March 1, 2016

Lets Get this Team Z Relay Party Started!

Hi Team ”“ it’s time to kick off our relay organization for 2016.   We have a volunteer named Jennifer Medina who helps us to coordinate and introduce relay members to each other.     Relays are a big part of our team ”“ and our racing season.

Super important ”“ We (I) do not expect you to race until you are ready.   I would hope you would train and come out to support the races, but of course that is your decision too.   There is no pressure to EVER do a “whole race” on your own.   You make that call and set that timeline ”“ I would love to help you and as would your mentors.

Team Z is about fun.   Not stressing over a race.     If you find yourself stressing for any reason about this team or racing ”“ LET ME OR YOUR MENTOR KNOW!   We can hand you tons of perspective I promise.   I do it all the time!

Reasons to race a Realy:

  1. Plain and simple ”“ for any reason you choose ”“ are you are injured or nervous? Just don’t feel like doing the whole thing?   You can choose to just do one or two legs of the race.
  2. Relays are also a great way to get to know other Zrs!
  3. Relays are a great way for newer members to gain experience by racing a strong leg with a relay to simply experience a triathlon and a transition area. Or ”“ a newer member could do only the week leg ”“ focusing on one thing at a time!
  4. Vets, keep in mind the key races for you that I’ve already called out as opportunities for relays.
    • Example ”“ Kinetic half will be very hard for all ”“ and anyone on Track 1 or 2 of 70.3 will not have the volume to really do this race (not a suggestion anyway). So consider a swim/run combo.   Or Swim/bike ”“ have a relay member for the run ”“ then maybe you go out and do a short run on your own but not in the race.   Maybe just one leg is fine ”“ and then do the sprint by yourself on Sunday.
    • Patriots Half ”“ same deal for Ironman Maryland people. This race is 3 weeks before your Ironman so I don’t want you “burying yourself” out there.   Again ”“ as swim bike (relay runner) then you go for short run.   Or swim/run ”“ with a short bike in the middle while your relay partner kills it. Or one leg and then race the shorter event the next day.
  5. Veterans ”“ any of the races where, for example ”“ you race solo on Saturday and are planning to stay for Sunday too ”“ relays are great option. Plan one with buds to go hammer, or ask to be paired with new Zrs to show them the ropes.

I am always available for questions ”“ reach out if you need help or suggestion’s.

Let’s get the relay organization started!   The below note from Jennifer Medina who will field requests and manage the organization of the relays.   Please email her directly at


From Jennifer Medina ”“ contact at  


How to join a team z relay:

Email Team Z relay manager, Jennifer Medina, at Make sure to include the following details:

  1. The name of the race you want to do, including the distance (e.g., Kinetic sprint relay or Patriot’s international relay)
  2. The leg(s) of the relay you want to do (e.g, swim, bike, run, swim & bike, bike & swim, or swim & run)
  3. A perfect email might say something like, “Hey Jen, I’d like to do the swim and run portion of the Kinetic Half relay. Can you please help me find a biker?”

What happens next?

Jen will send me periodic updates   about the status of your relay, which I will include in the Team Z weekly announcements (or as needed). These updates will say something like, “A Zer is looking for a biker for the Kinetic Half relay. Email Jennifer Medina if you are interested in participating.”

Once your team is formed, Jen will introduce you to your relay partners via email. Then, it’s up to you and your teammates to select a relay team captain who will register the team for the race, and repay the captain the appropriate portion of the registration.

The 2016 Team Z races that include a relay option are (almost, but not quite all): For dates, race information and registration links for these races, please visit the team z race calendar:

  • Rumpus in Bumpass International Only ”“ we are not there as a team for the sprint (we are at Westfield’s the next day)
  • Westfield’s Sprint
  • Kinetic Half and/or Sprint
  • Rock Hall International and/or Sprint
  • Ironman 70.3 Syracuse
  • Rev3 Williamsburg Half and/or International
  • Luray International and/or Sprint
  • South Riding Pool Sprint Triathlon
  • Patriot’s Half and/or International and/or Sprint
  • The Nation’s Triathlon (International) and/or Sprint (not a Team Z Trailer supported race, though sure many Zrs will race it)
  • Savageman 30.0 and/or 50.0 (new this year!) and/or 70.0 (super challenging run, unbelievably difficult and challenging bike ”“ but the swim is flat)
  • Miami Man International and/or Half Iron and/or Duathlon and/or Aquabike

For dates, race information and registration links for these races, please visit the team z race calendar: