May 19, 2017

OMG – Did you see the weather for this weekend?

Did you see the weather?  High of 70 each day? No rain?  Check out the weekend plans below… please vote on the poll.

This weekend’s Poll, Please Vote:


*Newer or even experienced cyclists who want to…

This is a previously unplanned practical/practice in the parking lot after the Boot Camp at Fast Track on Sunday. See the description below.


Weekend look ahead…

This weekend’s Poll, Please Vote:

Get to the workouts this weekend.  Let’s go.  It’s going to be FANTASTIC WEATHER.  Note that I combined the two cycling clinics on Sunday – please re vote on the poll if needed.  And…I need a volunteer to help me by riding their rig on a trainer…

  1. Important Announcements and Reminders Details – Don’t “not read”…start by clicking on me
  2. Saturday Track Practice:   8:00 AM at  W&L High School   Details
  3. Saturday Bike Maintenance Clinic (details):    9:30 AM at  W&L High School  (following Track)
  4. Sunday Cycling Cycling Etiquette and Safety Clinic  (details), and also Technique and Fit Clinic  (details):   7:00 AM at  Fast Track
  5. Sunday “EPIC” Boot Camp:  9:00 AM at Fast Track Physical Therapy   Details
  6. Sunday 1-2 hour easy ride on the trail:  10:00 AM at Fast Track Physical Therapy   Details
  7. Sunday Bike Lessons.  Clipping in and out, starting and stopping, bike balance drills: 10:00 AM at Fast Track Physical Therapy   Details
  8. Sunday Mountains of Misery Unsupported Ride: 7am from Haymarket Walmart.  Details


Clinics overview:

This weekend’s Poll, Please Vote:

Saturday Bike Maintenance after track – 9:30 at W&L High School.  

OMG – do you know that I had a person who was a little more than a month out from Ironman say to me… “Hey Ed. I have a good idea.  You should have a clinic on how to change a flat tire in case it happens to any of us next month.”  WHAT!  We do these 3-4 times each year.   DO NOT MISS THEM.  Even those who’ve been around a few years.  If you can’t change a flat in under 10 minutes you need to come and practice again.

We will also review general maintenance, safety items, etc.

Sunday AM Cycling Safety, Etiquette, and Intro to Fit and Technique.  7 AM at Fast Track just before Boot Camp.  

There are TONS of you that should come to the cycling etiquette clinic Sunday AM before boot camp.  Don’t know what wavy fingers mean?  Don’t know what two fingers on the back of the rider in front of you means?  What’s the difference between a fist down by the riders side vs an open palm?

WHAT YOU LEARN IS IMPORTANT TO YOUR TEAMMATES.   When you don’t know the rules, your uneducated (and unintentional) mistakes will not get you hurt.  They will cause someone else to get hurt.  

Also – if you have never been coached in cycling – you will be so surprised what you can learn in my “intro to technique” class.  This is a lecture – don’t need to be nervous or bring your bike for this one.

Unplanned Clinic – Cycling Practical, starting and stopping, clipping in and out, shifting gears, balance drills and challenges.  

  • review starting, stopping…clipping in and out.
  • practice some bike skills (panic stop, parking lot circles)
  • etc…

I am already planning to work  with folks in the Fast Track Parking lot after the boot camp.  Many people will ride easy and for fun.  But anyone who wants to come join us should make it a priority over the ride. I mean it – are you really and truly scared?  Or maybe just completely at a loss for how to use those pedals?

We’ll fix it.