December 22, 2014

The Week of December 22, 2014 in Team Z Arlington/West

Jingle Bells, Coach Ed Smells, Zoe laid an egg.     Oh what fun it is to ride a full carbon P5 with a rear Zipp Disk and front 808”¦.eiiigghhhTTTT!!!


This year, well”¦


Every year when I plan the season the first thing I do is to build a shell of the year which can be copied and pasted and serve as the “start” of each successive season plan that I develop.   Important inputs to that file are the dates of each week, for example.   Every year Monday “the 5th” changes to Monday “the   6th”.   Anyway ”“ the second thing I do is to insert the holiday’s and other notable events.   Obviously they can affect what we do as a team on that given day.


Well ”“ each time I go through this drill I get to see in advance if the holiday (xmas, new years”¦which are always exactly a week apart”¦duh) falls on a work week, recovery week, recovery day”¦etc.   Most years it usually spans one recovery week ”“ and”¦sometimes we get lucky and the other is on a Friday (recovery day).   Well this year it is the perfect storm.   Both weeks are work weeks.   Both Eve’s and NY/XMAS days are on work days.     BOOO.   YAY?   No, BOOO.


Look ”“ we are not having group workouts on these days, obviously (Wed and Thursday of this week and next).   I also give you off on NYD and XMAS Day.   No workouts.  But”¦these are NOT recovery weeks guys.   You must stay focused.   You can do this”¦you can enjoy your holiday while not completely blowing off your training.   We are coming off of a recovery week, if you cruise these two weeks”¦when we get back it is another recovery week.   You will miss more than a month of training if you slip over the holidays.   Don’t do it guys”¦don’t make excuses.   GET THOSE WORKOUTS IN.


(Gabby ”“ wink).


Let me put this out there for you in a different way.     Every third week is recovery, right?   Right.     This is Monday, December 22.   Shamrock is on the weekend of March 21/22.   We only have 5 work weeks of training before we taper for DC RNR.   We only have 6 weeks of training left before we taper for Shamrock.   Then we have three recovery weeks, and taper.   That’s 5 long runs left.   That’s six long runs left.   Same for track workouts.   Same for spin classes.   That’s it.   Done.   Over.   And out.   You think that is stressful?


I GET MARRIED NEXT WEEK.   NEXT WEEK.   That’s just nuts.
Guys ”“ you can’t blow off 2 of the last 6 weeks of training”¦get your game face on.   I want to hear your war cry”¦.kick ass the next two weeks.   I believe.   Oh, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!





The Week of Monday, December 22 2014


In this email:


  • Important Announcements and Reminders for this week
  • Overview of events and activities for this week
  • Look ahead for the Weekend Events


Important Announcements and Reminders for this week


  • Mark and Mary Return.   Whooooop!   Whoooooooooppppp!   Lyon Village Spin ”“ you are so screwed.   The Kiwi’s are back, and they are rested.   This is going to be one hell of spin class.
  • Christmas Eve Run ”“ on that note, Mark and Mary will be leading their annual xmas eve monuments run.   Please see below for details.
  • No Other Group Workouts on Wed or Thurs
  • No Group Workouts on Wed or Thurs of next week (New Years Eve, New Years)


Link to all weekday and weekend Team Z group activities: here

Link to pool schedule via the Lane 4 Masters page: here

Link to Regular workout location directions: here



Overview of events and activities for this week



  • Monday Swims Practices (Require “all swim pass”):   Chinquapin Rec (Alexandria) @ 6-7:30 AM, Audrey Moore Rec (Annandale) @ 6:30-7:30 AM, Wakefield HS Pool (Arlington) @ 12:30-1:30 PM
  • Monday Boot Camps: Lyon Village Community Center (Clarendon) @ 6-7:00 AM, City Sports (Silver Spring), 6-7:00 AM, Town Center Parking Garage (Reston) @ 7-8:00 PM
  • Monday Group Runs:   Freedom Plaza (DC) @ 12:15-1:00 PM, PRR (Reston Town Center) @ 6:00 PM, Woodside Park (Silver Spring) @ 6:00 PM, PRR (Arlington) @ 6:30 PM



  • Tuesday AM Swims: Spring Hill Rec Center (Tysons/Great Falls) @ 5:15-6:15 AM, Providence Rec (Falls Church) @5:30-6:30 AM, University of DC ”“ Vannes (DC) @ 6:00-7:00 AM, Chinquapin Rec (Alexandria) at 6-7:30 AM, Audrey Moore Rec Center (Annandale) 6:30-7:30 AM.
  • Tuesday Lunch and PM Swims:   Chinquapin Rec Center (Alexandria) 12:30-1:30 PM, American University (DC) 7:45-9:00 PM, Audrey Moore Rec (Annandale) 8-9:00 PM, Claude Moore Rec (8-9:00 PM), Stone Ridge School (Bethesda) 8-9:30 PM
  • Tuesday Group Spins:   Lyon Village (Arlington), Morse BAG (Alexandria), Bonzai Sports (Falls Church), Claude Moore Rec (Sterling), Fresh Bikes (Bethesda)   ALL @ 6:30 -7:30 PM



  • No Group Workouts ”“ Other than the xmas eve Monuments Run (Details below).



  • No Group Workouts ”“ Happy Holidays!



  • Friday Swim Practice (Requires “all swim pass): Chinquapin Rec (Alexandria) at 6-7:30 AM



Look Ahead for This Weekend’s Events


**Note: Subject to change and final details come out in the weekend email which is always published on Wed or Thur.



  • Group Run:   Pierce Mill ”“ 9:00 AM



  • Group Ride:   Davidsonville Park and Ride, Davidsonville Md ”“ 9:00 AM



Xmas Eve Monuments Run

Mark and Mary are hosting their annual Xmas Eve Monuments Run.   This will be the 5th time the’ve done this and it’s been a Team Z tradition nearly as long.   All are welcome – your Mom in town for the holidays, your kids who you’re letting stay up to see in Xmas Day, your dog who needs to run off some steam, the friends you run with on the weekends.   We’ll have cue sheets for a 2-4 mile run/walk and will share in some food and drink afterwards.


The Mall at night is a truly magical place and what better way to celebrate doing what we love?   Running and eating!   See you there!

Mary & Mark



  • What:   Fifth annual run/walk around the monuments on the Mall on Christmas Eve
  • When:   Meet at 11pm, Christmas Eve (Wednesday, December 24th).   Run starts at 11:15pm
  • Where:   Steps of the Lincoln Memorial
  • Parking: Free and easy on Ohio Drive


Join us for a fun run/walk around the beautiful monuments at night.   Bring the kids, bring the dogs, bring your non-Z friends and family.   This is an all inclusive, no drop run/walk.   We’ll have cue sheets for 2-4 miles and someone to watch over our gear.   If you can, bring hot chocolate and/or something desserty to share with the group after the run.   Most important is that you come and enjoy yourselves.