January 6, 2016

Team Z Disney Weekend Plans!

“I’m dressing like Mini Mouse and I don’t care what you say, YOU CAN’T STOP ME!” -Coach Alexis

The amount of leg work, coordination, cups of coffee, and sessions with a therapist required to put this together for our team is at another level.   Disney is Disney ”“ it “ain’t” Lake Anna State Park.   We must put out some serious thank you and golf claps to”¦.Anne Marie Forney Colman (Not sure how this roles these days). And then ”“ To Dave Colman Marie Forney (Still not sure how this rolls) ”“ his aware is for taking the heat for all of us.   Seriously.   I heard she primarily used a phone book so there are no marks (kidding). I’M KIDDING.

Thank you Anne ”“ I’m so glad you have volunteered to do this again next time!   (Smiley Face that never comes out correctly over yahoo groups).

Also ”“ while we have some great plans and meet ups below ”“ please please plan in advance with family, friends, teammates ”“ this is DISNEY.   Like we said ”“ it ain’t Lake Anna State Park and there will not be Team Z tents and trailers.   We’ve done the best we can ”“ bring a phone, a positive attitude ”“ and hell ”“ a polaroid for that magical shot with Mickey! (or Mini ”“ for Coach Alexis).


The OFFICIAL DISNEY race weekend details have been mailed out by Disney (check your spam folder if you can’t find it)

In this Document:

  1. Weekend overview
  2. Parks, FastPass, MagicBands
  3. Races
  4. Hotels
  5. Transportation (a. to/from airport, b. to packet pickup, c. to races, d. to parks, e. parking)
  6. Packet Pickup
  7. Spectating
  8. Lists of Racers

*Note:   Calling this out right now ”“ IF you are a racer or spectator and would like to meet with other Zrs that are RACING OR CHEERING ”“

Pre-race and post-race we will meet at The “Family Reunion area” under “Z”


   Weekend overview

  • Tuesday– Anne arrives (303-562-5654)
  • Wednesday– Team Z group in Hollywood Studios, Coach Alexis arrives
    • Dinner: 6:35 and 6:40 PM reservations at Shutters at Old Port Royal-Carribean Beach Resort
  • Thursday – 5k, Team Z group in Epcot
    • Dinner: 4:30 PM reservation at Rose & Crown Dining Room-Epcot
  • Friday – 10k, Team Z group in Magic Kingdom, Coach Ed arrives
    • 5-7 pm (RSVP required) Team Dinner Coronado Springs Resort (take bus straight from parks). If coming from Caribbean Beach (3mi) or All Star Sports to the dinner, your fastest route is to hire a Lyft (like Uber).
  • Saturday – ½ Marathon, Team Z group in  Animal Kingdom,
    • Team Z 3pm Happy Hour at Dawa Bar in Animal Kingdom
    • If interested in a Saturday dinner off of Disney Property, please see note below from Ann Bowers- Evangelista ­: Anyone interested in dinner at an off-Disney property on Saturday night, Dave and I (Ann) are planning to head to the Columbia Inn in Celebration FL (6.5 miles from the Caribbean resort).  If you’ve never been to a Columbia restaurant (started in Old Tampa during the Havana/Tampa cigar days), you are in for a treat! Website:  http://www.columbiarestaurant.com/     Looks like reservations are wide open for the 5:30-6pm range, but they only let you book up to four people per reservation online.  If anyone is interested in joining us, email me offline (ann@llumos.com) with your preferred time ”“ 5pm, 5:30pm, or 6pm***
  • Sunday– Team Z Happy Hour/Victory Celebration/ Group Photo
  • Meet at Cool Down Party -2:00 p.m. ”“ 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 10, 2016 at Disney Springs Marketplace. We will announce a specific location and time via Facebook, email, twitter etc.


  1.  Parks, FastPass, MagicBands

There are 4 parks.  If you bought the park tickets through the group and got the free add-on there are water parks or DisneyQuest (like a Dave and Busters””and will be closing permanently in June, so go now!).

Magic Kingdom: Most famous, and busiest.  New section opened, great for kids.  Lots of character meets (princesses especially).

  • Suggestions: Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom (somewhat new, scavenger hunt, great for adults and kids), Big Thunder Mountain (FastPass, <3 Colorado), Enchanted Tales with Belle (for kids), Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Space Mountain (FastPass), Philharmagic

Hollywood Studios: Many things are under construction in this park, so if you have to scrap one, I would suggest this one.  There are still many amazing things to do in this park.

  • Star Wars Fireworks 8pm, Darth Vader cupcakes
  • Suggestions:  Toy Story Mania (MUST SEE, FastPass), Tower of Terror (FastPass), Rock n Roller Coaster (Must see, FastPass), Star Tours (Wars, there is a new cut-scene I am told that incorporates the new movie, FastPass), Star Wars: Jedi Training (MUST DO for kids—register beforehand info at: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/entertainment/hollywood-studios/star-wars-jedi-training/), Fantasmic! (Night show– AMAZING), LIGHTS camera action! (stunts)

Epcot: Has the “World Showcase” and highlights a few countries. Great place to meet Pixar and other characters.  NOTE: SOARIN’ is CLOSED

  • Tequila cave inside Mexico. Japanese department store.
  • Suggestions: Test Track (FastPass or single rider)“Grand Fiesta Tour Staring the Three Caballeros” (Mexico-ride), “Living with the Land” (FastPass), “Spaceship Earth” (FastPass–in Epcot Ball), “Turtle Talk with Crush” (MUST SEE esp for people w/ kids—I enjoy a lot too, interactive), “The Seas” (aquarium and rides), Character Spot (best place to meet characters in all of Disney)

Animal Kingdom: IMO best place for kids after Magic Kingdom (esp younger than 10) (My favorite Park too) Closed: River Rapids (wet water ride)

  • Suggestions: Dinosaur (FastPass, I <3 this), Expedition Everest (Must-see, FastPass, single rider much faster), Kilimanjaro Safaris (MUST SEE BEST THING IN PARK, FastPass), Great trails to walk and see animals (love the naked mole rats).

FastPass (ACTION ITEM**)

  • If you have bought your tickets already, please go to the following link to select 3 FastPasses/day.  A FastPass allows you to stand in a shorter line, and is very very useful.




MagicBands will be Green unless you chose otherwise (go Z Green!) They will be your admission to the park, your room key, and your FastPass ticket holder.  You can also buy food and merchandise using it so you don’t have to bring your purse/wallet.  You CANNOT lend someone else your MagicBand– you need your fingerprint to use it to get into the parks.


  1. Races/Where to Meet on Race Day:

You must pick up your packet at least the day before your race (refer to section 6)

All races start and end in the Epcot parking lot

Pre-race and post-race we will meet at Family Reunion are under “Z”


Date Race Start
Jan 7 (Thurs) 5k 6a
Jan 8 (Fri) 10k 5:30a
Jan 9 (Sat) 1/2 5:30a
Jan 10 (Sun) Full 5:30a
  • Race morning: Corral walk out will begin at 4:30 a.m. To ensure you make it to your corral and optimal starting point, please plan to be in your corral at 5:00 a.m (or 5:30 for 5k).
  • Please note, it takes 20 minutes to walk from the Family Reunion area (Epcot WonderLot) to the start line. Arriving late may affect your ability to start.


  1. Hotels

The group is staying at both the Caribbean Beach Resort and All Star Sports.

For checked luggage with tags (provided by Disney), the bags can arrive at your room 3-5 hrs after you check in.


  1. Transportation

5a. To/From Airport

Register with Disney Express.  If you are leaving in the afternoon, the hotel will hold your bag for the day.  If you use your luggage tags (provided by Disney), no need to pick up your bags at baggage claim.  They will arrive up to a couple hours after you in your room.

5b. To/From Packet Pickup

The buses will be going from resorts to the ESPN Sports Complex as follows (Expo time and buses to and from hotels)

Date Open Close Start End Last Return
Jan 6 (Wed) 10a 8p 9:30a 7:30p 8:30p
Jan 7 (Thurs) 9a 7p 8:30a 6:30p 7:30p
Jan 8 (Fri) 9a 7p 8:30a 6:30p 7:30p
Jan 9 (Sat) 10a 4p 9:30a 3:30p 4:30

5c. To/from races from hotels

Buses will be indicated by runDisney Transportation signs placed in the front windows. Staff in yellow shirts will be onsite at the resorts and event locations to assist.

Date Start End Return Start Return End
Jan 7 (Thurs) 4a 5:30a 7a 9a
Jan 8 (Fri) 3:30a 5a 7a 10a
Jan 9 (Sat) 3a 5a 7a 11a
Jan 10 (Sun) 3a 5a 7a 2p


  1. Packet Pickup

Don’t underestimate the time it will take to do packet-pickup.  You MUST pick your packet up yourself at least the day BEFORE your race. There is no same-day pickup.  You must bring your ID and can print out waiver there.

5k pickup is at Champion Stadium (on the left as you walk in).

All other distances have pickup in the HP Field House (straight ahead past the Stadium on the left)

You can sign up at the Expo for race tracking

runDisney Health & Fitness Expo

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex


  1. Spectating  

(look at distributed maps when reading these recommendations)

You WILL NOT be allowed into the park to spectate unless you have the Cheer Squad (pay extra).  I personally don’t think it is worth paying for, because there are so many places you can view for free!

5k:  Your best bet is to hang out in the Epcot parking lot.  The 5k is a clockwise loop.  Say goodbye to your runner as the crowd into the corral.  Then go to the far east side of the parking lot– as far east and south as they will let you.  The crowds will be thinner than at the start and you might see your runner.  After your runner passes, return back to the center of the parking lot and if you can stay on the East side (unless you want a quick break) there you can see the finish line and pick up your runner.

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex–GREAT place to spectate for the marathon

Transportation and Ticket Center– About mile 4 on half and full marathon


  1. RACERS:

Please use this to get in touch with others on the course. Remember Goofy and Dopey people will be out there so check their names at the bottom!

*note if there are mistakes here, I apologize. I know I am missing a few people. (Tamara, Aaryn””don’t know what you are racing””sorry!)

5 km:

Lisseth Calvio Anne Lopez-Buitrago
Stacey Campbell Siri Oswald
Nita Chestnut Ellen Rotchford
Ada DeJesus Kevin Thomas
Cindy Ford Donald Weary
Janet Hillman Joy Wolf

10 km:

Stacey Campbell Siri Oswald
Michelle Dessi Patrick Robertson
Christina Forney Ellen Rotchford
Jen Kopac Hallie Stiglitz
JJ Layne Leslie Tierstein
Leanne Layne Kevin Thomas

½ Marathon:

Katarina Auer Matt Koirtyohann Manish Paliwal
Brian Bailey Nicole Lafever Debbie Pederson
Lisa Camera Alexis Layne Ellen Rotchford
Stacey Campbell JJ Layne John Schwengel
Samantha Chamberlin Leanne Layne Madison Shepherd
Cindy Ford Beth Livingston Jen Stewart
Ashley Fry Tom Mader David Stiglitz
David Gearin Amanda May Andrea Stoddard
Kelly Green Donald May Eileen Sullivan
Eric Green Mary Meyers Kevin Sullivan
Eugene Guilaran Lucy Moore Clare Tomasetti
Caroline Hemenway Lindsey Moretti Jason Tomasetti
Mairead Holly Ryan Mroz Lisa Towell
Michelle Huang William Oliver Donald Weary
Octavio Ibarra Siri Oswald


Matt Anderson Megan Hill Cat Oliver
Lisseth Calvio Kimberly Hotarek Tung Phung
Angela Decint Sara Kavani Amanda Post
Jaime Fry John Kolman Lisa Smith
Sted Garber Jen Kopac Ricardo Steiner
Kate Hildreth Lynisa Michalski Barbara Zanotti

Goofy (half and full marathon):

Shannon Clancy Annette Sanks
Allison Eddy Derrek Sanks
Sam Mader Jennifer Seyba
Nicholas Nouvel Kate Vasko

Dopey (5k, 10k, 1/2 , full marathon):

Jordan Applebaum Johnny Hannan Alexis Lopez-Buitrago
Dexter Braithwaite Marti Howar Jimmy Lutz
David Colman Marcia Insley Scott McLallen
Anne Forney Patti Jackson Derrick Thomas
Phillip Garretson Miro Lehky Tami Yoshikami