June 30, 2014

The week of June 30 in Team Z Arlington

*Note – No Yoga on Thursday, no foam roller on Friday (instructors/July 4th).

**Also remember – no more Marymount Swims starting this week.

Hi folks – I just landed from Colorado (wedding). I don’t see any travel on the schedule for a while other than Colonial Beach – YAY! I am a little behind on email but should catch up by tomorrow.

For Many of us – We are in taper mode for our “A” races! Many of you interpret that as time to stop working. Not so! Volume declines rapidly ”“ but your intensity / speed work is still VERY important (you lose the benefits of speed work much faster than you do your long zone 2 stuff). Now is the time to be extra focused and get in those last few hard workouts.

Bike rides and track ”“ you still have them on your schedule! Feel free to meet at our usual time at our usual spots. We do not have “official” team z workouts for Tues/Thurs rides and Wednesday track this week, and there will be no leaders there, but if you all meet anyway at least you’ll have company! I will not organize this ”“ so reach out to your friends and get it in.

IMMT folks ”“ Keep plugging away”¦ this is the month that it seems really hard”¦ like the training is kicking your butt and the end doesn’t seem to be in sight. But”¦ do you realize that your 20/120 weekend is July 19/20? That’s only 2.5 weeks out. You are almost at your peak! I’m getting excited for you!

*Newer Zs – in three weeks the entire team (aside from the Tremblant people) will pick new training plans and begin our focus on the end of the season. You will be “up the learning curve” and ready to kick it in to gear!

On that note”¦ time to start talking up the 20/120 weekend. Let’s make it EPIC. That’s the weekend when the whole dang team shows up to support and have fun! We will be grilling and partying and cheering you on. So”¦ start chatting it up with teammates now ”“ make sure they are planning on coming. And encourage them to make desserts too”¦ we always have a ton of tasty treats there waiting for you. And for the love of god somebody please ask Patty Glass to make snicker doodles


In this email:

1.   Important Announcements and Reminders for this week

2. Overview of events and activities for this week.


4.   What is a hash run?   We will teach you when you come, but until then this will help you understand!

5.   Wed Happy Hour – The Mad Rose (5:30 PM)

6. Sunday Women’s Only Clinic – 3:00 PM at Elizabeth Hurley’s House, Vienna Va


1.   Important Announcements and Reminders for this week

A.   Don’t forget the Monday Hash Run tonight and then the Post Hash Happy Hour/ON ON ON at the Green Turtle

B.   Wed Happy Hour Location – The Mad Rose – 5:30/6:00 PM – Clarendon

C. NO MORE MARYMOUNT SWIMS – Reminder that we no longer have swims at Marymount University starting this week

D. No Yoga on Thursday, no Foam Roller on Friday morning. Instructors are out of town, July 4th. Happy Independence Day!


2. Overview of events and activities for this week.

A. Monday Recovery Week Hash Run – 6:30 PM PRR Arlington, Post Run dinner and HH at The Green Turtle

B.   Tuesday Swims – 5:30 at Providence, 6:00 at Chinquapin, 12:30 at Chinquapin, 8:00 PM at American University

C.   Wed Roll and Recover (I HAVE FOAM ROLLERS TO LEND – just bring your towel or matt) – 6:00 AM at Lyon Village

D.   Wed Happy Hour – 5:30/6:00 PM at The Mad Rose- Clarendon

E.   Wed Swims – 6 AM at Chinquapin, 12:30 PM at Wakefield HS

F.   Thursday Swims – 5:30 at Providence, 6:00 at Chinquapin, 12:30 at Chinquapin, American University at 8 PM

G.   Thursday – NO YOGA

H.   Friday NO ROLL AND RECOVER – Happy Fourth of July!

I.   Friday Swim – Chinquapin Rec at 6:00 AM

J. Saturday group run ”“ hash alert – 8:00 AM ”“ Hayes Park, Arlington, VA
K. Sunday group ride ”“ 10:00 AM ”“ Tyler Elementary, Gainesville, VA
L. Sunday open water swim ”“ 12:00 to 3:00 PM ”“ Milbrook Quary, Haymarket, VA
M. Sunday women’s only clinic ”“ 3:00 PM ”“ Elizabeth Hurley’s house, Vienna, VA
N. Monday – NO BOOT CAMPS – Taper Weeks

Note ”“ more specific details and directions for the weekend workouts and will be provided later this week.   “This weekend in” e-mails are typically sent by COB on Thursdays.



  • When:   This parking is money for all Monday Runs/HH/Etc from PRR Arlington at 6:30 PM
  • Where:   PRR Arlington (Ballston: Corner of Glebe and Fairfax -across from Bw3’s)
  • PRR Website/Parking Instructions: http://www.potomacriverrunning.com/arlington-store-a2999
  • Google Map to “secret free parking spot”: http://goo.gl/maps/KBxQn
  • Directions for secret parking spot: To access the parking – you must come in from N George Mason Drive.   PLEASE LOOK AT THE GOOGLE MAP to get your bearings.   From Glebe Road, turn right on Wilson.   Then Turn Right on George Mason (at the McDonald’s), then take your second right onto Fairfax Dr.   Can’t miss it!   From there – it’s an easy walk to the store (and the restaurants).   I always park here.   Parking is free and has been plentiful.


4.   What is a hash run?   We will teach you when you come, but until then this will help you understand!

a)           Basically ”“ this run is modeled after a rabbit hunt.   The rabbit(s) (called the Hare(s)) are released before we start the group run.

b)           The Hare(s) take a sack of flour and start running in any given direction and leave a trail.   At certain points ”“ they leave a decision.   More on this later”¦

c)             While the Hares are out ”“ the rest of us “circle up” and do a chalk talk.   Right at 6:30 or a little before.   The Hash Leaders will teach you how to read the trail, and how we communicate when hashing (fun, fun, fun)

d)           We (the hounds) start the run as a group.   All abilities.

e)           The faster runners obviously smoke the rest of us, BUT they get to the decision points first.   They have to split up and run off in three different directions to determine what trail is “the true trail”.

f)             While they are busy figuring out what the true trail is ”“ the rest of us are catching up at our leisurely pace.

g)           The goal is for the hounds to catch the hares.   Happens sometimes ”“ but rarely.

h)           There are SHORT CUTS ”“ the hash leaders will help us with this. So if you are new to running and can’t run the entire length of the trail ”“ do not worry!   We will cut the trail short.

i)               While Hashing ”“ there is sometimes an OPTION to partake in a frosty beverage, two, or more if you choose.   This is not required and there are alternative drinks available as well (water, for example).   At the run start there will be a cooler and you are welcome to quench your thirst but you do so at your discretion.   There will be a “beer check” or “shot check” somewhere along the route.   Again ”“ OPTIONAL.   We hang out ”“ have a social ”“ drink or don’t drink ”“ it’s up to you.   Then we all head out for the last leg of chasing the hares.

j)               When we get back to the finish (same place we started) ”“ again ”“ optional libations.

There is obviously much more to learn about hashing and I don’t want you to think you have to know anything to come and participate.   We’ll teach you!   And, all abilities really are welcome.   You have to start somewhere, right?   But if you are worried about your running speed or ability please reach out to me at the run, before we get started.   OK?   We are there to help.

Here is more information on Hashing in case you care to read.   Hashing is now a worldwide event, with over 1,000 clubs.   There are several clubs in the DC area, and there is a hash almost every night of the week in our general area.   Believe it or not.   Each new club is a part of a lineage, or the family tree.   Each club can be traced back to the original hash house.


5.   Wed Happy Hour – The Mad Rose (5:30 PM)

Address: 3100 Clarendon Boulevard, Arlington 22201

Phone: 703-600-0500

Website:   http://madrosetavern.com/


6.   Sunday Women’s Only Clinic – 3:00 PM at Elizabeth Hurley’s House

Newer Z’s ”“ this is our best attended clinic. That’s right ”“ it’s #1 in terms of attendance. So you should prioritize this!

If coming directly from the ride and open water swim, you have permission to be gross! Just bring a change of clothes and deodorant. Please ”“ don’t forget the deodorant. This will be a very laid back clinic, so don’t worry about being in workout or comfy clothes.

This clinic will focus on discussion with Margie Shapiro about becoming and maintaining a professional triathlete and managing that lifestyle while still being a mom, wife, etc. Believe it or not”¦ it can be done!

For those of you who don’t know Margie Shapiro, she is one of our country’s fastest women. She travels all over the world to race. She is also a mom, one of the owners of PRR, and a great friend. And VERY approachable. Come chat about life/work/family/triathlon balance, and hear how she manages.

And then ask her, or your veteran teammates, ANY other questions about training, racing, or whatever you can think of. You know those female related questions that Ed, Ryan, and Alexis would look like a deer in headlights if you asked them? You know the ones. Bring THOSE questions. Or just come for the wine.

  • What: Women’s Only Clinic (sorry guys)
  • Where: Elizabeth Hurley’s house
  • Street Address: 1914 Grand Ct, Vienna, 22182
  • Google Map – Click on Me