May 30, 2014

Weekend of May 30, 2014

What up Team Z! So many choices…scoop of vanilla scoop of chocolate, don’t waste my time!


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In this e-mail for activities NOT including the Rock Hall Race Weekend:

  1. Saturday group run ”“ 8:00 AM ”“ Vienna Caboose, Vienna, VA
  2. Sunday group ride ”“ 8:00 AM ”“ Monocacy Middle School, Frederick, MD

A.   Saturday group run ”“ 8:00 AM ”“ Vienna Caboose, Vienna, VA

Get it done with us and then enjoy breakfast at Amphora! Mmmmmm Amphora brunch (insert Homer drooling sound). All abilities welcome of course! BOP “cabooses” get your caboose to this run.

  • When: Saturday, 8:00 AM
  • Where: The Vienna Caboose
  • Run leader: Zoe (with Ed on a leash)
  • Google Map [maplist locationstoshow=”1342″ simplesearch=”true” viewstyle=”maponly” locationsperpage=”3″]
  • Directions: From Route 66 or Rte 7   – Take Route 123 (Chain Bridge) into Vienna. Turn on Park Street (right if coming from   Tysons Corner, Left if from Oakton or Rte 66. Turn left at four-way stop sign onto Church St.   You will see the “caboose”.
  • Parking:   Park anywhere and meet at the caboose – right on the trail.

B.   Sunday group ride ”“ 8:00 AM ”“ Monocacy Middle School, Frederick, MD

IH8URA OPTION: Putting this up top so you see it. First of all, it you are new, ignore this. IH8URA or “I hate you Ray” is called that for a reason (Ray is the guy on our team who made this ride). For those new to the program ”“ this route is for people who do rides like “Happy Happy Pain Pain” and “OMGWTF”. Some say they are not right in the head! These rides are NOT for the faint of heart and probably not for you. It is a ridiculously hilly ride for only our very strongest cyclists. Anyway”¦ WE WILL NOT BE SUPPORTING AN “IH8URA” OPTION THIS WEEKEND. ALL OF OUR ROUTES ARE THE NORMAL SANE ROUTES. However ”“ if any of you are interested in doing IH8URA e-mail Ed directly ”“ If there are a bunch of you he can help you organize (though sags will still not be supporting you). Many of our strongest riders have been doing plenty of hill work, andmany did MOM last weekend. MOM followed by IH8URA this weekend is way too much.

Seriously, if you think 97 “normal” miles is not enough you have lost perspective!!!

OK”¦ on to the ride deets”¦

The last three times we did this I had people voice their disappointment at not seeing all 3 covered bridges. Most routes will not. If you go long you will. If you don’t it’s still beautiful so suck it up! There are “rollers” but nothing soul destroying”¦ and we have leads to help you, so you’re out of excuses. New Z’s get your butts out there.

  • When: Sunday, 8:00 AM
  • Where: Monocacy Middle School, Frederick, MD
  • Ride Leaders: Turbo, Jen F, Fast Eddie
  • Sags: Kerrie, Diane
  • Cue Sheet Printing: Ed
  • Cue Sheet Link
  • Distance Options: 17, 30, 50, 60, 80, 97
  • Distance Notes: 60 = 30 + 30, 80 = 50 + 30, 97 = 50 + 30 + 17 in that orderplease
  • Address: 8009 Opossumtown Pike, Frederick, MD
  • Google Map