December 24, 2018

Tips for Improving Your Triathlon Run

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Running is a huge part of the triathlon and something many athletes find difficult. It takes an incredible amount of endurance to run fast without getting winded. If you aren’t too confident about your running right now, there are plenty of things you can do to improve before the big race. Here are some helpful tips for improving your triathlon run:

Start Running More

It stands to reason that the more you do something, the better you will become at it. This applies to running too. If you start running long distances, you will get better at it. However, you should be careful not to increase your volume too drastically, as that can put you at risk of burnout. Don’t increase your volume by more than 10 percent each week.

Don’t Run Too Fast

A common mistake beginner triathletes make is running at their fastest pace during every run. Doing that can actually increase the risk of injuries and make you tire out faster. That’s why most of your runs should be at an easy pace. If you are unable to talk without getting out of breath, it indicates that you’re running too fast.

Do High-Intensity Sessions

As mentioned above, the majority of your runs should be at a pretty easy pace. However, you should incorporate one high-intensity session once a week. This will help elevate your running performance without burning you out. For example, you can alternate one minute of moderate pace running with one minute of high-intensity running. Be sure to thoroughly cool down after each session.

Avoid Slouching

When you’re running, always be aware of your posture. If you are constantly slouching, you can get sore and increase your risk of injuries. To avoid this, keep your head up, back straight and shoulders level.

Add Plyometrics

It’s a good idea to add plyometrics into your routine once a week. A 20-minute session can help increase your strength and improve your running efficiency. Some good plyometrics exercises include jumping rope, box jumps and jumping up stairs. These exercises are very intense, so don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout them and stretch properly  before and afterward.

Avoid Overstriding

Another common mistakes runners make is overstriding. This is when you land heel first with your foot well ahead of your body. Very long strides can waste energy and put you at risk of injuries. When you run, you should land with your foot directly underneath your body with every step.

Switch Up Surfaces

Try not to run on the same surfaces all the time. For example, if you ran on flat terrain yesterday, run on hills today. Running on different surface can kill some of the monotony and make you a more well-rounded runner.

If you follow these tips, you can become a better runner for the triathlon. If you need extra assistance with your ironman training Washington, DC offers at Team Z, you should consider working with an experienced coach.