February 3, 2016

The weekend of 2/6 and 2/7 in Team Z

Hi folks.   One change for the weekend ”“ On Saturday I believe we (I) am biting off more than I can chew with trying to squeeze in the review of the season, a bike maintenance clinic, and the cycling drills/technique clinic.     I’m going to reschedule the Bike Maintenance clinic for closer to the start of the “end of the winter”.   It will be a few weeks, but its coming back ”“ pinky swear.


In this email:

Weekend Poll:   Please Click on me to Vote! Very important for everything, always ”“ but especially the clinics at my house.   Please let me know if you are thinking about coming. Even on the edge ”“ this is not a promise and I’m not taking role.   So if you vote yes b/c you plan to, but something happens and you don’t make it ”“ its ok.   I’d prefer that over a vote of   5 people coming and 45 show up!

  1. Saturday Group Run:   6-16 miles @ Haines Point (9 am)
  2. Saturday New Z Plan your season clinic ”“ Coach Ed’s House 2-3 pm
  3. Bike Maintenance Clinic (basics, how to change a flat, etc), Cycling Technique Clinic.   These will take a bit of time so 3 pm until???
  4. Sunday Group Spin:   1-4 hours at Fast Track ”“ 6:00-10:00 AM
  5. Sunday ”“ The Freestyle Speed Clinic:   10:00-11:00 AM ”“ Coach Dominic and Kerry Kramer


  1. Saturday Group Run:   0-16 miles @ Haines Point (9 am)

Please pretty please look at the location where we meet in detail today.   Then again tomorrow.   Then again on Friday.     Make sure you know where you are going b/c if you get lost it is not possible for me to   help you.   This call is tough “Ed, I’m lost, how do I get there?”.   Ed:   “Where are you?”.   “I don’t know”.     Not-smiley face.   We will not meet on the point or loop around the golf course though we are very close to there.   We meet in the parking lots under the 14th street bridge.   See the google map below and print/learn/understand your directions today.

PLEASE PRINT THE RUN MAPS/CUE SHEETS. You may print one, or all of them.   I prefer it if you print all of them.   And maybe a second or third copy for those of you at work. Some people will forget or miss this suggestion.   Each run leader will announce their running pace, and distance.   The group can decide who is going shorter or longer.   Organize and select your routes before you start.   Be prepared to run on your own should you get dropped, hit the bathroom, etc.   So please have a copy of these.   Put them in a Ziploc, whatever works.

Most of us running shorter will stay around the tidal basin or Haines Point (if it’s not under water).     Very simple routes.   The people going longer ”“ like 16 ”“ you will need to return to your car for water and food at some point so 6.5 loop x 2 miler plus the tidal basin 3 miler works out perfectly.

I will be there and am going to lead the walkers, or hopefully “run” walkers. I’m talking baby steps folks.   So if you are a rookie and can’t run 2-3 miles.   You come with me, ok?  Want to go longer but want to be at the back with me?   You are welcome too.   We will set a pace that everyone can maintain in my group.   If you want to take off from there and move faster you are welcome to. But otherwise, we will move at an aerobic and fun pace. Running is not supposed to hurt unless you are racing!

We will also have five other run leaders who will announce their pace and you are welcome to run with them if you like.     You may also start and end with us, but take off on your own.   The. World. Is. Your. Oyster.

I will have some coffee/cocoa (something something to add if you wish), snacks for after the run.  So, please plan to bring a dry shirt/clothes and a towel.   Warm hat and gloves ”“ a nice comfy coat. Hang out for a bit after the run and chit chat with each other.

Cue Sheet:

  • The .pdf file is named “Hains Point Running Loops.pdf”.
  • Find it by clicking on me
  • Or by going to members.triteamz.com, then click on “Files”, then click on “cue sheets”, then select “This weekend’s updated cue sheet folder”.   You will see it there.   Download and print!


  • Saturday Group Run from Haines Point.
  • Walk/Run distances from 0-16 miles
  • We have cue sheets for this run from 2 miles up to 6.5 miles.

When and Where:

  • Parking Lot A, B, or C under the 14th St Bridge
  • Address for GPS (this works for google, can’t promise it real time I’ve not tried it):   971 Ohio Dr SW, Washington DC
  • Google Map (zoom in until you see the parking lots A (b and c are there but no letters).   Look at it in relation to the golf course:   https://goo.gl/maps/VuPgoavbjN52
  • Run Leaders:   Coach Ed, Brian, Sherri, Shanda, Rachel, Kate

Weekend Poll:   Please Click on me to Vote!


  1. Saturday New Z Plan your season clinic ”“ Coach Ed’s House 2-3 pm

This is essentially a review of the race calendar and a time for newer members of the team to ask questions about how to plan the year.   The particular focus is on choosing races, learning more about each race like which is “high intensity” vs.   which is “very beginner friendly”.   I’d like to make sure everyone understands the many options or paths through the year including planning  on participation in relays if not ready to race “solo” come spring.

There will be a bunch of back and forth on this ”“ and it is intended for new zrs only.

Veteran Zrs ”“ please let me get the season planning email out before you start asking questions ”“ I’m certain it will answer most everything you need to know.   That email should come out by the weekend.   Or Monday-ish of next week at the latest.   I have to have everything done before the clinic (season planning, workout locations/etc)”¦so the email is next on the list. If I finish up early, I’ll compose and send the note this week.   Otherwise, early next week.   Thanks for your patience.

Based on Pole results ”“ I will send a note out if I believe there is enough space for others to join us.   But I’d like the New Zs to have priority. Thanks guys.

When and Where:

  • 2:00 ”“ 3:00 PM ”“ ish (hard to be specific)
  • Coach Ed’s house
  • Address: 4021 Justine Dr Annandale Va 22003
  • Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/7dP2z9wr6Zo

Weekend Poll:   Please Click on me to Vote!


  1. Bike Maintenance Clinic  is changed to Cycling Drills/Technique

Tough call on this one ”“ but due to the snow I was trying to cram to many things in to one day.   I’d have lost your focus for sure, if not my ability to speak.   I have no idea how teachers do it ”“ stand and talk all day.   But now I can appreciate the “heads down in class working” exercises!

Bike Maintenance will come back around before outdoor riding is our main gig.

Overview of cycling technique.   You do not need to bring a bike with you.

However ”“ if there are one person that would like to be an example ”“ it is helpful but not required.   Ideally you are a NEWER cyclist.   But if I had a stronger cyclist as an example that is also beneficial.   I have a trainer to lend.   The first “rookie cyclist” who   is willing to come as an example can borrow my trainer.   Obviously if you’d like to volunteer ”“ please come with cycling shoes and shorts”¦and your bike.   You must have clipless pedals and cycling shoes (no running shoes and platform pedals).

The cycling Technique and Etiquette Clinic is a lecture based session.   Please come dressed as you are and bring paper and a pen IF you would like to take notes.   This clinic will be helpful to you if you have never been coached in cycling ”“ and especially if you have never done research into “proper pedal stroke”.   We will talk about body position on bikes ”“ including posture, weight distribution, hand placement, etc.   We will touch on (not in detail ”“ there will be clinics specific to these when we start riding outside) subjects such as climbing, descending, cornering, gear selection, etc.   We’ll introduce you to common drills that you will see on your training schedules such as spin ups, single leg drill, big gear drill, and riding out of the saddle.   If those subjects are of interest ”“ then I think you’ll find this clinic worth your time and a valuable addition to your tool kit.   If you know what I’m talking about in this description ”“ you don’t likely need to come.

Weekend Poll:   Please Click on me to Vote!


  1. Sunday Group Spin:   1-4 hours at Fast Track ”“ 6:00-10:00 AM

Remember this is super bowl Sunday ”“ we want to finish up early and allow time for the clinics.   Thus, the early start.   PLLLLLEASE vote on the poll and tell us what time you plan to arrive for the spin.   Please also let us know if you are coming for the Heart Rate Training Clinic but will not be spinning (we need to set up chairs/space).   You may be on a matt or something.   Come dressed comfy.

Come for part, come for all.   But PLEASE try to make the Heart Rate Training clinic.   This clinic is important and in the long run I really believe that what you learn about HRT will most affect your training with Team Z and what you get from this experience.   This is something that you will take with you and utilize for the rest of your life, even if you stop racing any sport but continue to exercise.

The clinic is very well organized and the presentation is made by one of our teammates who is a PhD in Bio Chemistry.   He will help you understand WHY Heart Rate Training works and most importantly Matt will teach you what is happening inside your body when you follow the training plans that are designed for you.   If you can stay for the entire seminar I KNOW that you will learn more than you realize!   You do not need to bring anything unless you’d like to take notes!

What and When: Sunday indoor group spin Movie/Heart Rate Training Clinic Combo

  • Spin 6-8 am:   Movie
  • 8-10 am (while you spin): Heart Rate Training Clinic
  • For those not spinning ”“ we will have chairs set up in the front of the room.


  • Fast Track Sport Performance and Physical Therapy Center
  • Park around back ”“ enter through the back door please.
  • Address: 2751 Prosperity Avenue #100 Fairfax Va
  • Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/BoMFH1FdYMJ2

Weekend Poll:   Please Click on me to Vote!


  1. Sunday ”“ The Freestyle Speed Clinic:   10:00-11:00 AM ”“ Coach Dominic and Kerry Kramer Webb

“The Freestyle Speed Clinic“. Learn how to improve the efficiency of your freestyle swimming to become a faster and stronger swimmer. Swim Coach Dominic Latella & Physical Therapist Kerri Kramer Webb join forces to teach you the following:

  • Functional movement screens to reveal if your body has what it needs to power through the water
  • Strength building exercises to develop swim-specific core and upper body strength
  • Top drills to improve your freestyle speed onsite at our Endless Pool

When and Where:

  • 10:00 AM-11:00 AM
  • Fast Track Sport Performance and Physical Therapy Center
  • Park around back ”“ enter through the back door please.
  • Address: 2751 Prosperity Avenue #100 Fairfax Va
  • Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/BoMFH1FdYMJ2

Weekend Poll:   Please Click on me to Vote!