January 29, 2016

The weekend of 1/30-1/31

Our plan for the weekend is below.   This may sound ridiculous ”“ but, there is a 11% chance of snow between 4 am and 1 pm on Friday (at least as of now).   No accumulation data even offered.   I doubt it will be an issue b/c it seems like a super small event and it will rise to 37 degrees by 4 pm so any minor snow will probably melt.   But, if there were an issue related to surface safety for the run we would move the run to Sunday.   IF.   For now, the run is on Saturday.

This weekend’s run and ride are important folks ”“ don’t blow them off.   Let’s get focused and get these suckers in the bag.   For some of you these are critical for DC RNR, Va Beach. For others, this is for Lake Placid, Williamsburg, etc.     Get out of the house!

In this email:

  1. Reminders and Announcements (important, some changes here)
  2. Saturday “All you never knew you had to know about buying a first (or new) bike” Clinic at the Bike Lane ”“ Reston Town Center 9:00 AM ”“ 10:30 AM
  3. Saturday Group Run ”“ 9:15 AM start (air temp, ice)
  4. Sunday Indoor Spin, Movie (7:45 spin Start ”“ special surprise guest, no boot camp)


  1. Reminders and Announcements (important, some changes here)
  1. No Yoga this Friday morning at Simon Says
  2. It looks like all pools will be open starting next week except Wilson Pool which is down for maintenance next week.
  3. No Boot Camp on Sunday ”“ new plans see details below.
  4. No “Cycling Technique” clinic on Sunday, that was executed while we were in Disney.   I will do a basic cycling technique discussion along with my Feb 6 bike maintenance clinic (3pm).
  5. We will have a clinic building on the “bike fit” and “injury prevention” clinic from two weeks ago.   Except this time you are all on your bikes”¦awesome opportunity.


  1. Saturday “All you never knew you had to know about buying a first (or new) bike” Clinic at the Bike Lane ”“ Reston Town Center 9:00 AM ”“ 10:30 AM

This is a lecture based session.   At this clinic we will talk about the differences in bikes (Tri vs. Road, etc) including how they are designed, what they are designed for, and which type you might want to buy.   We’ll talk about what drives cost in terms of frame material and components, and about what you should expect for a given budget.     We’ll introduce you to other factors such as women’s specific geometry, the importance of proper fit, shoes, pedals, etc.   This is a great clinic for everyone (even if you have a bike already), especially if you have never been taught about bikes, how to buy them, or what you should expect from customer service when in DC area bike store.

  • When:   9-10:00/10:30 AM Saturday
  • Where:   The Bike Lane, Reston Town Center Store Va
  • Address: Reston Town Center, 11943 Democracy Dr, Reston, VA 20190
  • Google Map:   https://goo.gl/maps/rauhgNQBADu
  • Speaker:   Bill Hellwig


  1. Saturday Group Run

We will meet at the Softball fields at Wakefield Park.   I just drove the roads in the neighborhood across the street and most of them are at least two cars wide (some as many as 4 cars wide) and dry.   And while I was in the neighborhood ”“ which looks 20 x better than mine already ”“ there were at least (I’m not even joking) 15 pieces of snow removal equipment making it even better.   Plows, bobcats, I thought the place was fine and then I saw them making it even better.

So ”“ the run will be in a neighborhood.   It is NOT as hilly as mine, but it is still not flat.   But that is Northern Va.   I have confirmed with Bill Hellwig (Zr, knows the park/management) that the bathrooms there are newly renovated, open, and most importantly HEATED.   We will be able to have a small tent and table, some coffee/hot cocoa ”“ etc.     We will map out the run routes for you like it was a bike ride ”“ you will have cue sheets.   I don’t think/can’t promise clean sidewalks ”“ but what I saw today is already safely runnable during the daylight with no “melt and refreeze”.   Bring a towel, and some warm WARM dry clothes for after the run.   Hang out for a bit if you can to support your teammates ”“ especially the one’s going long.   This could be the longest run of their life for many people.   So dress warm, stay for some coffee/cocoa/etc.

  • When: 9:15 Start roads might still be slick but by 10:00 things should be ice free based on current forcast.
  • Where: Meet at the softball field parking lot near the bathroom building ”“ Wakefield Park (Audrey Moore Rec Center)
  • Address: 8100 Braddock Rd, Annandale, VA 22003
  • Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/Bds3q17Rfsn
  • Workout Lead:   Coach Alexis
  • Workout Leader Assist: Jen, Karl, Marta


  1. Sunday Indoor Spin, Movie (7:45 spin Start ”“ special surprise guest and “clinic”, no boot camp)

*I have one trainer to lend ”“ if you’d like it please email me.   Vet Zrs ”“ if you’d like to lend an extra trainer ”“ please email the yahoo group.

Boot camp is off for this weekend.   Thus we are starting our spin earlier, 7:45 PM.   Show up EARLIER THAN THAT if you want to see the movie.   The movie starts at 7:45 and it will be “American Flyers”. Classic.   Awesome.

But, while staying in Zone 2 the spin workout will be led by Andy Cicero of Rise Above Cycles (taught the clinic two weeks ago with Keri Kramer).   Andy has a few variations and drills that he will run the team through while watching the movie, but to break up the monotony while also working on specific cycling “scenarios” and technique.   I’m pretty pumped about this and wish I could be there.   I hope you all take advantage of the opportunity.   Andy might not be able to make the best peanut butter sandwich, but”¦he can ride a bike (that is for sure).   Come on out and try the new format.

At the end of the movie, the ride continues for 1 more hour.   Andy will walk the room and address, teach, answer questions about bike fit.   But we need people to “volunteer”.   If you don’t want to be “analyzed” just don’t raise your hand.   Yes, we will ask you to raise your hand.   J   If you have this pain or that here is a chance to ask.   If you’ve not had a bike fit before here’s a chance to ask.   If you have already had a fit done, maybe you like it (maybe you don’t) ”“ if you want another opinion here is your chance to ask.   If you’d like to have a person who knows bike fit to give you a quick once over ”“ jump in the game.

The whole point is that while we have so many live examples of people on their bikes at one time ”“ with a discussion led by Andy you will be able to learn and understand more than in “just” a lecture.   And yes, I know some of you may have already had a bike fit before.   But”¦just like going to the doctor.   Your fitter may have a different perspective than Andy. Maybe both are right, or wrong ”“ what is correct is what YOU like and the bike fit expert is the person who helps deliver the solutions that meet your needs.   If you have lost weight, gained fitness, maybe gained weight ”“ there are several scenarios where a change in fit could be useful for you.   Bodies change.   Capabilities change.   Goals can change.   All of them up, and down ”“ you may be surprised how many tweaks can be made.   Have you lost weight, and now you want to get as aero as you can while remaining comfortable but not sacrificing power/wattage”¦ it might be time to consider another bike fit.   Not sure if you/your bike could be set up in a more aggressive position?   Do you feel like you are falling forward on your bike and maybe it is TOOO aggressive?   Ask.   Here is your chance.

You don’t have to come for the movie.   You don’t have to come and spin at all.   You can come and spin for 2 hours and stop.   You can come and spin for the last hour.   You can just come in and sit and watch the bike fit discussion.   There are chairs, and all are welcome.   To make sure everyone can have an opportunity”¦

  • Doors open somewhere around 7:15.
  • Movie starts at 7:45
  • Bike Fit “continuation from two weeks ago” discussion begins at 9:30/9:45
  • What Day?: Sunday
  • Where: Fast Track
  • Address: 2751 Prosperity Avenue #100, Fairfax, VA 22031
  • Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/no4wzxYaGaE2
  • Park around back!
  • Workout Lead:   Coach Alexis
  • Workout Assists (help setting up trainers, etc):   Donna, Jen, Misha