March 16, 2016

The weekend of 3/19 and 3/20 in Team Z

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NEW POLL WITH RIDE DISTANCES ”“ PLEASE MAKE NEW VOTES. And ”“ what’s with the vote? Can’t we just get behind our CAPS FOR ONCE!  Don’t you guys know that that”¦

  1. The Caps are leading all teams in points, they are 50 and 19 with 16 games to play
  2. They are the only team who has locked up a play-off spot, even if they lose the final 16.
  3. Their Goalie Braden Holtby set the Caps single season Goalie record last night with his 44th
  4. He broke his own record which was a tie with Oli the Goalie
  5. Holtby is only 6 games away from tying the all-time record set by Martin Brodeur.

All: Weekend Poll: Please Vote

*There is no group run planned for this weekend. There was a Sunday Group Spin planned at Fast Track.   THIS HAS CHANGED.

  • The poll is overwhelmingly in favor of the outdoor ride.
  • NEW POLL OPTIONS ARE UP ”“ please revote.
  • The weather on Sunday will be raining and cold.
  • Saturday is sunny, light winds, and high of 48-50.
  • We will ride, unsupported (not workout leaders, no AWOLS, no Sags) on Saturday from Poolesville High School.
  • We will use the “Poolesville Renverse” cue sheet. This is new, built by Mark/Mary.   It is some of our usual routes, but ridden in reverse.   You’d be surprised how much difference it makes.
  • More details below.


In this email for Team Z Activities this weekend:

  1. Look Ahead for events that happen early next week
  2. Have you ever wanted to learn about Distance Cycling ”“ also called “randonneuring”? Teammate Mark Mullen to teach a clinic   April 10th.
  3. Saturday Group Ride called “Debbie’s Daffodils” ”“ From Poolesville High School, 9 AM.   PRINT YOUR OWN CUE SHEET.
  4. Good Luck to those racing Va Beach and the Local Scope it out 5k. More details on the Va Beach Weekend to come, let me see some votes for the 5k and we can make a call from there (please vote).
  5. Team Z Infant and Toddler T-shirts now available.

All: Weekend Poll: Please Vote


  1. Look Ahead for events that happen early next week

*New Training Plans and Group Schedules for the summer season to come out this week (today, tomorrow, Friday?).

This week we finish taper for our winter A races.   It is a pseudo recovery week for all others ”“ and just like last ”“ remember that these weeks always get weird b/c  the group workouts are reduced, some of you still have speed work ”“ we can just be a bit confusing.   But in general ”“ the weekdays are quiet still.

  • There will be no Yoga or boot camps next week.
  • There is a Monday Social Run in Arlington and Reston
  • Swims are on as normal on Tuesday
  • We will have Happy Hours on Wed ”“ TBA
  • Swims as normal on Thursday
  • Yoga on Friday as planned.


  1. Just call it/them “Randos” so you don’t have to remember Randonneuring. You can’t even google search for it.   Its a clinic, on distance cycling ”“ lead by Mark “I’m a Kiwi” Mullen.

Coach’s Comment:   I don’t remember the exact numbers ”“ but Mark is a ride leader during the week for one of our hill rides.   Mark road his bike something like 150k and ended at the start of his shift leading the ride.   More crazy people in this world”¦I tell you what.   Just an “every day thing”, I guess.

  • Randonnereuring Clinic ”“ 11:45 PM Sunday April 10, post boot camp and recovery ride
  • Mark your calendars

For many people, Team Z functions like an exercise gateway drug.   People discover that they like participating in one or more of these three sports and that leads them to seek out longer and longer distance challenges.   Some take those distances even as far as an Ironman.   But there is a world of challenges beyond the Ironman distance.   For that reason the team has in the past been extremely supportive of both endurance swimming events (such as the Chesapeake Bay swim) and ultra-running events (the world of craziness that exists beyond the marathon distance).   But we have not yet provided any information about the world of ultra-cycling.

Until now.

Mark your calendars for Sunday, April 10th when the Team will be offering a clinic introducing everyone to the world of ultra-distance cycling in the form of the sport of randonneuring.   This is not the madness of 24-hour racing or the sheer insanity of Race Across America.   Rather, as one of the oldest types of biking event in the world randonneuring (which got its start, as the name suggests, in France) encourages people to go long distances at a leisurely pace.   It is not a race, and events are adamantly non-competitive; cyclists are instead encouraged to set their own goals and above all to enjoy riding.   The philosophy of randonneuring is that if some riding is good, then more of it is inherently better!

The clinic will be led by Mark Mullen, with the assistance of Mike Wali (president of the DC Randonneurs) and Andrea Matney (DC Randonneurs outreach coordinator).   They will be offering a short presentation that defines randonneuring, explains why they have been drawn to it, and offers information about how to get involved.   Randonneurs tackle the ride challenges on a wide variety of bikes, and there will be a range of bicycles at the clinic to help you get a sense of some of the equipment choices that riders make.

The clinic will offer information about randonneuring events this year but even if that doesn’t fit with your plans this year we would encourage you still to attend if you are interested.   The philosophy of Randonneuring fits well with that of Team Z and even if you only do the occasional randonneuring event it can be a useful supplement to triathlon training in a number of ways.   And if you have biked a century in the past or feel you could work your way up to one in the near future, you are physically capable of completing the entry-level randonneuring distances.

Hope to see you all there.


  1. Saturday Group Ride “Debbie’s Daffodils” at Poolesville High School

The ride is titled such b/c the daffodils are out and Debbie wants to see them!   That simple.


  1. Park in the HUGE lot by the monster soccer/other fields. If your lot is small ”“ you are on the wrong side of the school.
  2. All ”“ DO NOT FORGET TO PRINT YOUR OWN CUE SHEETS ”“ none will be provided for you. Bring an extra or two if you like to help someone out ”“ you know someone will forget. Worse case ”“ if you forget your cue sheet you can always use your phone since we have such an AWESOME website.   Links below.
  3. New folks ”“ if you have been on the new and supported rides ”“ near the rear with a ride leader. If you are planning to head out for a ride ”“ please make sure you bring plenty of food and drink. Print the 20 mile cue sheet ”“ and you can make a decision up to 9 miles out if you want to turn around and go back (shorten the ride).   I’m putting a poll option up for “new, I want to ride with buddies ”“ and I understand we will all stay together and this is a NO DROP ride.   We will ride the pace of the newest rider ”“ and stay together.”   This is what we do on this team ”“ lets support each other.




  • Time: Saturday 9:00 AM

 Cue Sheet:

All: Weekend Poll: Please Vote