September 8, 2015

The Week of September 7 – 11 in Team Z

A couple notes before jumping into this week’s schedule:

  • Monday Silver Spring Fairview Park Runs are off until further notice.
  • Pool re-opening:

o     UDC pool is back open

  • Pools Still Closed:

o     Claude Moore Pool is closed until Sept 13.

o     Audrey   Moore Pool is closed until Sept 20.

  • New Pool Closing:

o     Old Keene Mill ”“ closed for the season

o     Chinquapin is closed from Sept 7-11.

o     M-F AM Chinquapin Swims will be held at Cameron St Pool this week

o     No Lunch Time Swims at Chinqupain or Cameron St this week


In this email:

  1. Overview of team events for the week of Sept 7 to Sept 11
  2. New Coach at Spring Hill ”“ Dominic Latella
  3. Reminders of boot camps/yoga
  4. Long Swims this week
  5. Look Ahead to this coming weekend’s schedule Local Training Schedule ”“ Advance Poll for Planning
  6. Look Ahead to this weekend’s Race Schedule (Nations Tri, and Patriots Weekend) ”“ Event Brite
  7. Help manning our booth at the Nations Triathlon expo



  1. Overview of team events for the week of August 17-21


*Please note ”“ long swim start/end time is not reflected in this list ”“ please see #4 below for details on pools where you can gain an extra 30 minutes of swimming if you wish.


  1. Monday ”“ Happy Labor Day
  2. Tuesday Group Swims: Spring Hill @ 5:15; Providence Rec Center @ 5:30 AM; Cameron St Pool, UDC @ 6:00 AM;   Stone Ridge @ 8:00 PM
  3. Tuesday Group Rides: Haines Point, Beach Drive, and Wakefield Park @ 6:30 PM
  4. Wed Track Practices:   W&L High School, Coolidge High School @ 6:00 AM; Westfield High School @ 6:00 PM; Wakefield High School, Bethesda Chevy Chase High School @6:30 PM
  5. Thursday Group Swims: Spring Hill @ 5:15; Providence Rec Center @ 5:30 AM; Cameron St Pool, UDC @ 6:00 AM; Stone Ridge @ 8:00 PM
  6. Thursday Group Rides:   The Bike Lane, Reston Town Center @ 6:00 PM; W&L Parking Garage (Lower Level), Peirce Mill, and Sleepy Hollow Elementary School @ 6:30 PM
  7. Friday ”“ Rest Day,



  1. New Coach at Spring Hill This Week ”“ Dominic Latella


First ”“ a major thank you to Aaryn, Katie, and Chris for their help holding our crew together at Spring Hill after Ryan left.   I can’t thank you guys enough!   Katie will be moving on to focus on work and her post graduate degree and my goal is to add Aaryn and Chris to our rotational staff at other pools.


Dominic has helped us to build some of our site locations in the past, and ”“ of course you all know his reputation as a coach is outstanding.  I/we believe that Spring hill is one of our biggest untapped resources in terms of water time and space.   We have an existing consistent group ”“ I think I counted 17 or 18 last week.   But ”“ the most of the entire pool is empty and we have the opportunity to swim in as many as 10-12 lanes.


Based on a heat map of where Team Zrs live and work ”“ there are more than 75-100 data points between Tysons, Reston, Herndon, and Mclean.     That means lots of commuters heading past this pool too.   J   We use 6 lanes and there is plenty of open space!   I’d love to be forced to rent more lanes!


Come on out Tuesday and welcome Dominic to the “Wild Wild West”.


  1. Reminders of boot camps/yoga


Each fall as we head into our taper season, and then transition (start of) to our winter season”¦we take a break from boot camps and Yoga.   For your calendar


  • We will pick up with boot camps again on Monday Oct 12.   Yoga will begin again the week of Monday, November 2nd.


  1. Long Swims this week


As a thought for some of you ”“ Dominic’s Swim box can be rented for training time.   If you can’t find the 90 minutes, or would prefer continuous open water simulation without turns ”“ maybe a thought.   Swim with black out goggles too. :-0   (not).   Email Dominic at


As we approach Ironman time each season (2.4 mile swim) ”“ we add a few dates at certain pools where we pay for (or have access to) and additional 30 minutes of swimming.   So, you would have a 90 minutes swim in order to increase your volume a hair before taper.   As a reminder ”“ we only taper our swim for 10 days (run and bike are 4-5 weeks).


Anyone can enjoy the extra time ”“ not just Ironman people.   The extra time is not coached ”“ there may be coaches there at some facilities but the “workout” is for 30 minutes straight, no stopping.   Then, the normal 60 minute workout applies with the  rest of the crew.   Here is where we plan to have extra swimming ”“ some of this is still conditional on contracts but I expect them to be all good.


Tuesday Sept 1, Thurs Sept 3  UNTIL Tues Sept 22 and Thurs Sep 24.   There are four Tuesdays, and four Thursdays where the following will be available.


  • Spring Hill ”“ two lanes that will swim from 5:15 ”“ 6:30 vice 5:15-6:15.   We will ask the coach to arrive 10 minutes early ”“ you get in early.
  • Providence ”“ 6 lanes that will swim from 5:00-6:30 vice 5:30-6:30
  • Chinquapin ”“ already 1:30, no changes
  • Stone Ridge ”“ 8:00-9:30 already, no changes
  • Old Keene Mill ”“ already 1:30, no changes
  • UDC ”“ 5:30 to 7:00 AM (normally 6-7 AM)



  1. A look ahead to this weekend’s coming weekend’s schedule


This coming weekend there will be one supported group ride and brick.   There will be an unsupported group ride from Cambridge.


  • Saturday: The supported group ride will be a brick workout (bike run combo) from Whites’ Ferry, Dickerson Md at 8 am
  • Sunday: the group run from east falls church is cancelled
  • Sunday: There will be one more unsupported group ride on the IM MD course in Cambridge. Email if you would like to ride ”“ she will coordinate and share “name, phone, contact” sheets. 7 am from Dorchester HS.
  • Sunday:   There is one more open water swim practice at Lake Milbrook


Please Vote for this coming weekend’s activities:   Advance Poll for Planning



  1. A look ahead to this weekend’s race Schedule

Please Vote for this event Brite for this weekend’s races:  Event Brite for Nations and Patriots Triathlons


  • Saturday/Sunday:  Team Race Patriots Triathlon Weekend!
  • Sunday: Race ”“ Nations Tri



On Event Brite ”“ I’ve place and option asking for interest in doing a team pasta dinner on Thursday before Nations and Patriots ”“ all would be invited, racing or not.   Please vote (free ticket) if interested so we can judge interest and look for a venue.

Remember that we can’t do the ol’ trailer race for Nations Tri.   There will be several Zs racing it, but we can’t put on our big shindig.  Trailers, tent stakes, advertising, alchohol, and propane tanks the size of small missiles are not allowed on National Park facilities.   L   But, you have a great race, a great venue, and the opportunity to be in your own bed so it’s hard to beat that!   Some years we are awarded a Tent near the finish area b/c we are a large presence (top 5 club in entrants) ”“ I’ve not heard word of this yet this season but I’ll let you know what I find out.

Patriots folks ”“ this will be a normally Team Z supported race weekend.     We will have some dinner reservations in town on Friday and Saturday, depending on the numbers of folks ”“ we have this great Italian joint.     But they fill up early and so depending on size of the groups, what day and alternate venues might be in play. So please please vote on event brite early to help us plan!

  1. Friday dinner will be at a restaurant.   We have a free ticket ”“ please vote so we are aware.
  2. We did not add a “paid ticket” for the dinners b/c we are unsure if we will be eating in a restaurant on Saturday, or if we have it catered to our tent.     If we have it catered to the tent (think pasta, etc) ”“ it would likely be $10ish.

Please Vote for this event Brite for this weekend’s races:   Event Brite for Nations and Patriots Triathlons



  1. Help manning our booth at the Nations Triathlon expo


The Nations Tri Expo is Friday from Noon to 8 pm, and Saturday from 9-5/6.   If you are able to come and help us chat with folks about Team Z ”“ please let me know.   Send me your avaialablity and I’ll put together a schedule the best I can.   If I have to beg for more hours than you can offer, I’ll bribe you with free handfuls of compost.




Just shoot me a note please, this involves wearing a green shirt and talking with people about what we do.   So easy, and of course ”“ you feel super important b/c we are the class of DC!