ”“ but should you drive”¦.
  • Where: Cambridge South Dorchester High School, Cambrdige Md
  • Address: 2475 Cambridge Beltway, Cambridge, MD, 21613
  • Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/iImZy

Team Z owning Run Aid Station  

Team Z has been asked and volunteered to manage and staff Run Aid Station #3. First runners will arrive around 12:30 ish.   First Zrs will likely arrive just a little later.     But we (TeamZ, Led by aid station captain Val Dix) will be running and manning the aid station for the run course.   At this location, the runners will pass four times.

We need 50-60 people to make this happen and have it mostly staffed with Team Z teammates that are NOT racing but coming to cheer for Team Green.   But we still could use volunteers. So if you have active family who want to get in the mix ”“ the aid station should shut down around 10 at the latest (maybe even 9/9:30) so there is NO DOUBT that you will be back for cheering at HQ or the finish line.

Aid station volunteers will be fed Lunch by the race course ”“ and there are two shifts.   Contact Vdix05@gmail.com if you would like to take a shift.   ZR TEAMMATES ”“ PLEASE TAKE THE LATER SHIFTS TO LET FAMILY THAT PARTICIPATE DO THE EARLY SHIFT TO SEE THEIR LOVED ONE’S FINISH!

Team Zrs who want us to shuttle the bbcue that we are serving lunch ”“ you can also pay for that and we’ll ship it out (see below for cheer station).

The Aid Station will have sponsor tent or two, we will have lights/generator/power ”“ we will have booming stereo and music. And we have had permission to tent up the aid station with Team Z tents.   Then and also”¦.

Run Course Cheering Station 2 ”“

WE WILL AMP RUN AID STATION #3 UP by adding a Team Z Cheer Station right across the street.   Team Z Tents and Chairs ”“ Coolers with appropriate beverages.   We will shuttle the lunch food from the HQ to the folks out at Team Z Run Course Cheer Station 2.

This cheer station is less than 2 miles (1.5) from our HQ.   Some active folks can bike to it. Others will drive it.   There is PLENTY of parking.   So if you can find parking near our HQ this is a simple access.   And. In Fact ”“ I think with a little luck and a ton of hustle (not necessarily a suggestion) ”“ you could watch your biker finish and then start the run.   Then hustle on bike or by car to Run Station Cheer 2 and see them at mile 3 and 5. Then hustle back to see them at HQ mile 8 and 10.   Then hustle back Team Z Run Cheer Station 2 and see them at 13 and 15. Then again, hustle back to Team Z HQ to see them at mile ”“ 19, 21, and 25. 10 times.   Whew.   Might be better to pick a spot but some of you with bikes, cars ”“ COULD BE DOABLE!

Directions to Aid Station and Cheer Station 2 ”“

  • Location: Please view the link below with the location of our aid station, which is located on the West Side Bypass.
  • Runners will pass us four times and will go in a different direction for their third loop.
  • You will be able to drive and park to the aid station. ONLY if you have found a spot to park near our HQ
  • If you come into the station from route 343 Hudson Rd side, and park across from your station you shouldn’t be in anyone’s way.
  • Riders are NOT coming back through on the bypass.
  • They go out that way, but they get back down to transition a different route.
  • Please carpool or ride your bike if you can.


I’m GUESSING this GPS will get you to the corner of Foxtail and 343. If you pass foxtail ”“ the West Side Bypass will be your next right hand turn.

NO PROMISES GPS address: 781 Foxtail Dr Cambridge, MD 21613


FOOD/MENU for Each Aid Station

Zrs ”“ please share this plan with your parents over the weekend and help them decide which stations to watch you from.   Please help them make these choices below.

We will be serving breakfast at HQ from Post Swim Start (8 am until 10:30). $5

  • Coffee/Water/Soda
  • Bagels/English Muffins (pb/j, Nutella, cream cheese, butter)
  • Variety of Fruits

We will be serving Snacks at Bike Cheer Station High School from (10:30 AM-1:30 PM) $5

  • Water, Sodas, Coffee, Beer
  • Snacks (packaged crackers, peanuts, cookies, candies)
  • Fruit

We will be serving lunch from (11-3 at HQ).     $15.00

  • Water, Soda, Coffee (while it lasts), Beer, Wine
  • Pulled Pork/Pulled Pork Sandwiches
  • Chopped BBQ Chicken/Sandwiches
  • Smoked Mac and Cheese
  • Mixed Smoked Veggies
  • Macaroni Salad
  • Potato Salad

We will deliver the above lunch from HQ to cheer course run station Starting at 1ish.     $15.00

  • Water, Soda, Coffee (while it lasts), Beer, Wine
  • Pulled Pork/Pulled Pork Sandwiches
  • Chopped BBQ Chicken/Sandwiches
  • Smoked Mac and Cheese
  • Mixed Smoked Veggies
  • Coleslaw
  • Macaroni Salad
  • Potato Salad

We will be serving Dinner at HQ (from 6:45-9:00) PM $7

  • Pizza
  • Water, Soda, Coffee (while it lasts), beer, wine

We will be serving Dinner at Run Station 2 from 6:45 – 9:00 PM $7

  • Pizza
  • Water, Soda, Coffee (while it lasts), beer, wine

Web link to course maps if you can’t read these: Click on the maps themselves or go here…