May 18, 2016

The weekend of 5/21 and 5/22

There are changes to locations all over the place in this post for the weekend.  Please pay attention to location changes.

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**Note:  The speaker will not be able to make it on Sunday for the Cycling Injury Prevention and Fit Clinic.  We are working to reschedule it.


In this email for Team Z Activities this weekend

  1. Look Ahead for events that happen early next week
  2. Saturday  Group  Track Practice
  3. Saturday  11:45 Basic Bike Maintenance Clinic
  4. Saturday 1:15 Heart Rate Training Presentation
  5. Sunday  “Almost” Epic Boot Camp
  6. Sunday Recovery Ride – easy path or roads, and ride leaders
  7. Cycling Injury Prevention, Technique, and Fit Clinic – POSTPONED


 High level overview of the activities for this week in Team Z

:  All swims  and outdoor group rides on as normal.

Tuesday:   All swims  and outdoor group rides on as normal.

Wednesday:    All activities on as normal

Thursday:      All swims  and outdoor group rides on as normal.

Friday: Yoga and AM swim on as normal

  • Yoga at Simon Says  (DC, Arlington, Bethesda)
  • Morning swim  at AU  (DC)


2.  Saturday Group Track Practice  -9:00 AM from  Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.  This is not the same location as the indoor track.  


  • Saturday  9:00 AM Track Practice
  • Ride  Leaders:  All Available Track and Run leaders


Read the location notes for google maps,  and hints regarding bathrooms, arrival, last minute supplies (if necessary).

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3. Sunday 11:45  AM Basic Bike Maintenance Clinic (location has moved to Arlington Oaks Recreation Room)

The Bike Maintenance Clinic is not intended to provide detailed instructions on how to build or tune a bike. It is intended that you will learn basic safety checks, how to clean and maintain your bike, how to remove and replace wheels, and how to properly change a flat tire. We will talk about what you should carry with you on bike rides, and where to carry it. We will also address what you need to buy to maintain your bike (or what substitutes you have at home that will work just fine for now!). We will teach you additional tricks such as how to ride your chain back on to the bike when you drop it. We will teach you some basic adjustments for gears (fix ghost shifting) and brakes.
BRING WITH YOU: (Only if you have them, come anyway if you have nothing! Bring what you can if you have some things but not all!). Your saddle bag, tire levers, pump, and your front wheel. Please, if you can, CLEAN your front wheel using soap, water, and/or windex/etc. We will actually TEACH YOU and let you PRACTICE changing a flat with our help and feedback. If your tire is not cleaned, you will get dirt on yourself, your clothes, the carpet, and us.  If you don’t have time to go home and get these things, come anyway and we’ll have some things to lend (but not a ton).

Clinic leader:  Ed

Street Address:  4490 N. Pershing Drive  Arlington  VA

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4.  Saturday 1:15 Heart Rate Training Clinic (location has moved to Arlington Oaks Recreation Room)

Come for part, come for all.   But PLEASE try to make the clinic (Heart Rate Training).  This clinic is important and in the long run I really believe that what you learn about HRT will most affect your training with Team Z and what you get from this experience.

The clinic is well organized and the presentation is made by one of our teammates who is a PhD in Bio Chemistry.   He will help you understand WHY Heart Rate Training works and most importantly Matt will teach you what is happening inside your body when you follow the training plans that are designed for you.   If you can stay for the entire seminar I KNOW that you will learn more than you realize!   You do not need to bring anything unless you’d like to take notes!

Clinic leader:  Matt Wolfe

Street Address:  4490 N. Pershing Drive  Arlington  VA

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5. Sunday  ”“ 9:00 AM Boot Camp ”“ Fast Track  

We prefer to simply describe this event as”¦.. “EPIC”.     You do not want to miss! We have bands and the like ”“ please bring your own matt if you have one.   Be prepared to exercise either indoors or out!

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6    Sunday  ”“ 10:00 group ride (super beginner friendly) ”“ Fast Track

This is a recovery ride. The intention is to ride for up to 2 hours (or less).   You may choose to use the trail, however road cue sheets are available that tie into our Falls Church High School Rides.

We do have ride leaders and they are there to teach and ride with newer or nervous cyclists.   Or even a mid range person that is looking to learn a specific skill.     For the newest of riders ”“ if you would like the help JUST AKS and we will be with you 100% of the time and your ride will include learning about trail rules, safety discussions, and skills such as starting and stopping safely at stop signs (if you are nervous about falling over, etc ”“ this is perfect for you).

If you want help ”“ just hang back after the groups of riders are released and we’ll organize you into teams to head out with a ride leader.   This is why we are here, so if you want to learn something LET US KNOW and we could possibly work a group around that skill and head out together (changing a flat, for example).

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