July 9, 2015

The Weekend of July 10, 2015 in Team Z

Woot Woot?   One day when I was chillin’ in Kentucky Fried Chicken.   This dude walks in looking strange and kinda funny, went up to the front with a menu and his money. He didn’t walk straight”¦kindof side to side. He asked the ol lady”¦ “yo yo, is this Kentucky Fried?”.   The lady said yes smiled, he smiled back.   Gave a quarter and his order”¦.small fries BIG MAC! You be illin

I don’t know what just got into me”¦..but I love how funny I am.  🙂

*Let me know if you see any issues ”“ a ton going on this weekend.


Poll for weekend ”“ please vote ”“let’s see if I get this link correct this time!


In this email:

  1. Important Announcements for this weekend
  2. Saturday Group Run ”“ Peirce Mill, Rock Creek Park
  3. Sunday Group Ride ”“ Target, Easton Md
  4. Sunday Group Ride ”“ Walmart, Haymarket Va
  5. Saturday Swim For Life Details
  6. Colonial Beach Details


  1. Important Announcements for this weekend


  • I’m still hoping to see a few folks offer up their help at the Easton Ride. Come on out for a very scenic and flat/fast ride”¦then hang out for a few hours supporting your teammates going long (100).   You know how much they will appreciate it!
  • I would like for a few newer Zs that are nervous about the rides on weekends to email me.   If”¦you are willing to muster the courage to get to the ride, I’d like to have an “appointment” set for you with a ride leader.   This way you will know who to look for in advance ”“ and can chat about any concerns before we head out.   We have ride leaders at all team rides (weekdays and weekends).   They are there to help, its their job and they like it!   You just have to ask for help! They will take you under their wing.
  • If you need help ”“ with anything ”“ you must ask”¦please.     We love to help ”“ but we can’t do it if you don’t let us know you need the help! Word.
  • I’m moving Saturday’s Group Run start to 7 am (parking/heat/length of run).
  • Ironman people, or non-Ironman people staying local.   The Maryland Swim for Life is a huge chance to get in your practice swims. Registration is still open and they have distances of 1, 2, 2.4, 3, 4, and 5 miles.     We will run after as a team”¦I’m not sure I’d miss a chance to get that open water experience.   This may   not be a good “First time” venue ”“ I’m not certain.   But I’d prefer your first swim be in the quarry.   Less “race day stress”.  🙂


  1. Saturday Group Run ”“ Peirce Mill, Rock Creek Park


Note:   We changed the start time to 7 am b/c of competition for parking, heat, and length of the run.   You do not have to come at 7 ”“ we will be there for a while and many doing out and backs.


Also ”“ I have added a cue sheet I created years ago before this “GPS” thing really caught on.   Point is ”“ you don’t need a cue sheet here b/c its just an out and back.   A pretty one, but still”¦an out and back.   But if you care to see some markers for distance in advance”¦I have small map with cues. I keep it because I think GPS is just a fad.




  1. Sunday Group Ride ”“ Target, Easton Md


This ride is not super close.   It is just over the Bay Bridge.   But”¦it is truly flat.   And”¦It can be truly Windy.   Which is a great excuse to train there if you are doing Ironman Maryland.   OR ”“ for any other reason like”¦you are new to cycling and don’t want to ride hills yet.   And, maybe ”“ you are new to cycling, don’t want to ride hills, want a scenic/pretty ride, and would like to hang out-shop-eat-cheerwithabeer from a sidewalk café in the killer little town of St. Michaels.   There are no cue sheets for this ride.


THERE ARE NO CUE SHEETS FOR THIS RIDE.   It is out ”“ dead end, come back.     The farther you go the nicer/cooler the ride becomes.   Write these numbers down/print them out.   These are your Ride Leaders for the day.   We do not have an official sag besides Alexis.   Again ”“ hoping 2-3 people could come out and help out.   You’d basically set up camp and let the riders go back and forth as the pass you.   Alexis can be driving up and back”¦maybe another”¦you get the point.   We could just use some help.


  • Ride Start Time:  8:00 a.m.
  • Workout Leader: Coach Alexis ”“ 240-350-9669
  • Ride Leader: Theresa Urban – 703-598-8291 –   BOO ON YOUR PROFILE NO PICTURE (guilt trip)
  • Ride Leader: Jen Fier – 703-599-2261
  • Location: https://members.triteamz.com/locations/target-easton/
  • Ride Distance options:    0-100 miles.   It is 24.5 miles to the end of the road.   It will be a painfully short 98 miles if you do the loop twice.   Ask Siri, and all of the other “studs” who finished a 100 mile ride in the 40’s and rain.   Well ”“ they had to leave the warmth of their car to ride back out   1 mile, then back in”¦to hit the 100.   J I don’t care if you go 98 or 100.   But apparently it is important to some!   You can turn around on this ride wherever you like.     As short or long as you like it.
  • Gmap I did:   http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2436117
  • Bathrooms ”“ there is the Walmart ”“ then there is a bike store on your right 5-10 miles in to the ride (always welcome there). St Michaels has options.   And I THINK there is a bathroom in the store as you cross the little draw bridge near the turnaround.
  • Poll for weekend ”“ please vote ”“let’s see if I get this link correct this time!



  1. Sunday Group Ride ”“ Walmart, Haymarket Va


For most of the civilized world (not Maryland residents) ”“ Haymarket is a very close start location and provides some pretty sweet roads for so far “in”.     There is a tough little nut called Mt Nebo ”“ but”¦you can go anywhere from 1 to 100 miles at this ride.   The short cue sheet is an out and back that turns around in the Plains.   Once you are over Nebo ”“ that’s the hardest part so I’d encourage you to try to make it to the plains if you can.   BUT ”“ you can turn around wherever you like”¦no worries.


Get those profiles updated folks!




  1. Saturday Swim For Life Details


I wrote this email between 3 and 5 am ”“ so I did not give Mark a chance to share any details with me.   I’ll get that out asap.   But what I do know”¦we will have a tent there, some light grub/drinks/social.   The team will swim our events, then run after to knock them both out.



*Update to come after I get the chance to speak with Mark.


  1. Colonial Beach Details


This is a great “local” race.   I love this place for some reason.   It must just be b/c there is water.   And that they host a triathlon.   The town does not really have a ton to offer, except for a nice welcome and hosting one of the longest running triathlons in the US.   This is the 31st year for these races.   Looks like Registration is still open, and I got a great deal on a small place with VRBO.



Our plan for the weekend is straight forward and low key.   I’m not sure why some races feel hypie and others are just “chillax bro”.   But this one is one of the latter.


  • Sprint is 6:50 AM on Saturday. Check race site for packet pickup times/etc.
  • Olympic is 6:50 on Sunday. Check race site for packet pickup times/etc.
  • We will have food ready in AM at around 5:30/5:45.   Pancakes, bacon, bagels, English muffins, fruit, coffee, etc.
  • Will have lunch ready at your finish.   Burgers, dogs, chicken, brats, fried bologna?
  • Friday Dinner ”“ Lighthouse Restaurant and Lounge. 11 Monroe Bay Ave.   We will meet at 4:30 and begin seating as people arrive. We will not have a reservation.   Please be on time ”“ if for some reason we could not be seated ”“ our back up plan will be Ledo’s.
  • Saturday Dinner ”“ Ledo’s. 700 Mckinney Blvd.   We will meet at 4:45 and start seating. The place will fill up ”“ lets get our grub on and out before everything gets busy.
  • Why do we eat early? ”“ because sometimes we are a very large group.   These are small town places and they can fill up fast.   Kitchens can get overwhelmed.   Especially on race weekends.   Especially in small towns.   We eat early to avoid the issues.   Come and socialize if you don’t want to eat yet”¦still a good time!
  • Poll for weekend ”“ please vote ”“let’s see if I get this link correct this time!

·                 IF racing and want Team Z breakfast and lunch and beer and soda and coffee and etc ”“ please purchase your tickets on event brite.


— Coach Ed