January 7, 2015

Recovery Week Happy Hours – January 7 and 8, 2015


And here comes the freezing, bone chilling winds. So how does one combat winter’s death grip? Well, I ”˜m glad I asked. TEAM Z HAPPY HOUR!   That’s right. Bask in the warmth of Team Z friendship. After all, one of the reasons most of you joined Team Z is to meet other people. Right? Well here’s a great opportunity to meet your fellow Zers. Immerse yourself in the glory of Team Z awesomeness! For you new Zers, consider this one of your “I”˜ve gotta attend” clinics/group workouts.

I’m curious to see which of the Virginia happy hours is better. The word on the street is that both Arlington and the Westies were so concerned about low attendance at their last happy hours that they had to hire “ringers” to pose as “new Zers”. SCANDALOUS!! I might have to bring a roster and check off names.

Don’t worry MDC. You’ll have your chance at Thursday’s happy hour to “bring it”. See ya tonight Arlington and Westies!


Wednesday Arlington Happy Hour: Capital City Brewing Company ”“ 6:00 PM.

Where:     The Village at Shirlington
Address: 4001 Campbell Ave, Arlington 22206
Phone:     703-578-3888
Website: http://www.capcitybrew.com/arlington.php

Wednesday West Happy Hour: Mahalocove- 6:00 PM

Address:   46300 Mcclellan Way, Sterling, VA 20165
Phone:       703-421-3776
Website:   http://www.mahalocove.com/ordereze/default.aspx



THURSDAY MD/DC Happy Hour: Clydes of Chevy Chase – 6:00 PM

Address:   5441 Wisconsin Ave. Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Phone:       301-951-9600
Website:   http://www.clydes.com/chevy-chase