March 24, 2016

The weekend of 3/26 and 3/27 in Team Z

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For those of you who are worried you are not “fast enough” to run or ride with us I want you to put a sock in your mouth and meet me at a group workout ”“any group workout.   Just email me ( and we’ll coordinate.   I had a blast last night ”“ and while I was running I got passed by two people on our team who were walking.   I was teaching someone how to run, and stay aerobic (which is inherently different than walking ”“ which some of us can do faster than we run ”“ at least to start).

YES.   I will do the same thing on the bike as will Alexis. And our run and ride leaders.   This is why we are here, and this is why we are different than other clubs and programs.   If you EVER get left behind (unless you do so intentionally) ”“ you let me know.  Please put away your hesitations and join us.   In 20-25 minutes last night myself and two compatriots ran less than 1.5 miles.   So, there.   Come and join me.   And your teammates.   The “fast crew” on our team is 11:30-13:00 minute miles (the masses)

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*DO NOT MISS THE BONZAI/SLOW TWITCH ROAD SHOW THIS SUNDAY FROM 10-5PM:   Free wheels, other giveaways, raffles, clinics, etc.


In this email for Team Z Activities this weekend

  1. Look Ahead for events that happen early next week
  2. Overview for the Saturday Bonzai/SlowTwitch Road Show
  3. Saturday 9 am group ride from the walmart at Haymarket

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  1. Look Ahead for events that happen early next week

Next week is still a “silly week” until we get back into our normal grind of 2 weeks on and 1 week recovery.   However ”“ we have added back a few more workouts.   It’s a CHILL week except, again, your weekend rides and runs are SUPER IMPORTANT.   Don’t fool around with the schedules just b/c they are easy.   Get this stuff in.   And then crush the weekend workouts!

Note ”“ new weekday workout locations this year (details on how and where each week as they are introduced). But here’s a scooop

  1. Haines point and Rock Creek Rides  and Wakefield (not this week) will remain our Tues night Rides.
  2. No more rides from Reston or Chantilly, or Arlington W&L.
  3. Vienna Caboose brewery become our Thurs West Hill Ride.   Its not just repeats now, we have a safe, “fun” hill loop.
  4. Sleepy Hollow will be our Arlington/Alexandria/Mid-West Hill Ride, and Rock Creek will remain for the DC crew.
  5. We are adding a Thursday recovery week only ride from Sears (back side of Sleepy Hollow) simply b/c it’s a great neighborhood and so damn close to Dog Fish Head. J
  6. And we are adding our Wed night recovery runs followed by Happy Hours at Rock Bottom in Bethesda as well as Vienna Caboose Brewery in Vienna.   These are recovery weeks only.
  7. Monday PRR Arlington Runs remain all days, even recovery week Mondays (so that’s Monday HH at The Green Turtle).
  8. All Swims Stay the same, for now.
  9. Track workouts will remain with the new addition of W&L High School (Arlington) AM’s coming back in addition to South Lakes High School.
  10. Yoga on Friday’s, every Friday ”“ still remain.

I’m pumped about

  1. Our first “recovery week run” followed by the “Recovery week happy hour”.   We probably had 20 runners, maybe 40 happy hour’rs’rsrs.   Thanks for coming and the weather was beautiful.
  2. Here is our run down for next week
  • Monday there is a lunch swim in DC
  • There is a Monday Social Run in Arlington and Reston, Arlington has a post social grub at The Green Turtle
  • Swims are on as normal on Tuesday
  • Your Tuesday Rides are on your own ”“ one more week.
  • Wed there is a morning and lunch time swim
  • Wed there is a recovery run at Rock Bottom Brewery in Bethesda
  • Wed there is a Post Recovery Run Happy Hour at Rock Bottom Brewery in Bethesda.
  • Wed there is a recovery run at the Vienna Caboose Brewery, Vienna Va
  • Wed there is a Post Recovery Run Happy Hour at Vienna Caboose Brewery, Vienna Va
  • Swims as normal on Thursday
  • Thursday there is a PM Group Social Ride at the Sears in Falls Church
  • Thursday there is post Sears Group Social Ride Happy Hour at Dog Fish Head Brewery and Ale House (Falls Church)
  • Yoga on Friday as planned.


  1. Overview for the Saturday Bonzai/SlowTwitch Road Show
  • Don’t forget the informal “wetsuit clinic” at 2 pm at the Team Z tent on Saturday.   Just a guide, how to shop ”“ and then next steps.   Vote on the poll please so we know who to expect.
  • When ”“ 10-5:00 PM on Saturday
  • Group ride, demos, raffles, giveaways meet the famous Dan Empfield (Founder of Quinta Roo)”¦way more

Message from Dan Empfield:   Publisher of “SlowTwich”, founder of Quinta Roo.

As you may know, I and my organization are bringing an event to town.   It’s the Slowtwitch Road Show, and takes place at Bonzai Sports this upcoming Saturday (March 26).   It’s an event to benefit all local stakeholders and that includes clubs.

As founder of Quintana Roo in 1987, and as founder of in 1999, my interest in the DC community has been long and ardent.   I started selling wetsuits to Phil Fenty at Fleet Feet and Mark Smith at Bonzai in the 1980s, and then tri bikes beginning in 1989 to Bonzai.   I did not know that your community would grow as it has.   It has been my pleasure to spectate everything that you all have done and become.

I will be at this show and on this day I will spend it working on a new state of the art fit bike just arrived at Bonzai Sports.   I’ll be prescribing complete bike solutions by appointment, that is, which Orbea, Quintana Roo or other tri bike would fit you in precise detail (frame size, stem length and pitch, pedestals and so forth) using calculators and databases.   This is done by appointment, and there are only 9 appointment slots.   You’ll find them here:

At all our shows these appointments go quickly. I thought I’d let you know in case your club members would like to make an appointment while they are available (I just enabled this appointment book).   On that page are also start and end times and the day’s itinerary.

Also, Zwift will be demonstrating its new virtual racing course, the Watopia Mountain Expansion, aboard Wahoo Fitness Kickrs.   This show in DC will be the first time that this new course has been demoed by Zwift anywhere.

If you are going to mail to your membership about this show, I would say this:   Attendees at our shows are sore disappointed when they arrive in jeans and flip flops because of all the demo opportunities.& nbsp; Besides what I’ll be doing on the fit bike, Wahoo Fitness, Powertap, CycleOps, Quintana Roo, Orbea, Zwift will all show up with demo products to try.     It’s unlikely all this will be replicated in the DC area at any other time this year. The enterprising attendee brings his cycling kit and shoes.

I hope I get to see club members at the event.   If you attend, please introduce yourself to me and say hi.


Dan Empfield


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  1. Saturday Group Ride at The Walmart in Haymarket 9AM


Check out the directions on how to get there, where to park, where to find cupcakes and ice cream.   Oh, and a bathroom ”“ and then of course ”“ where to park. All links are below.   We have 3 folks riding 18 tomorrow and will be with at least one ride leader, maybe two.   Aside from one big ol hill ”“ this is a fantastic place to ride when new. So   jump on the poll and join in if you are nervous or avoiding joining the group for some reason or another.   I promise ”“ on the way home you will not regret it.   They way out????     J




  • Time: Sunday 9:00 AM ”“ 2:00 PM ride ends.   That’s 12 mph for 60 milers. If you can’t do 12 mph ”“ its because you stop too much.   DO not stop!   Keep riding.   Your cutoff at Ironman is not going to slide backwards for stoppage time (think world cup soccer).

Cue Sheet:

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