October 14, 2015

Team Z Cliff Notes Version of IM MD cheer guide


Coach Ed and Alexis will be at Team Z headquarters on Saturday morning to answer any questions you might have about spectating and logistics. Please read below for a brief description of the cheering opportunities at different locations of the IM course.

We will have “cheer locations” at”¦

  1. HQ (Run course cheer station1) ”“ full service, breakfast lunch, and dinner ”“ port o pot ”“ tents and chairs, music, etc.
  2. High School ”“ see your biker 1 or 2 times (more below) ”“ 1 tent, coffee, small snacks, soda, beer. Just a few chairs.
  3. Run Cheer Station 2 ”“ same place as our aid station. Almost Full service lunch and dinner, music, tents, chairs.



It’s true. It’s super crowded at the swim finish and the chances of seeing your Zer swimming are Low.

If you want to see your Zer on the swim course, you could hangout to watch them start the swim. Then head back to Team Z HQ while your athlete is swimming for a bite to eat and a refreshment and head over to the bike start to see your athlete at the beginning of their bike. HERE’S THE CATCH- You might see your Zer as they finish the swim and/or start the bike, but they likely won’t be looking for you at this point.

It’s not that they don’t care or love you. It’s the fact that they have just completed a 2.4 mile swim and are now running into the transition area and doing everything in their power to avoid slipping and doing a face plant while slightly out of breath. J


Team Z will be at mile 16 and 56/57 of the bike course at Dorchester High School. This location serves as an aid station, Bike special needs, race cheer station, and weekend campsite.   We will have a small outpost here. Likely one tent, a cooler with drinks, some coffee, and snacks. We won’t have very many chairs, please bring your own if you have any. If you would like to see your athlete twice on the bike, start heading this way before they finish the swim. Here are your options for cheering at this location:

  • Where: Cambridge South Dorchester High School, Cambrdige Md
  • Address: 2475 Cambridge Beltway, Cambridge, MD, 21613
  • Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/iImZy

OPTION #1– Leave from Team Z headquarters after the swim start but BEFORE  the swimmers exit the water and take a shuttle bus from right near our Team Z HQ which will go out to the Dorchester High School on a regular basis until 1:30 PM If you get there quickly ”“ you will see your biker go by at mile 16 and 56.

OPTION #2-  Leave swim exit AFTER  the swimmers exit the water.   Wait and watch for them to pass by starting the bike. Then head back to Team Z HQ for coffee/bagel and then take a shuttle to the High School to see your athlete once on the bike course at mile 56/57. It will take our fastest bikers 2 hours to get to mile 56/57.


Without a doubt, the run is the best option for seeing the Zers. Our Run Cheer Station (which is also our run aid station) is around Miles 5, 5.5, 14.5 and 15. This part of the run course is the remote location of the entire run course.  If you want to make the biggest impact on your Zer, this is where you can do it. They will need your support more than ever. It will be very quiet here.   There are four viable options for the run course

WE WILL AMP THE TEAM Z RUN AID STATION UP by adding a Team Z Cheer Station right across the street.   Team Z Tents and Chairs ”“ Coolers with appropriate beverages.   We will shuttle the lunch and dinner food from the HQ to the folks out at Team Z Run Course Cheer Station.

  • Please carpool or ride your bike if you can.
  • I’m GUESSING this GPS will get you to the corner of Foxtail and 343. If you pass foxtail ”“ the West Side Bypass will be your next right hand turn. And you should then run into our aid station.
  • NO PROMISES GPS address: 781 Foxtail Dr Cambridge, MD 21613
  • The following link is from the race website which clearly presents the location of our run aid and cheer station.


Option #1– Hang out around at Team Z headquarters and walk 4-5 blocks to see your Zer start finish the bike, start the run then head back to HQ. They will pass our HQ 5 times. Miles 8 and 10 ish, 19 and 21ish, and 25ish.

Option # 2-  Watch your Zer finish the bike, exit onto the run course near Team Z HQ. Then head over to run cheer station #2. This cheer station is less than 2 miles (1.5) from our HQ.   Some active folks can bike to it. Others will drive it.   There is PLENTY of parking.   So if you can find parking near our HQ this is a simple access.   And. In Fact ”“ I think with a little luck and a ton of hustle (not necessarily a suggestion) ”“ you could watch your biker finish and then start the run.   Then hustle on bike or by car to Run Station Cheer 2 and see them at mile 5 and 5.5. Then hustle back to see them at HQ mile 8 and 10.   Then hustle back Team Z Run Cheer Station 2 and see them at 14.5 and 15. Then again, hustle back to Team Z HQ to see them at mile ”“ 19, 21, and 25. 10 times.   Whew.   Might be better to pick a spot but some of you with bikes, cars ”“ COULD BE DOABLE!

Option #3-  Go the Run Cheer Station and stay for miles 5, 5.5, 14.5, and 15 of the run, then bolt over to Team Z HQ to see them at 21, and 25, OR head walk the .5 miles to the finish line after they pass 21 to see your Zer cross the finish line.