October 25, 2018

The Morning of and Moments After a Triathlon Race

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Preparing for a triathlon takes determination, time, perseverance, and making sure to find a triathlon coach Washington, DC offers at Team Z. On the big race day, there are certain things competitors should be aware of that can help the triathlon go more smoothly and efficiently. A part of the triathlon training includes taking proper care of yourself the morning of the race.

The feeling of accomplishment after a triathlon is what drives many competitors to keep going. Finally passing through the finish line can be a mix of excitement for the accomplishment, along with an immense relief for finally being able to rest.

Here are several questions many competitors may have when it comes to getting ready the morning of race day, and what your body may need afterwards:

What should I eat the morning of the race?

It is crucial that competitors eat a good meal the night before, and a solid breakfast containing foods your body is used to eating. Have breakfast at least two hours prior to the triathlon, so you have enough time for your food to digest. Examples of food you may want to have as breakfast include oatmeal, pancakes, baked potatoes, pasta or muffins. If you have pre-triathlon nerves and find eating breakfast is difficult, you can drink a beverage that is high in carbohydrates instead.

What should I wear to the race?

The triathlon location may be cooler in the morning, and then warm up as the day goes on. So dress in layers, including your swimsuit, compression clothes, light shirt, comfy pants, sweatshirt and a hat. Your clothing should be loose and enable you to move without any restrictions.

What time should I arrive?

It is recommended that competitors arrive one hour prior to the triathlon starting. If your transition spots were not pre-assigned to you, then the earlier you arrive the more likely you are to get the spots you prefer.

What if I have a bag of things I need mid-race?

Bags containing items that you need halfway through the triathlon, may be delivered to the midpoint location by volunteers. Ask the event organizer if they offer this service. Your bag may contain food, lubricants, clothing and liquids to keep your energy going for the last half of the race.

Where should I check in?

There should be a stand where you check in with your number and get marked by officials. Those who are participating in a USA Triathlon race, should also bring their identification and membership card with them.

Should I exercise the day after?

Once you complete the triathlon, keep walking to avoid your muscles from cramping, refuel with food high in protein within 45 minutes, do a cool down, and take off your running shoes to give your feet a well-deserved rest. The next day, you may want to do a light spin on the bike, take a walk or even indulge in a massage. Whether you rest or do a workout after the race depends on the triathlon intensity and what your body is telling you it needs.