August 30, 2013

Team Z Featured in “Active Life DC”

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In this edition of our Featured Club segment, we turn our attention to Team Z, a triathlon training club that holds workouts throughout the VA/DC/MD area.

Team Z coach Alexis Lopez-Buitrago was kind enough to answer some questions about the club.

1. In broad strokes tell us about Team Z. What makes the club unique?
We offer a unique blend of solid training plans, education, group workouts, and a legendary social dynamic. Everyone is welcome regardless of ability or experience.

2. What are its demographics?
Team Z is a triathlon club based out of the Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland. We have everything- men and women from college age all the way to adults who more than qualify for an AARP membership. We have blind folks, deaf folks, cancer survivors, amputees, those battling MS, rich, poor, middle class, world championship qualifiers, Ironman finishers, just off the couch back-of-the-packers, overweight, super fit, first timers, seasoned veterans, you name it. That’s what makes this so fun.

3. What level of proficiency do folks need in the sports of swimming, cycling, and running to get started?
No level of proficiency is required. We strongly believe that if you attend our clinics, and group workouts, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to successfully complete a triathlon.

4. Does the club also cater to experienced triathletes?
Absolutely. We have training plans to challenge even the most experienced triathletes. We have Zers who have qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, USA Triathlon National Championships, ITU World Championships, as well as Boston Marathon qualifiers.

5. When and where does the club meet?
Each week, we offer more than 60 activities to choose from throughout the VA/DC/MD area. None of our workouts are mandatory, but the more you can attend, the more we can help you improve, and they’re pretty addicting!

6. What fees are there associated with joining? What equipment are participants expected to own?
We have a few different plans to choose from, all affordable and way lower than the “average” triathlon coach. No equipment is required to join. You don’t even have to own a bike! We suggest that new members attend our clinics to learn what equipment (swim suit/goggles/ bike etc.) is appropriate for them.

7. Most people join sports clubs not only for the opportunities to train or compete, but also for social reasons. What does Team Z do to promote a sense of community amongst its members?
Our social aspect is one of our strongest attributes. Team Z has been described as a social club with a triathlon problem. We have tons of Zs come out and join us for group workouts ”“ our attendance is unique and really drives our energy – sometimes we get over a 100 at a workout! But, more importantly Team Z is a combination of an extended family/ community. We create this by stressing the importance of group workouts to meet teammates. Our race weekends are a combination of a tailgate/block party. We encourage Zers to attend even if they are not racing. This allows Zers to focus on supporting their teammates. And Team Z is known for cheering for everyone, regardless of whether they are Zers or not.

For more information on Team Z, visit the Team Z website.