February 9, 2017

The weekend of 2/11 – 2/12 (Red Nose Run/Social)

*The Sunday Ride is also voted on in the Event Brite Poll, there will be no other poll for this weekend.

Hi folks ”“ please take 5 minutes and check out the details for the weekend.   Of importance, as always, are the tickets for Red Nose Run.

  • I want to emphasize that you can walk a mile, run whatever you like, don’t run/just hang out, don’t run, just hang out and buy some very cheap
  • Team Z gear is on sale at the RNR. The prices are amazing ”“ I’m trying to clear out inventory and move on to another store solution.
  • An example would be $20 for 3 pairs of LG riding shorts”¦we sold tons!   Probably 60-80 pairs of shorts walked out (thank you!).

The entry is $13 no matter what you choose or why you are coming. This event doubles as a fundraiser for MS.   Your entry fee includes”¦

  • Race timing/prizes for winners (free month of Team Z)
  • The social, a ticket for the raffle (chance to win one of 7 race entries and more) and a great lunch.
  • This is a great way to get to know some people.   I will be around for anyone who would like to ask a question.
  • New Zs”¦ Please try to make it to the RNR.
  • If you are only coming to shop/eat, eat”¦come around 9:30.

If your run will take your 4 hours or more, please email me.

Thanks guys”¦



Please vote by  responding on the  event brite  poll by Friday at 3pm  ”“ at the latest.

  • As always – we need time to plan, shop, and cook.
  • You can “pay” at the door ”“ but the prices will go up by $5.
  • You have until Friday at 3 pm to vote ”“ please do so asap.   Today even? <Wicked evil smiley face>
  • More details below for the entire weekend ”“  Both Saturday (RNR) and Sunday (Ride from Riley’s lock) Team Z activities for this weekend will be “voted on” using  EVENT BRITE link,  not on a normal Team Z poll.   Yes, most options are “Free” and some options are in order to donate to MS.


The  RNR Raffle  is massive – please come out and bring your wife or significant other if you like.  There will be a raffle, good grub, social (the raffle will have many prizes including 7 free race entries.

If you are coming to any RNR or Sunday Ride event – please “vote” on this  Event Brite in order that I can allocate staff and plan appropriately. Thank you!

  1. Saturday Red Nose Run  – 7:30 AM start for anyone going over 3 hours.  8:45 AM start for anyone running 2:45 or less. Goal is for everyone to finish between 10 and 11:30.  If you need extra time – reach out to me please.
  2. Sunday Group Ride –  9:00 AM at  White’s Ferry
  3. What is a Red Nose Run?  Explained…
  4. How to get in the Red Nose Run Raffle for the 7 free race entries
  5. Team Z Fit Kit and “Team Z Overstock and reduced price inventory” will be at the Red Nose Run.   This is the last chance, last final chance to be placed in our order that was submitted this week (the order is for brand new Pearl Izzumi/Team Z race shorts and tops). If you are not sure what I am talking about – please come so I can show/explain to you!


Saturday Red Nose Run Details (location, etc)


Bring with you a towel and change of clothes.  Please be mindful of your shoes – this place is nice so be prepared to change/take them off if we are tracking in “stuff”.   There is a bathroom onsite.

Please “Vote” on  EventBrite  if you plan to come, run, or volunteer.


Sunday Ride, White’s Ferry at 9:00 AMThe Ride distance options are 17, 20, 34, 42, and 50. Ride time is capped at 4 hours max.  Everyone is done and home before 1PM.

Please “Vote” on  EventBrite  if you plan to come


Red Nose Run Explanation

For those new to our team, a red nose run is a “team z produced” event designed to allow our athletes have a “simulated” race environment at key run workout dates.   During the winter, races are scarce due to the risk of weather.   So we put on our own “race”.   Everyone can win.   You simply come and run the distance that is prescribed on your training plan.  There are two divisions.

  • 10 miles or under – Red Nose Division
  • 11 miles or over – Runny Nose Division

At “registration” (on site), you will tell us how far you plan to run and what you predict your total finish time to be.   The winner of the race is the person who comes closest to their predicted time  (divided by the total miles run). You are not allowed to wear your HRM or watch.

If you are running with us on Saturday, it is a $13 “entry fee”.  What do you get for your entry?

  • Helps cover  the cost of the facility rental
  • Team Z will donate 20%  of the entry fees to Strike Out MS
  • The prize for the winner of each division is one month Team Z Dues.
  • Each Entry receives one raffle ticket for prizes such as gift certificates to restaurants and other local establishments, training nutrition products, training DVD’s…and  and more.
  • Included in the raffle will be free race entries (Luray triathlon, Rev 3, and  VTSMTS)
  • We will have an aid station which you will pass on each out and back.  Soda, Water, Various Chips, Combos, Cookies, Chicken Broth.
  • Pre and Post Run Coffee/Soda/water
  • Post Run  grub will include fixin’s and all that for you to make a burrito bowl or soft tacos.  The mains will be Black Beans, Cilantro-Lime Brown Rice, and Seasoned Ground Turkey and Beef.  Fresh salsa, Tomatoes, Guac, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, fresh tomato salsa (maybe Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa.  Chips.

Please “Vote” on  EventBrite  if you plan to come


How to get in on the raffle for the free race entries

*You are given one raffle ticket as part of your “race entry”.

This event  serves as a fundraiser for Strike Out MS.  You will  have the option on  Event Brite  to donate additional $ in exchange for additional raffle tickets.  $10 for 2  additional tickets.  $20 for 5 additional tickets. $40 for “wing span” (finger tip to finger tip).

Please “Vote” on  EventBrite  if you  would like to play.


 Team Z Fit Kit and Team Z “Overstock and clearance inventory”

…will be at the RNR as well.

If you are not running, please come by and check it out.  Vote on the poll so I can count you in for the food.

And please, please help us raise some funds!