January 29, 2015

The Weekend of January 30 in Team Z

Ed is back and digging out of emails ”“ while medicated. I’m medicated from surgery a couple days ago. So basically, interpret this email best you can, then turn to Alexis with any questions 🙂  (sorry Alexis)



In this e-mail:
Saturday Hash Run ”“ 10:00 AM ”“ Potomac River Running, Reston, VA

Saturday Beerz and Gearz Clinic ”“ 5:30 PM ”“ Arlington Oaks, Arlington, VA

Sunday Team Time Trial ”“ 8:00 AM ”“ Prince William Forest, Triangle, VA


Saturday Hash Run ”“ Potomac River Running, Reston, VA ”“ 10:00 AM


The W&OD Trail is right behind PRR Reston ”“ this should make for a great Hash Run! If you’re new ”“ do not be intimidated ”“ these runs are a blast and you get your workout in while playing a game. We will explain it all to you. It’s laid back, and if you hate having fun you could “just run” ”“ fun is so 2014.

Post run grub at Uncle Julio’s??


When:  Sunday, 10:00 AM


Leader:  Hash Team 1 ”“ Shanda, Rachel, Kate


Where:   Potomac River Running, Reston


Street Address:   11911 Democracy Drive, Reston, VA


Google Map Link:  http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Potomac+River+Running+Store,+11911+Democracy+Drive,+Reston,+VA+20190&hl=en&sll=38.960009,-77.359564&sspn=0.009394,0.013797&oq=potoma&t=h&hq=Potomac+River+Running+Store,+11911+Democracy+Drive,+Reston,+VA+20190&z=14



Saturday Beerz & Gearz Clinic ”“ 5:30 PM ”“ Arlington Oaks, Arlington, VA
This is a much more detailed explanation of the ins-and-outs of bike maintenance, bike fit, bike Zen, bike everything.


The idea is to have a brew or two and nerd out on bike questions for as long as we have the room and people are interested. We’ll start from scratch and work through an understanding of gearing ratios, compact cranks, cassette terminology and choices, and all manner of other things that you’re interested in, even if you don’t know it yet.   🙂  This portion will be largely lecture but we’ll take questions along the way, whenever they arise.


The second part of the clinic will be open-forum “whatever is on your mind about bikes”.  Want to talk about wheel selection and technology?  Tires?  Power meters?  Bike fit issues? Aerobar types?  Anything at all that you have questions about, bring them and we’ll chat.  No question is too basic, although if it’s covered in another clinic (like the difference/choice between tri bikes and road bikes), we may give preference to other questions that are not covered elsewhere.

PLEASE come and ask whatever’s on your mind.  We’re here to help, and the purpose of this clinic is to be a “catch-all” for anything that’s not covered in another clinic, whether because it’s on a slightly different issue or because it’s more advanced.  Even if you don’t have any questions, you will probably learn things from others’ questions, and I can virtually guarantee you’ll pick up something from the gearing discussion.  We may not have all of the answers — like, we can’t say what saddle is best for you — but there’s a lot of wonkiness to exploit.


Leader:  Ray Nancoz


When:   5:30 PM


Where:   Arlington Oaks Recreation Room


Address:   4490 N. Pershing Drive Arlington, VA 22203


Google Map:  




Sunday Team Time Trial ”“ 8:00 AM ”“ Prince William Forest, Triangle, VA


Long-running Team Z tradition! Sunday’s group ride will be a time trial format – 8:00 AM start (7:00 AM arrive) at Prince William Forest.  You DO NOT have to be fast. We will time you, but we do so to provide you with a baseline for comparison to future time trials. We will provide you with your overall time, time for each loop, and variance between loop times.


**NEW Zs, NERVOUS RIDERS** There will simply NOT be a better opportunity for you to get your feet wet than this ride.  PLEASE COME. PLEASE BELIEVE ME. Beginner friendly doesn’t mean flat with this ride. But that’s OK”¦beginners, you CAN do this! Even if you have to walk you WILL finish and you WILL enjoy it.

This ride is for EVERYONE, even if you have not attended the bike safety and etiquette clinic.  If you have trouble clipping in, this is still for you. If you don’t like riding around cars, this is still for you (there are hardly any). If you fall into this category, you are encouraged you to come and arrive by 7:00 AM, and get ready to ride. Mountain bike, hybrid, borrowed, stolen ”“ if you have a bike and want to ride with us, come out.  If you are nervous for ANY reason ”“ find a leader or coach by 7:00 AM and chat. They are there to help. You will be fine, and you will have fun! The entire time trial is 14 miles long, but this is a seven (7) mile loop. This means you can do one loop or two loops, whatever suits your ability and background. You can ride easy OR hard”¦YOUR CHOICE.  The point is to set a baseline and get a time – then watch yourself improve over the winter. There are more of these to come!


When:   Sunday, 8:00 AM starts the festivities. Arrive before 7:00 AM”¦ pretend this is a normal ride and we are rolling at 8. But the reality is that we will check in as many people as we can down in the lower lot from 7 to 7:30. Then we all roll out of parking lot at 7:30 AM for a 2.6 mile warm up to get to the start line.  The actual time trial starts at 8:00 AM from the start location (look at the Google map). It’s easy, you can’t get lost, there will 100 of us all going the same direction.


Where:   Prince William Forrest Park, Triangle, VA


AWOL:  Jimmy Lutz


Timers/Registration:   Joy Wolf


Leaders:  Mo Tobin, Theresa Urban


Address:  18170 Park Entrance Road, Triangle, Virginia”¦GPS users, this gets you CLOSE”¦just follow the directions below”¦


Directions:   Take I-95 South (32 miles south of Washington, D.C.). Enter Triangle, Virginia near the Quantico Marine Base. Take rte 619 West (exit 150).   The park entrance is less than 1/4 mile on the right hand side of route 619 West. Follow signs to the visitor center.   DRIVE PAST the visitor center and down telegraph road.  The parking area is another .25 miles down the little hill – at the very end (Look at the google map please)


Parking:  LOOK AT THE GOOGLE MAP! We will park in the lot at the END of Telegraph Road, PAST the Visitors Center.  When you enter the park, you will go through the entrance gate/building. There will be nobody there.  Drive STRAIGHT until you see a round about with the visitor center.  The visitor center is noted on the map. Just to the right of the visitor center is a road that continues straight. Drive STRAIGHT down this road for .25-.5 miles to the pavilion/grass field at the bottom. Park there.  The parking area is noted on the map. LOOK AT IT PLEASE.  Each car that comes to the park must pay $5 – it’s to help support the park, and it’s important that we do it. However, the Visitors Center (where you pay) will not open until 9:00 (after we’ve rolled out), so please make sure you pay the $5 before you leave.  CARPOOL!


Google Map: