December 19, 2014

Weekend of 12/20 in Team Z

As soon as Kim sent the email out the hammer dropped and the world blew up.     Please see NEW AND CORRECTED WEEKEND EMAIL BELOW.   THERE ARE MAJOR CHANGES.

Note Workout Leaders/Clinic Leaders/New Zs ”“ I bcc’d your personal emails so you see these changes in case you are having trouble with the yahoo groups.

  • *We had room cancellations for A Oaks on Saturday, I can’t use the room (clinic and make up kickoff session will change locations, time stays the same).
  • **We are having issues with our permit for Prince William/Time Trial on Sunday ”“ we are moving the ride to old faithful “Inside the Beltway” Falls Church High School 1-2 hr ride.
  • *** THE NEW RIDE TIME FOR SUNDAY IS 9 AM.   We don’t need to head the park, it’s a short ride, lets sleep in a bit and we’ll see you at 9 am.   Post Ride Grub at Celebrity Deli.

Hash Run, HRT and New Z Meet and Greet are all the same as originally scheduled.


*New Zs ”“ I know I know ”“ but”¦come to the clinics if you can.   I promise you will learn”¦.and you might think that these guys actually know what they are doing.   I told you I love to teach ”“ and seeing the reaction from all of the first time swimmers”¦.I dig it.     Come listen and learn.   Especially the HRT clinic.   Yep ”“ its later on a Sunday, but Wolf is worth every minute you will not not not regret.   Then”¦ball games on tv for the social. No worries.



In this NEW WEEKEND e-mail:

  • Saturday Bike Fit and Selection Clinic ”“ 8:00 AM ”“ Coach Ed’s Mansion ”“ meet in the left guest house (kidding) Annandale , VA
  • Saturday Make up Kickoff Session ”“ 9:30 AM ”“ Coach Ed’s Mansion ”“ meet in the right guest house (kidding again) Annandale , VA
  • Saturday Hash Run ”“ 10:15 AM ”“ Clarendon Metro Station ”“ Clarendon, VA
  • Sunday Group Ride ”“ 1-2 hour recovery ride leaving 9 am
  • Sunday Heart Rate Training Clinic ”“ 4:00 PM ”“ Endurance Athlete Center ”“ Falls Church, VA
  • Sunday New Z Meet & Greet ”“ after HR Training Clinic ”“ Endurance Athlete Center ”“ Falls Church, VA


Saturday Bike Fit and Selection Clinic ”“ 8:00 AM ”“ Ed’s house in Annandale, VA




The Bike Fit and Selection Clinic is a lecture-based session.  Please bring a piece of paper or pen IF you want to take notes!  At this clinic we will talk about the differences in bikes (Tri vs. Road) including how they are designed, what they are designed for, and which type you might want to buy.  We’ll talk about what drives cost in terms of frame material and components, and about what you should expect for a given budget.  We’ll introduce you to other factors such as women’s specific geometry, the importance of proper fit, as well as fit related pain and issues you should be aware of.  We’ll address shoes, pedals, where to buy and where not to buy. We’ll give you our opinions on the local shops and the staff that work there.  This is a great clinic for everyone (even if you have a bike already), especially if you have never been taught about bikes, how to buy them, or what you should expect from customer service when in DC area bike store.

  • Clinic Leaders:   Ed & Bill from The Bike Lane
  • When: 8:00 AM
  • Where:   Ed’s House
  • Address:  4021 Justine Dr, Annandale Va 22003
  • Google Map (Note in Google Earth that you can see Team Z’s first/baby trailer “Casper” in the driveway ”“ pretty cool. That trailer was parked there for one day only. Now its there for ever”¦. J. And there is some dude standing in the living room. Freaky):  


Link to Google Map:

Saturday Make Up Kickoff Session 9:30 AM ”“ Ed’s house in Annandale, VA


  • Clinic Leaders:   Ed
  • When: 9:30 AM
  • Where:   Ed’s House
  • Address:  4021 Justine Dr, Annandale Va 22003
  • Google Map: Link to Google Map:


Saturday Hash Run ”“ 10:15 AM ”“ Clarendon Metro Station, Arlington, VA

This will be a great Hash Run around Arlington! If you’re new ”“ do not be intimidated ”“ these runs are fun and you get your workout in while playing a game. We will explain it all to you. It’s laid back, and if you hate having fun you could “just run” ”“ fun is overrated.


  • Leaders:  Hash Team 1
  • When:   10:15 AM
  • Where: Clarendon Metro Station
  • Address:   3100 Wilson Drive, Arlington, VA
  • Google Map:,-77.095211,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x34b24a8673cb825



Sunday Group Ride ”“ Falls Church High School, Falls Church Va at 9:00 AM (this is right next door to Providence Rec Center which is one of our Tuesday/Thursday Pools).


We’ve not ridden from this location in some time.   This ride is inside the beltway and takes you through falls church neighborhoods including Lake Barcroft, and honestly ”“ very near my house in Annandale.   This is certainly not a flat ride, but nothing is in our area (which is why we go over the bridge for flat training rides).   Yes, there are a couple not small roads we will be on.   Each has a sound bike lane.   But I’m pointing this out for newest of new riders ”“ if you are petrified of riding in traffic we may have you ride with me in the sag vehicle (love to have the company) and wait for one of our rides out in the country to get your feet wet.   But”¦seeing how things roll if you are nervous will be very helpful.


If you are nervous ”“ but not petrified ”“ and you know the difference ”“ of course come!   We will pair you up with a ride leader or a buddy if at all possible.   And if you let me know in advance that you are going to want a little hand holding”¦.It helps me to plan.   So please let me know.


Veterans ”“ You don’t have to be fast.   You have to know how to read a cue sheet, and ride your bike.   J     I’m asking for volunteers b/c tomorrow is just a short, easy ride.   We did not plan for this ride like a normal event b/c it was supposed to be a time trial.   I’d like it if you would let me know if you are coming and willing to pair up with newer Zrs that may want the escort.     Thank you in advance”¦LATE START, EASY SHORT RIDE, POST RIDE GRUB!   C’mon”¦all the cool kids are doing it!

  • When: Sunday, 9:00 AM
  • Where: Falls Church High School
  • Leaders: Ed Zerkle, Jon & Jaime Poole
  • Address: 7521 Jaguar Trail, Falls Church Va 22042
  • Google Map:


Sunday Heart Rate Training Clinic ”“ 4:00 PM ”“ The Endurance Athlete Center ”“ Falls Church, VA

Come for part, come for all.  But PLEASE try to make the clinic! It is important and in the long run we really believe that what you learn about HRT will most affect your training with Team Z and what you get from this experience.

The clinic is well organized and the presentation is made by one of our teammates who holds a PhD in Bio Chemistry.  He will help you understand WHY Heart Rate Training works, and most importantly, Matt will teach you what is happening inside your body when you follow the training plans that are designed for you.  If you can stay for the entire seminar I KNOW that you will learn more than you realize! You do not need to bring anything unless you’d like to take notes. New Z’s ”“ this is traditionally our most popular clinics and for good reason ”“ really prioritize this one!

  • Leader: Matt Wolfe
  • When: Sunday, 4:00 PM
  • Where: The Endurance Athlete Center
  • Address: 510 West Annandale Road, Falls Church, VA
  • Google Map:


Sunday – New Z Meet & Greet – after HR Training Clinic – Endurance Athlete Center – Falls Church, VA


Come meet your new and old teammates with pizza and libations! This will start around 5:30 – 6pm. Drop by to say hi, even if you can’t make it to the clinic. If you plan to partake ”“ please bring a couple of scratch to toss in the donation (or “grub fund”) bucket.   $5, whatever”¦if you drink 6 beers maybe a few more.   You get the point!   See you there, or be a square.


And ”“ for your entertainment ”“ Milo will steal pizza and bite you in the rear end.   Ahhhh”¦now you are curious. You must come and see”¦you must come and see!

  • Where: The Endurance Athlete Center
  • Address: 510 West Annandale Road, Falls Church, VA
  • Google Map: