January 18, 2013

Triathlete Magazine Club Profile Circa 2006

This is a blast from our past – our first post in the main stream – we were only 110 athletes then.  We just wanted to save this article for posterity as we continue to evolve as an organization  This article from 2006/2007.

The Arlington, VA-based tri team, Team Z, originated when 23 of Ed Zerkle’s former TNT athletes sat him down in May 2005 and told him they wanted to train for Ironman and him to coach them. Since then, Team Z has grown to over 110 athletes, and ’06 was its first season out at the races as a team. Twenty-three members raced Ironman USA Lake Placid and over 80 friends and family members came to cheer them on. Team Z now has 40 members signed up for Ironman Coeur d’Alene ’07.

Team Z consist of all ages and abilities. The coaching model is based on group training, and the programs are split up by distance, then further by pace. There are 12 opportunities a week for members to train together, and Coach Ed is present to answer questions and help with technique. In addition, Ed provides clinics year around to help educate his triathletes on all aspects of the sport. Some of these clinics include running technique, nutrition, strength training, bike fit, wetsuit fir, transition clinic and injury prevention. The most important aspect of Team Z is its social atmosphere. At races, members set up a tent and grill out after each race. There are weekly happy hours, group camping/training trips, holidays parties and group travel arrangements. For more info, visit www.triteamz.com