February 1, 2016

The week of Feb 1- Feb 7 in Team Z (Super Bowl week)

*New Zs ”“ you are bcc’d on this email so you should receive it twice (once through the yahoo groups, once from the direct email).   If you have joined the groups, and have not received duplicates (give it some time) ”“ let me know.   If you have not joined the groups ”“ please do so.   This is the type of information that you will be missing (good stuff!).


In this email:

  1. Reminders for this week
  2. Overview of M-F events
  3. Look Ahead for Weekend Events?


  1. Reminders for this week
  1. WE HAVE TRACK THIS WEEK ”“ to make up for the workout you missed this past weekend (while we were running long to make up for the snow).
  2. THERE IS NO WED AM TRACK AT W&L HIGH SCHOOL THIS WEEK. All other tracks are go, locations detailed below.
  3. We have a ton ton ton of cool stuff going on this weekend ”“ please please vote on this poll and give us an idea of your plans. (see weekend look ahead below)


  1. Overview of M-F events


  1. Weekend Look Ahead: More details and any possible updates will be sent on Wed/Thurs of this week (including directions, specifics, etc).

Be sure to keep your eye out, and make a reach out to any new face you may see this week.   We have a great crew of new Zrs that have just started with us. Not all of them have mentors yet, so please just introduce yourself and say hello.

Weekend Poll: Please Vote

  • Saturday Group Run:   6-16 miles @ Hains Point (9 am)
  • Saturday New Z Plan your season clinic ”“ Coach Ed’s House 2-3 pm
  • Bike Maintenance Clinic (basics, how to change a flat, etc), Cycling Technique Clinic. These will take a bit of time so 3 pm until???
  • Sunday Group Spin:   1-4 hours at Fast Track ”“ 6:00-10:00 AM
    • 6-8 am movie
    • 8-10 am WHILE YOU SPIN Heart Rate Training Clinic ”“ Matt Wolfe.
    • If you are not spinning, there will also be chairs/seats for HRT clinic
  • Sunday ”“ The Freestyle Speed Clinic: 10:00-11:00 AM ”“ Coach Dominic and Kerry Kramer