February 26, 2016

Team Z Red Nose Run Results

Hey folks – great job with our 2nd Red Nose Run of the year.  Here are the team results.  Remember that there were two divisions – the red nose (under 10 miles) and the runny nose (over 10 miles).  You were not allowed to wear a watch (you could, just not for prizes) and you had to predict your finish time for your run.  The closes person to their predicted time/miles run is the winner.

Congratulations to Anne Marie Forney and Karl Picado.  Anne Marie won the red nose division with a 6 mile run predicting a time of 1hr 8 min and 30 seconds.  She finished with 1 hr 8 min and 16 seconds – a variance of 2.3 seconds per mile.  Anne was closely followed in the Red Nose Division by Melissa Maloof – 8 mile run with a variance of 7.1 seconds per mile.  Kyla Lupo finished 3rd with a variance of 16 seconds per mile for a 6 miler un.

Karl one the Runny nose Division finishing a 10 mile run predicted at 1:20 minutes in 1:20:57.  His per mile variance was 5.7 seconds.  Second Place to Cliff Hamal – which missed is 14 mile prediction by 1 minute and 53 seconds or 8.1 seconds per mile.  Rounding out the podium was Jimmy Lutz – 10 mile run missing by 2:45 or 16.5 seconds.

I see a ton of Rookies near the top of these lists.  Congrats to all of you and if you are not present on this table please check the file loaded to our files section.