May 4, 2016

The weekend of 5/7 and 5/8

I had to reset the poll answers ONLY FOR THE WEEKEND POLL (yesterday afternoon). Please check to see that your vote is still there.

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**Note:  The cycling etiquette and technique clinic planned for Sunday is a boring title, but likely one of the most important clinics we teach.  What you don’t learn in most clinics will only cause danger or injury to yourself.

What you don’t learn in this clinic will cause injury to others.  I had a 7 year team member leave last month b/c they believe that the newer cyclists are not learning or respecting the rules and the veterans are being “cavalier”.

You can  have fun while being safe, learn the rules, follow them, and enforce them amongset your teammates.  PLEASE (clinic details below)


In this email for Team Z Activities this weekend

  1. Look Ahead for events that happen early next week
  2. Saturday  Group Ride – 8:00 AM from Mountain Run Lake Park
  3. Sunday  Group Run – 7:30 AM from Vienna Caboose
  4. Sunday Cycling Etiquette and Safety Clinic – Weather Depending 9:45 AM at Vienna Caboose
  5. Lake Placid Training Trip (anyone can come)!

Please remember I had to reset the poll yesterday afternoon.  Please re-vote, or make sure your vote is still accurate for the weekend activities.

  • All: Weekend Poll: Please Vote
  • Lake Placid Training Camp:  Please Vote.
  • “what races are you doing in 2016” poll:  Please Vote
  • Mountains of Misery and Wilderness Road Ride Weekend Poll:  Please Vote


  1.  High level overview of the activities for this week in Team Z



All swims on as normal.

Outdoor group rides on as normal.



All swims on as normal.

Outdoor group rides on as normal.


  • Yoga at Simon Says  (DC, Arlington, Bethesda)
  • Morning swim  at AU  (DC)


2.  Saturday Group Ride – 8:00 AM from  Mountain Run Lake Park

I know we’ve been out this way a bunch – but is has been for a reason.  And this is last time for a long while that we will be out here as a group. Don’t miss it if you can help it.  Its work, but a very magnificent ride.

Ride Notes from your Ride Leader Mary Pickering:

Why on earth would I travel all the way out to Culpeper just for a ride? Well, because Culpeper is not just a ride. First of all, it is really beautiful, second of all, it’s really good hill training, and third of all, there’s ice cream. And if you end early enough, there’s grilled cheese sandwiches.

Seriously though, Culpeper is one of those rides that rewards you the more you come out and ride it. We have four distances to choose from. There’s 16 miles with a ride leader who’ll help you every pedal stroke of the way. And if you liked it so much, why not head out for a second loop for 32? If you’ve been riding in the 30-ish range for a while, why not step it up for 48? The 48 has a fair amount of climbing, including one hill that you will hate the first time you climb it, but I promise you, it’ll get easier and easier every subsequent visit – and the descent down the other side is FUN!. And don’t forget to visit the Hall of Gourds in Syria. The 74 takes you past some spectacular views of Old Rag and one of those quaint old country stores. Some tough little hills come in the last 30 miles, so be sure to take it super easy early on. And if you’re training for IMLP or MoM, head on out on the 16 for a round 100 miles.

Along the way, wave at Beagle Corner, named in honor of our old teammate Janice Kwa who could attract Beagles better than any person I’ve ever met. And Janice’s other favorite thing in the world is ice cream, and Moo Thru on Route 29 has some of the best in the area. A trip out to Culpeper simply isn’t complete without it.

Please come out! Don’t be afraid of the hills – Team Z riders are the best climbers in triathlon – let us show you how!




Read the location notes for google maps, hints regarding bathrooms, arrival, last minute supplies.


  • Time: Saturday  8:00 AM.



3. Sunday 7:30 AM Group Run from the Vienna Caboose (Post Run Chill at the Caboose Brewery)

Please vote for our pace options on the poll.  We have a run leader who will be taking out the 15+ run/run walkers so don’t think “you are too slow”.  There is no such thing on this team.  SOME OF OUR WORKOUT LEADERS ARE THIS PACE.  We rock.  From World Champions to Final Finishers. Get out there, you won’t regret it!

For those heading to the group run in Vienna, you’re in for a treat.  The trail allows you to as many out and backs as you like to refuel (if going long), or to do shorter intervals if testing yourself for the first time or recovering from an injury.  The most important thing is that you are seconds away from the Caboose Brewery, The Vienna Inn (famous for the chili dog and a top 10 must not miss on some travel to dc list), and Amphora – breakfast at its best!   All are Legends in terms of food.  Well, the brewery is new but it got a big spot in my heart anyway!




  • Time: Sunday 7:30  AM.


  • Run Distances:  0-16 miles
  • Guided Run:   Yes/no ”“ trail is easy to follow.


4. Sunday bike Etiquette and Safety  clinic – for the newer triathlete.  Post Run at Vienna Caboose.  PLEASE be on time as this clinic COULD move to the Brewery if the weather OR the group dictates.  

If you are running shorter – bring a chair, a blanket or towel.  Have some water and snacks – maybe the family dog.  Hang out and relax and get to know people.  The clinic will begin before you know it!

THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT CLINIC.  We do not have turn signals and horns on our bicycles.  You must learn to communicate with  your voice and your hands – and you must obey the unwritten rules of riding on the road.  Mistakes you make in most sports only affect you.  In cycling – the mistakes you make affect or cause injury to others (you will most likely be fine).

The cycling etiquette and safety clinic is a lecture based session.  Please come dressed as you are and bring paper and a pen IF you would like to take notes.  This clinic is extremely important if you have never been taught the “rules of the road” with regards to road cycling.

We will teach you about hand and voice communication that cyclists use.  We will talk about the etiquette and “expectations” of how you operate your bike in a group environment, or while riding alone.  While the clinic has a boring title, for many of you I’m certain you will walk away with a TONS of new information helping you to build your confidence when riding in a group environment ”“ or even out by yourself for a Sunday stroll on the W&OD Trail.

What/When/Where and the Scoop:  Note this could change to the Vienna Caboose Brewery based on group decision and or weather.


5.  Lake Placid Training Camp – 100 mile ride on Saturday (8 am), 16 mile run on Sunday (7 am).  Times subject to change.

A.  Most People seem to be leaving on Friday.

B.  We will ride at 8 am on Saturday, weather depending and I reserve the right to change the start time as late as Friday evening or even Saturday morning.

C.  We will run early on Sunday – 7 am target in order that we can get on the road and home – for those not planning to stay.  I like the 16 mile distance as it will allow us to start you on the out and back by the lake, then a full loop and to finish on the out and back.  It should be a good eye opener.  I will poll and feel out the group on the run start and distance – I reserve the right to change the group plans as late as Saturday Evening.  

D.  THE HOTEL: The majority of us are at the Town and Country Motor Inn.  

E.  In town on Friday?  Lets meet at the Lake Placid Brew Pub.  We’ll call it 5:30 or 6:00 PM.  Anyone leaving by 7:00 AM with no traffic should be there by 5 or 5:30.   I plan to leave the pub by 8-9 (9 at the latest), so if you get a late start just grab some grub on your way.

F.  We will meet in front of the lake Placid Brew Pub “Ready to Ride” at 7:45 AM on Saturday.  Not “getting out of your car”.  Dialed in, pumped up, and ready to go at 7:45 AM.  I’ll have cue sheets and instructions for you at that time.

F.  Saturday Post Ride Grub and Grog – you guessed it, Lake Placid Brew Pub.  Sit and enjoy as you wait for and cheer for your buds making their way back in after the 11 mile climb into town.  Bring a change of clothes to wherever (if you park, in my car, I don’t know). Roll right in and get comfy! I’d suggest finding a place to park so you can secure your bike after the ride.

G.  Sunday Group Run – meet, ready to roll at 7:00 AM in front of the Lake Placid Brew Pub.  A 12 minute mile puts you at a 10:15 finish or 11:00 AM start on the ride home.  Back in DC by 7 or 8 pm.  Depending on group decisions and feelings – this run could start earlier or even be cut to one loop.  We’ll see how you guys feel, and if you are staying to Monday.   Tons of options for KILLER breakfast if you stay (or brunch) Sunday night.