August 3, 2014

The week of 8/3 in Team Z MD/DC

I am flying to Milwaukee on Thursday for the USA Triathlon National Races. I then turn around and drive to Canada for IM Mont-Tremblant. I will be in touch with all the group workout leaders to make sure all workouts and happy hours are covered.

B. Bike Hillz Clinic will now be on Tuesday, August 5th after Bike Skillz Clinic

Since I won’t be around, the best solution I can think of without canceling or delaying a clinic is to combine them! I will have the Bike Skillz Clinic at 6:30 PM. I will have the Bike Hillz Clinic at 7:30 PM. Both will be at Carter Baron Park.

C. 90 minute swims continue. This is the last week!

This is the last week of 90 minute swims at UDC for the IMMT folks. 5:30 AM start time for 90 minute swims. 6:00 AM start time for regular practice.

D. Expectations for the Luray Practice Swim and Run

 This is an event that the organizers of the Luray triathlon historically have put on the week before the race. It’s well organized and a good opportunity for a practice open water swim. Traditionally we’ve run after the swim as a way to get our long runs in. We typically head down with our small trailer and grill while you guys did your swim and run then hang for a while before heading back. This year we have run out of staff! All coaches have commitments this weekend. But that’s OK! The open water swim clinic is their thing anyway ”“ they have experienced coaches talk about their course and open water swimming technique in general. Then you get in and swim! It’s all their event, not a team z organized thing. So y’all need to still go ”“ it’s a great opportunity! In the weekend e-mail I’ll provide more deets. Get your run in while you’re down there too! Especially if you’re racing it next week and want a sneak peek.GoogleMap:,-77.153034&spn=0.021748,0.038581&t=h&z=15



2. Overview of Team Z Clinics taking place this week (Weekend clinics explained in weekend email)

A.   Bike Skillz Clinic is on Tuesday at 6:30 PM – at Carter Barron Park Yes! Bring your bikes, helmets, shoes, etc!   The idea for this clinic is to give people a chance to practice bike handling skills in a safe environment.   We’ll have a brief lecture on few technique issues, then divide up into small groups to play a series of bike handling games.   Some will be harder than others, and you only need to do what you’re comfortable with!   We’ll have everything from cone-weaving to one-handed riding, bunny hopping, riding as slowly as possible, and bottle pickups.   It should be a lot of fun.   This is NOT intended for our stronger cyclists!   Don’t forget your gloves please.   Don’t forget your sumo suits!   DO NOT BE NERVOUS if you are a new rider.   THIS IS DESIGNED AND INTENDED FOR YOU!

B. Bike Hillz Clinic is also on Tuesday at 7:30 PM at Carter Barron Park

The intention was that this clinic was for more veteran Zrs who are not comfortable descending on their bikes as well as newer Zs.   We do not expect our best cyclists to participate though you are welcome to come and help if you like.     This clinic is intended for people who are comfortable on their bikes, but who get very nervous when there’s a long or steep downhill.   If you’re still getting used to the feel of your bike and getting the hang of things (shifting gears, clipping in and out, etc) it would make more sense to get some “normal” saddle time in, and catch the clinic the next time around.   Likewise, if you’re already comfortable bombing down hills, you might not get much out of this clinic.

Directions to Carter Barron Park:

Address: 4850 Colorado Ave. NW Washington DC 20011-3722

Google map:,-77.039673&spn=0.00831,0.020578

From either Maryland or DC, take 16th St. until you get to Kennedy St which takes you right into the Park. You’ll pass soccer fields and then make a left onto side road which will get you to the parking lot.   Please look at Google map! We will meet at back parking lot.

C. Sunday strength and injury prevention clinic ”“ 9:00 AM – The Endurance Athlete Center, Falls Church, VA

If you have muscles, or a skeletal system, or hope to own some someday, this clinic is for you”¦

This clinic is another of the “do not miss” variety.   All are welcome, new Zs and vets alike.   Please come dressed in athletic clothing.   Don’t stress about this at all – this is not a workout!   There is a test, but it is not likely you’ll even break a sweat and we simply do not make you max out on push ups or anything silly like that.

What they WILL do is put you through a very cool series of functional assessment tests.   These are tests that Kerri (our team PT) has put together to help YOU identify the most common muscle imbalances or weaknesses found in Team Z Triathletes.   Each of these possible imbalances or weaknesses could lead to injury if not identified, and then CORRECTED!   You will each take the tests and receive a score – it is a very eye openingexperience for everyone.   And again, the tests are NOT exercises.   After the test is complete – the gang will teach you the exercises that you can execute to correct these weaknesses and imbalances.   Very cool clinic – do NOT miss!

When: Sunday 9:00 AM
Leader: Strength guru Kerri Kramer
Address: 510 West Annandale Road, Falls Church, VA
Google Map:,+Falls+Church,+VA&aq=&sll=38.852542,-77.181702&sspn=1.082296,2.741089&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=510+W+Annandale+Rd,+Falls+Church,+Virginia+22046&ll=38.880961,-77.173698&spn=0.00887,0.021415&z=16


3. Overview of Team Z MD events and activities for this week and a little of next week

Monday Morning Boot Camp – 6:00AM at City Sports Silver Spring

Monday Group Runs – 12:15PM at Freedom Plaza, DC, 6:00PM at Woodside Park, Silver Spring and 6:30 PM at Potomac River Running Rockville, MD

Tuesday Flat Course Group Ride – 6:30PM at Beach Drive, Kensington, MD

Bike Skillz and Bike Hillz Clinics- 6:30 PM at Carter Baron Park

Tuesday Swims – 6:00AM UDC/Van Ness Swim, and 8:00 PM at American University, Washington, DC (NO SWIMS AT STONERIDGE FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS)

Wednesday AM Track Practice – 6:00AM at Coolidge High School, Takoma, DC

Wednesday PM Track Practice – 6:30PM at Bethesda Chevy Chase High School

Wednesday PM Boot Camp – 7:30PM at Bethesda Chevy Chase High School

Thursday Swim – 6:00AM at UDC Van Ness, and 8:00PM at American University, Washington, DC (NO SWIMS AT STONERIDGE FOR MORE WEEK)

Thursday Hilly Course Group Ride – 6:30PM at Peirce Mill, DC


Friday through Sunday Team Race ”“ Nationals, Milwaukee, WI

Saturday Luray Practice Swim and Run ”“ deets in the weekend e-mail and on their website

Sunday group ride ”“ 7:00 AM ”“ Davidsonville Park and Ride, Davidsonville, MD

Sunday group ride ”“ not beginner friendly!! ”“ 8:00 AM ”“ Kmart, Front Royal, VA

Sunday group run ”“ 8:00 AM ”“ The Endurance Athlete Center, Falls Church, VA

Sunday strength and injury prevention clinic ”“ 9:00 AM – The Endurance Athlete Center, Falls Church, VA

Monday Morning Foam Roller-6:00 AM at City Sports Silver Spring


3. Directions to Team Z MDC Group Workouts

Team Z Yahoo group – Files-Workout locations-Directions to Team ZMD/DC Group Workouts

Link is below: