January 7, 2015

New for 2015 – Injury Prevention and Technique clinics

This message is from Kerri Kramer Webb who is a Zer, Physical Therapist and owner of the Endurance Athlete Center. Below is a description of all the latest and greatest injury prevention clinics that are being offered for 2015.   All these clinics will offer good and practical ways for you to avoid injury and maybe even become more efficient and healthier triathletes!   How cool is that? Very cool! The dates for these clinics are on the weekend workout location file found here.  

Hi Zers,

This year I will be offering something completely new- An injury prevention seminar series. If you have been to the original, I have a ton more information for you broken down into 4 different topics. Each seminar will be offered twice a year and I will be bringing in other expert guest speakers. Here are the details:

Seminar #1: Work Ergonomics & Lifestyle Habits:  Non-Triathlon Factors that set you up for Injury in Sport THIS SUNDAY!!!!!

Most triathlete injuries are blamed on repetitive motions of swim, bike, and run. This eye opening seminar will demonstrate how postures and actions in your everyday life have an absolute correlation to your performance in triathlon. Learn how to prevent injury with tips on workstation ergonomics, proper body alignment, and the influence of rest/stress to allow for recovery.


Seminar #2:  :         Swimming Injury Prevention & Proper Form

Swimming requires a fine balance between strength, mobility, and proper technique. Discover if you have specific weaknesses and inflexibilities that are crucial to injury prevention & performance. Our guest speaker & swim coach, Dominic Latella, will take you through proper mechanics so that you will be ready to swim better & faster by your next swim practice.


 Seminar #3:  :            Cycling Injury Prevention, Technique & Fit

No triathlete should have pain on the bike. The majority of training is spent cycling, and all problems can be solved with the combination of specific flexibility and strength, proper cycling technique and a really great bike fit. Certified Retul fit Specialist, Andy Cicero, and physical therapist Kerri Kramer come together to bring you a complete solution to improve speed on the bike and prevent injuries. Be prepared to crush your next race after this clinic.


 Seminar #4:      Running Injury Prevention & Advanced Mechanics

80% of all triathlon injuries are running-related. This no miss clinic includes partner testing to discover specific strength and flexibility deficits that will inevitably lead to breakdown in running. The EAC physical therapy team will teach you advanced running mechanics and drills to solve your running flaws. Run away from this clinic faster, stronger, and injury free.


Hope to see you there! Happy Training.

Kerri Kramer Webb

Owner, Endurance Athlete Center