August 4, 2014

The week of August 4th in Team Z Arlington

Hi folks – We have another busy week in front of us.     I have a few things on my personal schedule that will keep me from Wed/Thurs workouts – but I have listed the workout leader names below (for the benefit of new Zrs or people who have not come to those workouts yet) next to the workout. I am doing a wedding thing on Wed (not even sure what, I’ve just been told where to be). I am flying out to the Nationals award banquet on Thurday – I will be back for the weekend workouts.

New Zs – rely on your workout leaders and mentors with any question – trust me in that they love to talk about what they know and pretend to be experts. 🙂 Otherwise – if you would like a conversation with me for any reason, please reach out and let me know.

Have a great week everyone – make sure you get those workouts in!


In this email:

1.   Important Announcements and Reminders for this week

2. Overview of events and activities for this week.

3. Overview of Tuesday Cycling Technique Clinic (I need volunteers – please see below)

4. Overview of Thursday Cycling Hillz Clinic

5. Overview of Sunday Strength and Injury Prevention Clinic


1.   Important Announcements and Reminders for this week

A.   This is the last week of 90 minute long swims for IM MTB people.   Team Z Arlington Pools which will add the extra 1/2 hour are Providence Rec (5-6:30 AM), AU (7:30-9:00 PM), and Chinquapin Tues/Thurs AM (already from 6-7:30).   EVERYONE is welcome to get in the extra 30 minutes.   But remember – the “regular” workout starts at the normal time.     The first 30 minutes is just for volume.  You may also just arrive at the normal time and work with your lane as usual.

B.   We also have a 90 minute swim available in an outdoor pool at Old Keene Mill – 50 meter pool.   Not in our hood – but just wanted to make sure you guys are aware that this is a summer option.

C.   Luray practice swim is this weekend – Yes, you need to enter it via the Luray Triathlon Website. But do not enter the full clinic – on the practice swim.   More details on this in our weekend email


2. Overview of events and activities for this week.

  • Monday Lunch Time Swim – 12:30 to 1:30 PM at Wakefield High School Pool
  • Monday PM Group Run – 6:30 PM at PRR Arlington or Belvedere Elementary School (all have 0 mile options on up!) (Cat)
  • Monday PM Post Group Run Happies – Greene Turtle (Debbie)
  • Tuesday AM swims – Providence Rec @ (5 am early start) 5:30 AM, Chinquapin Rec at 6 am, Chinquapin at 12:30 PM, American University at 8pm (7:30 PM early start).
  • Tuesday Group Ride – Haines Point at 6:30 PM. (Kate and Sherri)
  • Tuesday Cycling Etiquette and Safety Clinic – 6:30 PM at Arlington Oaks Rec Room
  • Wed Track – 6:00 AM at W&L (Denis, Glen), 6:30 PM at TC Williams and Yorktown High School (Tony, Richard, Iwan)
  • Wed Boot Camp – 6:00 AM at W&L (Cat, Jodi), 6:30 PM at TC Williams and Yorktown High School (Iwan)
  • Thursday Swims – Providence Rec @ (5 am early start) 5:30 AM (Kim), Chinquapin Rec at 6 am, Chinquapin at 12:30 PM, American University at 8pm (7:30 PM early start)(Megan).
  • Thursday Group Rides – 6:30 PM at Sleepy Hollow, 6:30 PM at W&L High School (lower parking garage/lot). (Mark and Mary)
  • Thursday Cycling Hillz Clinic – 6:30 PM at W&L High School (lower parking Lot)
  • Friday through Sunday Team Race ”“ Nationals, Milwaukee, WI
  • Saturday Luray Practice Swim and Run ”“ deets in the weekend e-mail and on their website
  • Sunday group ride ”“ 7:00 AM ”“ Davidsonville Park and Ride, Davidsonville, MD
  • Sunday group ride ”“ not beginner friendly!! ”“ 8:00 AM ”“ Kmart, Front Royal, VA
  • Sunday group run ”“ 8:00 AM ”“ The Endurance Athlete Center, Falls Church, VA
  • Sunday strength and injury prevention clinic ”“ 9:00 AM – The Endurance Athlete Center, Falls Church, VA
  • Monday AM Yoga -6:00 AM at Lyon Village Community Center

**Note ”“ more specific details and directions for the weekend workouts and will be provided later this week.   “This weekend in” e-mails are typically sent by COB on Thursdays.


3. Details for the clinics being offered this week

Tuesday’s Cycling Technique Clinic – I need two people to volunteer to bring their bikes, shoes, and shorts. Please let me know – and consider this a private lesson – with others watching!

This clinic is a lecture based session with a live example and a power point presentation.   We will talk about the pedal stroke, and generally how to “use” your bike.   We’ll address posture, a bit more on bike fit, climbing, and descending.   We’ll also address gear selection, dropped chains, and panic stops.   We will teach you about the common drills that you will experience during your bike workouts including spin ups, Single Leg Drill, Big Gear Low Cadence, etc.     This clinic is intended for the newer cyclists but all are welcome to attend if you wish.   Come dressed as you are, and I don’t believe there is a need for notes.

  • When:   Tuesday at 6:30 PM
  • Where: Arlington Oaks Rec Room
  • Address: 4490 N Pershing Dr, Arlington 22203
  • Google Map:


4. Thursday Cycling Hillz Clinic – 6:30 PM at W&L High School

This clinic is scheduled to be held at W&L High School. This clinic is intended for people who are comfortable on their bikes, but who get very nervous when there’s a long or steep downhill. If you’re still getting used to the feel of your bike and getting the hang of things (shifting gears, clipping in and out, etc) it would make more sense to get some “normal” saddle time in, and catch the clinic the next time around. Likewise, if you’re already comfortable bombing down hills, you might not get much out of this clinic.

Please please look at the google map and zoom in on the green square. This is where we meet to park, and start our ride. Do not park in the red square! You can easily access this top level of the parking garage from 15th st N off of either N Quincy or N Stafford.

  • When: 6:30 PM Thursday
  • Where: W&L High School
  • Address: 1301 N Stafford St Arlington, VA 22201
  • Google Map:
  • Ride Leaders: Mark and Mary Pickering


5. Strength and Injury Prevention Clinic – 9:00 AM at The Endurance Athlete Center, Falls Church

If you have muscles, or a skeletal system, or hope to own some someday, this clinic is for you”¦

This clinic is another of the “do not miss” variety. All are welcome, new Zs and vets alike. Please come dressed in athletic clothing. Don’t stress about this at all – this is not a workout! There is a test, but it is not likely you’ll even break a sweat and we simply do not make you max out on push ups or anything silly like that.

What they WILL do is put you through a very cool series of functional assessment tests. These are tests that Kerri (our team PT) has put together to help YOU identify the most common muscle imbalances or weaknesses found in Team Z Triathletes. Each of these possible imbalances or weaknesses could lead to injury if not identified, and then CORRECTED! You will each take the tests and receive a score – it is a very eye opening experience for everyone. And again, the tests are NOT exercises. After the test is complete – the gang will teach you the exercises that you can execute to correct these weaknesses and imbalances. Very cool clinic – do NOT miss!

  • When: Sunday 9:00 AM
  • Leader: Strength guru Kerri Kramer
  • Address: 510 West Annandale Road, Falls Church, VA
  • Google Map: