September 15, 2015

Recovery week of September 14 for Team Z

Happy Recovery Week! I know that a few of you have some short work on the bike and run this week ”“ but I’m not shedding a tear that you will have to do these workouts alone. Especially b/c all of you are either racing this weekend or next ”“ the game is afoot!

LONG SWIMS CONTINUE THROUGH THE RECOVERY WEEK.  CHOO CHOO PEOPLE ”“ Tues and Thursday are your last two long swims ”“ next week, you should follow the workout for 25-30 minutes and hop out.   MD people ”“ you have four more long swims (this week, and next).

In other pool-related news, please note:

  • Pool Re-opening:   Chinquapin is re-open this week. Claude Moore is open again this week.   Coach Ed will be there tomorrow just as an fyi.
  • Audrey Moore Still Closed until the 20th


In this email:

  1. Overview of team events for this recovery week
  2. Reminders of boot camps/yoga
  3. Long Swims this week (last for Choo, two more for MD)
  4. Look ahead to weekend ”“ Saturday’s Run Location has changed and is now a Happy Hour. J


  1. Overview of team events for this recovery week


*Please note ”“ long swim start/end time is not reflected in this list ”“ please see #4 below for details on pools where you can gain an extra 30 minutes of swimming if you wish.


  1. Monday Recovery Week Social/Short Runs:   PRR Arlington, PRR Reston at 6:30 PM
  2. Monday Post Run Social for Arlington: Sweet Leaf at 7/ish
  3. Tuesday Group Swims: Spring Hill @ 5:15; Providence Rec Center @ 5:30 AM; Chinquapin, UDC, @ 6:00 AM; Chinquapin @ 12:30 PM;   Stone Ridge, and Claude Moore @ 8:00 PM
  4. Wed Happy Hours:   ZMDC at Rock Bottom, Bethesda @5:30/6:00 PM; West at American Tap Room, Reston Town Center (at the bar) @5:00/5:30 PM GM said to send an early crew and stake out the best bar locations. J No RSVP this time”¦.
  5. Thursday Happy Hour: Arlington at the The Mad Rose Tavern, Clarendon ”“ 5:30/6:00 PM
  6. Thursday Group Swims: Spring Hill @ 5:15; Providence Rec Center @ 5:30 AM; Chinquapin, UDC, and @ 6:00 AM; Chinquapin @ 12:30 PM;   Stone Ridge, and Claude Moore @ 8:00 PM
  7. Friday ”“ Rest Day
  8. Saturday ”“ Group Run (0-12) miles starting at 9 or 10 am (your choice):
  9. Saturday ”“ Post Group Run Brunch/Happy Hour at the Green Turtle in Ballston
  10. Yes ”“ Saturday Run is from the Green Turtle and we will have cue sheets (tons of parking)
  11. Sunday ”“ Group Ride ”“ Poolesville High School, Poolesville Md @ 8:00 AM



  1. Reminders of boot camps/yoga


Each fall as we head into our taper season, and then transition (start of) to our winter season”¦we take a break from boot camps and Yoga.   For your calendar


  • We will pick up with boot camps again on Monday Oct 12.   Yoga will begin again the week of Monday, November 2nd.


  1. Long Swims this week


As a thought for some of you ”“ Dominic’s Swim box can be rented for training time.   If you can’t find the 90 minutes, or would prefer continuous open water simulation without turns ”“ maybe a thought.   Swim with black out goggles too. :-0   (not).   Email Dominic at


As we approach Ironman time each season (2.4 mile swim) ”“ we add a few dates at certain pools where we pay for (or have access to) and additional 30 minutes of swimming.   So, you would have a 90 minutes swim in order to increase your volume a hair before taper.   As a reminder ”“ we only taper our swim for 10 days (run and bike are 4-5 weeks).


Anyone can enjoy the extra time ”“ not just Ironman people.   The extra time is not coached ”“ there may be coaches there at some facilities but the “workout” is for 30 minutes straight, no stopping.   Then, the normal 60 minute workout applies with the  rest of the crew.   Here is where we plan to have extra swimming ”“ some of this is still conditional on contracts but I expect them to be all good.


Tuesday Sept 1, Thurs Sept 3  UNTIL Tues Sept 22 and Thurs Sep 24.   There are four Tuesdays, and four Thursdays where the following will be available.


  • Claude Moore ”“ you will join the general swim lanes from   7:30 until , then jump in with the team workout at 8-9 PM.
  • Spring Hill ”“ two lanes that will swim from 5:15 ”“ 6:30 vice 5:15-6:15.   We will ask the coach to arrive 10 minutes early ”“ you get in early.
  • Providence ”“ 6 lanes that will swim from 5:00-6:30 vice 5:30-6:30
  • Chinquapin ”“ already 1:30, no changes
  • Stone Ridge ”“ 8:00-9:30 already, no changes
  • Old Keene Mill ”“ already 1:30, no changes
  • UDC ”“ 5:30 to 7:00 AM (normally 6-7 AM)



  1. A look ahead to this weekend’s coming weekend’s schedule


This weekend there is one supported group ride, and one supported group run for local workouts.


  • Saturday: The supported group run will have two start times ”“ one at 9 am and one at 10 am.   This is so that the people needing longer runs (like MCM folks) can also join in on”¦..
  • Saturday: Post Run Fully Supported Happy Hour which will start at 11 am at The Green Turtle in Ballston .   There is tons of parking. We will have cue sheets for the run, and”¦then cue sheets for the menu.
  • Yes:   That means Saturday’s group run starts from The Green Turtle in Ballston.
  • Sunday:   The Supported Group Ride at Poolesville High School will begin at 8:00 AM.   Post Ride Grub will be at Potomac Pizza (place rocks).


Please Vote for this coming weekend’s activities:   Advance Poll for Planning