July 2, 2014

Team Z Colonial Beach Triathlon Race Weekend Details

Hi guys – We are trying to figure out which trailer goes where, who is on first, and what is on Second for next weekend (Mussleman and Colonial Beach Races on same sweekend). Ryan will be posting the event brite for Mussleman tomorrow.

Note: Colonial Beach is a very, very small town. There are not many options for anything – including hotels or restaurants.     If you are late to the game – I was able to get a room at The Woodside Inn – about 15 minutes from the race site.     For dinner – unless you want Mcdonald’s, Seafood, Thai, or road side bbcue stands – Ledo Pizza is it. They have pasta/salads/etc.
We are currently planning to eat dinner at Ledo both nights. I will confirm this after I see how many of you will be coming. Be sure to “buy” (they are free) a ticket for each person you would have with you at dinner on Friday or Saturday. If for some reason we can’t fit – there are 400 triathletes in town and 5 restaurants – I will have them cater our dinner at the race site.     More to come on these details.

Everything else is standard. And I’m excited. I’ve not been to this race in 8 years or so – before it was owned by SetUp Events. Cute little town – great race production company – awesome event!

Colonial Beach is about 1:45 to 2:00 from Arlington. Fair warning if you leave after noon on Friday you are nuts – and in for it in terms of traffic. DEFFINITELY TAKE Route 5 through Clinton and Waldorf on your way to 301 over the Potomac River.  


Event Details:

Race Site Address: 30 Colonial Ave – Colonial Beach Va 22443

Ledo Address: 700 Mckiney Blvd – Colonial Beach, Va 22443 804-224-5336

  • Packet Pick Up – is Friday from 4-7, Saturday from 5:30-6:20 AM (For Sprint) at the race site
  • Packet Pickup is – Saturday from 4-7 PM, Sunday from 5:30-6:20 AM (for International) at the race site

Friday Plans:

  • Friday Dinner – Ledo at 4:30 PM

Saturday Plans:

  • Sprint is on Saturday – 6:50 AM start.
  • Sat Breakfast – ready by 5:45 AM at our team tents – latest.
  • Sat Lunch – until everyone takes off – we’ll just hang out
  • Sat Dinner – Ledo at 4:30 PM

Sunday Plans:

  • International is on Sunday – 6:50 AM start
  • Sun Breakfast – ready by 5:45 at our team tents – latest.
  • Sun Lunch – until we decide to roll!

Every Day Plans:

  • Party Time – ALL THE TIME. We’re awesome!