August 6, 2015

The Weekend of August 8 – 9, 2015

Before we get to this week’s  In This Email overview, check out the polls for this weekend and next weekend.  These are important for helping us plan … if you’re not sure whether you’ll be participating, it’s better to vote and not come than it is to not vote and then come.  So, go vote!



In this email:


  1. Details, Direction, and Information for all weekend activities
  2. Announcements for this week



  1. Details, Direction, and Information for all weekend activities


  1. 0-5 mile 10 am Hash Run from Whitlows on Wilson,  Park on Street or in Local Garages @ 2854 Wilson Blvd Arlington:   More Details
  2. What is a hash run?
  3. 11 am Post Hash Brunch at Whitlows on Wilson, Park on Street or in Local Garages – 2854 Wilson Blvd Arlington:  Event Details
  4. Saturday  1:30 PM Cycling Technique and Bike Maintenance Clinic Lecture at Fast Track Physical Therapy (need 1 volunteer) ”“ @ 2751 Prosperity Ave Suite 100 Fairfax: More Details
  5. Sunday Morning Group Recovery Ride at Falls Church High School (12, 15, 20 mile options) (new/nervous come and email first please) @ 7521 Jaguar Trail Falls Church Va:   More Details
  6. Sunday 1:30 PM Woman’s only clinic at Fast Track Physical Therapy (Saddles, Clothes, Ladies Secrets for Triathlon) @ 2751 Prosperity Ave Suite 100 Fairfax: More Details
  7. Sunday 3:30 Swimming Injury Prevention Clinic at Fast Track Physical Therapy ”“ Lecture by Kerri and Dominic @ 2751 Prosperity Ave Suite 100 Fairfax: More Details
  8. 8:30 AM Sunday Morning “re-run” for Team Z Kickoff at Coach Ed’s House ”“ all are welcome, consider this beginner refresher course.   Please RSVP ( 4021 Justine Dr Annandale: More Details


  1. Announcements for this week


  1. Heads up 20/120 weekend update.   The 120 mile ride will be held (same place) in Nokesville on Saturday.   The 20 mile run will be held Lake Accotink on Sunday.  
  2. I need a volunteer or two or three to bring their bike and shorts and shoes to the cycling clinic on Sunday. It won’t hurt, I promise ”“ consider it a private lesson. I will lecture and the demo is an awesome way to help communicate to everyone.   Including you, on the bike.   Beginners are needed for sure ”“ the newer the better I promise.   One more experienced cyclist is also welcome.   Email me at if you are interested.
  3. NO MORE GROUP SWIMS ON TUESDAY AND THURSDAY AT AU ”“ nobody is coming.   The workout shall disappear!
  4. Savageman Practice Weekend – Cliff Hamal will be leading an unofficial and unsupported ride on the Savageman70 bike course on Aug 29 (which could shift to the 30th).   This will be a very long day-trip, and cover the hardest half-iron bike course in all of triathlon.   It is strongly advised that people racing in September use this as an opportunity to see the course.   You do not have to be racing to participate.   You do have to be ready for long and severe hills.   Complainers welcomed, but they have to keep peddling.   THIS IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS.   Contact Cliff for further information and to sign up,
  5. Next week ”“ Arlington Track workouts will be only be held at two locations ”“ W&L at 6 AM and Wakefield HS at 6:30 PM.   We will attempt a boot camp at 6:30 on Wed after Wakefield ”“ we just need to find out if the one guy who used to (years ago) run us out of there has left.  Word is, W&L Track is open again for the morning runs.
  6. Luray Camping Details ”“ More to come, but yes there is no Z specific spot. There never was ”“ we were just the first to camp there (with permission).   Then one year, another person popped in.   Then 10, then 40”¦now It is a virtual Chanty Town.   You do not need reservations, there will be designated camping spots but they are first come first serve, camping is free, I highly suggest ear plugs or other (ipod?) type of white noise b/c Chanty Towns can become Chanty-Town-Like.   But regardless ”“ awesome fun weekend.
  7. Ironman Long Swims ”“ Traditionally we add 30 minutes before or after some of our swim practices as we approach Ironman to allow for additional volume.   Those swims will start approximately 5 weeks before your race.   You will have about 4 weeks and 8 swims of up to 90 minutes.   Which pools and the exact times will be announced shortly.   Estimated start date is Aug 27 (A Tuesday).
  8. Ironman Choo Choo Bike Transport ”“ I will be hauling bikes to Chattanooga.   If anyone would like their bike and bag transported, please let me know ($125 pays for gas, tolls, hotels).
  9. Free Ironman Arizona Entry for First Responders – This is from Old School Zr Edwin Merrigan. Edwin owns a few Firehouse Subs restaurants and thier Public Safety Foundation is putting together a team of first responders to race Ironman Arizona in 2016.   They are going to offer free race entry for a few individuals who sign up.   The charity raises money to help buy equipment for first responders.   If anyone is interested, please contact Edwin directly.   Below is the link with more info.