December 24, 2018

Common Triathlete Mistakes

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A triathlon typically consists of cycling, running and swimming various distances. Training and participating in a triathlon takes a lot of hard work and dedication. However, it’s not uncommon for athletes to make mistakes when they’re first starting out and affect their ability to perform at their best. Coaches share some common triathlete mistakes to avoid:

Going Too Hard Too Fast

Many triathletes start the race with way too much intensity. They may go too hard on the bike part of the race and then tire out before the race is even done. That’s why it’s best to start the race at a slower pace and then gradually go harder. If you wait closer to the end to give it your all, you are more likely to finish the race successfully.

Not Working on Your Technique

In order to finish the triathlon in a timely manner and avoid getting hurt, it’s important to work on your technique. For example, you can perform “high knees” and “butt kicks” during your running training once a week to improve your technique. It’s also critical to focus on your form when running, swimming and cycling. If you’re not sure if your form is correct, your training coach can show you.

Failing to Do Weekday Workouts

Many people training for triathlons put too much focus on long weekend workouts and not enough on Monday through Friday workouts. The weekday workouts are much shorter, so some athletes don’t think they’re that important. However, it’s important to train consistently to properly prepare for the race.

Not Knowing Your Bike’s Gearing

Not many triathletes take the time to understand their bike’s gearing before the big day. However, learning your bike’s gearing can help you make things a little easier on yourself. For example, you should learn how to shift gears when you’re going up hills so that you don’t use up too much energy.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

While it’s important to get enough rest throughout your training, it becomes especially critical the days leading up to the race. If you skimp on sleep right before the big day, you may be tired and not perform as well. Try to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages in the evening and try to do something relaxing before bedtime, like yoga or meditation.

Skipping the Warm-up

Believe it or not, many new triathletes don’t take advantage of warming up before the big race. They may arrive late or not think it’s important. However, a proper warm-up will get your blood pumping and prevent you from getting injured during the event. Take at least 10 to 15 minutes to properly warm up your body. For example, you could run in place or do jumping jacks.

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