May 26, 2016

Sunday High Level Run Cue Sheet – Post Reston Lake Swim

More details to come, but we are going to try the run start from the swim start due to the numbers of folks participating.   Back up start location is “Sunrise Valley Elementary” ”“ should there be any issue with hanging around at the lake (which I doubt).

Here are two files, both are found in our cue sheet folder. ”“ files ”“ cue sheets ”“ run cue sheets ”“ va run cue sheets

  • One is an overview of the race site, and the run route. It is 1 mile exactly to the W&OD, it is 5 miles exactly to the Vienna Caboose.   At the 1 mile mark (intersection of Sunrise Valley and W&OD) ”“ there is Sunrise Valley Elementary School
  • Two ”“ for those who don’t have GPS and would like land marks ”“ this is a cue sheet from Sunrise Valley ES. Remember that you will already have run a mile to get to the school.
  1. Reston Swim and Run from Swim Site.pdf:
  2. Sunrise Valley Elem Cue Sheet: